Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He Fucked Me Like a Reggae Concert

Ladies, I had the esteemed privilege of having my shit beat down the other night by a true island man. Dick was so good I'm beginning to believe they are extinct. I haven't had my pussy handled that well since 99' bitches. The perfect combination of a good pussy fit, amazing stamina and rhythm of a reggae concert. This guy has been my "boo" for some time but due to his job's heavy travel demands, I haven't had an opportunity to really enjoy a session with him. The first time we had sex was in 2001, right before I made the permanent move to the South. He was already living here but we've known each other since my NY days. I've always been attracted to him but we just never had a chance to link up. When we first did it in 01' he was amazing then as well. Problem is some years passed after that one time and the memories of that event slowly faded. Hallelujah for the reconnection! We have been "hooking up" now on and off for a little over 6 months and he is NEVER a disappointment, but this last time bitches!!!! Holy shit, my nigga buss di pum pum inna two! I will say this is probably the longest stretch we have had without seeing each other and according to him, he "long fi see me." It started out with our usual pecking and touching on each other. I love a man with freckles and he has just the right amount on his face right below his gorgeous brown eyes. He has an entire DJ set in his house and his property is big enough that his neighbors don't hear when its blasting. So he puts on a nice reggae mix with some slow jams and a few dance hall hits as well. I swear this man made a soundtrack for the sex we were about to have because all of the songs blended perfectly with what was going on. I sit by him and play in his hair as he rolls our joint and glances at me from time to time. I hate giving him full eye contact because I find myself falling deeper and deeper for him with every look. I think he knows it too. When he finishes rolling he lights it up and puts it between my lips. I take a long, hard pull and immediately feel that calming sensation. By the next pull he starts to grab my waist and slowly unbutton my pants. With every inhale a piece of my clothing is removed. By the time I am completely naked I am also high as a fucking kite. My ladies that smoke, you know how horny that shit makes you. I was about ready to destroy this man. He kisses me on my neck and then softly on my nipples while his fingers rub on my clit. All of this while we are still in his kitchen. I don't know when he slipped out his dick or put on the condom but all of a sudden, he lifts me on the counter, I brace my legs on the fridge behind him and he enters. I give a loud moan and dig my nails into his back. His strokes were so perfect, well timed and filling. My pussy was so wet that you could hear every stroke go in. I was in heaven! My body was overwhelmed with the sensations and watching him slide in and out my pussy. He would increase his speed from time to time and made sure to get ALL the corners. He then turned me over, lifted my right leg and fucked the pussy from that angle. My moans turned into dirty chat. I dared him to fuck me harder. Well, it was very clear that he was ready to take on that challenge and almost took it personally. He picked me up and walked me through EVERY single room in that house downstairs nailing the fuck outta me. When we made it to the couch, my nigga decided to really put my flexibility to the test. After about 45 minutes to an hour of this, he finally cums. Pooped and ready for a little nap, I got up to go an use the bathroom. On my way back, (not even 5 minutes) as I pass by the fireplace, he grabs me. "Me nuh done, where u a go?" Not done??!!! Are you serious???!! Before I could even dispute his advance, my nigga picks me up and puts me on the stairs, ass up and damn near on my head. He plowed my pussy all the way up the 17 stairs, (yes I counted) straight to the loft in front of his bedroom. He slowed down and gave me some easy strokes for a moment, but quickly went back to the regularly scheduled program. We somehow ended up in his bedroom where he served my pussy a serious dish of dick on his bed. Eventually, after another hour and a half of fucking me all over his bedroom, he came for the second time. My knees buckled and my legs wouldn't even give me the option to move. He lays next to me and says, "Nina fi u pussy dangerous, she cyah done. As hard as me a try fi dun are she jus naw buck." Done it??!! Nigga you were trying to done it??!! I respond: "This pussy never backs down from a challenge, bitch you better google me!"

It was at that moment......Round three began!!!

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