Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tag You're It: I Wanna Fuck You

Continuing to Converse with you is the last thing on my mind, I want to pull down my panties, bend you over naked and massage my vagina with your behind.  You’re such a fucking freak, go ahead and ask me how I know…..U think I didn’t see your pussy as you purposely crossed your legs real slow? I’m not one for the small talk or telling you my intentions, because last thing I need is my business on some bitches twitter mentions.  Wait hold on, what do you think you’re doing? Taking off your clothes is a task only I should be pursuing. Signed, sealed and delivered is my commitment to your pleasure…..Sex like this comes once in a lifetime so every moment I would treasure.   Don’t start acting shy now and making threats to re-nigg, because The Avengers couldn’t stop me with this strap, you're pussy to the walls I'll dig. Yes I said it, the fingers aren’t enough tonight. I think it’s time to get nasty because I’ve been being way too polite. O what you thought because I am a lesbian I couldn’t possibly please you and that since you’re so fucking dick hungry my sex would only tease you? Well go ahead and relax then since in your mind I won’t be a challenge and the sex I 'm about to give you won’t be hard for you to manage. Relax, lay on your back so that I can get to it, hopefully you won’t get bored and I can get through it. 

I ease on up slowly to your legs and as I blow softly on them I tenderly persuade them to loosen up and open a little more. Tender touches that can ONLY be delivered by a woman, soft kisses on your stomach, don’t be shy, I see your stretch marks and I think they’re beautiful, you’re a mother and you self sacrificed, that’s sexy to me so let your guard down and allow 100% of you to turn me on. Baby girl what you don’t understand is tonight isn’t just about fucking the shit out your pussy. I intend on fucking the shit out your mind. I felt your pain and knew your weaknesses within the first hour of conversing with you. My sistah I felt your pockets of emptiness and know exactly what you need to hear to make it all better and............... I..................... intend.................... on mind fucking you with it ALL.............. NIGHT............. LONG.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Relationships worth being in are never the easiest to be in.......