Friday, January 7, 2011

Diary of a Female Pimp: Chapter 4 "Let's Talk Business Sir"

As I am waking up from probably one of my most eventful 24hour periods, I can't help but pinch myself. What I experienced was something I may have read about or saw in a movie. To actually live it was surreal. I leaned over and reached for the pants I had on and pulled out Mr. Black Cards note. "Doing business with me further." I still didn't know how to interpret that. I almost wanted to think it was a setup but strayed from that thought because of the things that I knew actually went down in that room. If he was an undercover would he go through all of that? I jumped in the shower and got myself ready for what would be a late breakfast. I needed to get use to this schedule. Sleeping during the day and up all hours of the night. I grabbed my laptop and headed to IHOP. While ordering my meal, I kept staring at the note. Should I call? I dial his number and after 3 rings he picks up. I introduce myself, ask for him and as I am about to remind him of who I was he stops me. "Nina, how could I forget you. I am glad you called." He then asks me if I would be free for lunch the next day to chat. "Nina, the sensitivity of our conversation and the fact that I want to see your pretty face again leads me to be more comfortable with that." I was hesitant, but felt if he lets me pick a spot it would be ok. I decided to not tell him the location until the last minute. As I put down my phone, it starts to rings. It was Honey, she was in the area and wanted to know what I was doing, so I invited her for breakfast and to pick her brain on Mr. Black Card. I had an idea that whatever Mr. Black Card wanted would involve Honey. I told her that I would be meeting with him tomorrow and wondered if she would be interested in seeing him privately if the conversation came up. She was more than happy with the idea and said that her Brazilian friends from the club were interested in working with me as well. "Working with me?" They were impressed that on my first day I was able to land such a big gig for Honey and wanted me to know that any client I had for them would always take priority over what they are doing. It took me a bit to process what they were saying but I kept the gesture under advisement. Honey and I parted ways that afternoon and I went home to prepare for an evening out with my girlfriends. The next day arrived and as I started to get ready for my lunch date, Mr. Black Card called. He wanted to know where I decided to meet up for lunch. I chose an outside cafe right in the middle of South Beach on Ocean Dr. Seeing him in the daylight was actually quite a surprise. He didn't seem that attractive at the club but was pretty decent in person. We sat down and he looked at me with this huge smile. "Nina, my Nina. I can tell you are a business woman and a very savvy one at that." I responded, "Really? what makes you say that?" (playing dumb of course because at this point in my life I hadn't worked for a few years because of "savvy" business investments.) He tells me, "its a feeling. How you carry yourself. I can tell you are confident with your words and actions." I smiled and opted to get to the business at hand. " So what kind of business were you looking to have me be apart of, how can I help you?" He begins to tell me that he has some business partners all over the world that travel to Miami often. Whenever they come they usually get call girls for a weekend and have a good time. However, most recently one of them got caught up in a sting and they are afraid to try that service again. He advised me that these clients being happy is extremely important to his business. If they don't come as often as they did it hurts his pockets. He said he feels as though I would be able to safely make these arrangements for him and maintain the privacy and discresion he would need. The clients were looking to come this side of town within the next 2 weeks and would be staying at the Ritz Carlton in Miami Beach. This trip would only be 3 clients,so he said he wanted at least 3 girls for the weekend. At this point in the conversation I was in complete disbelief. Is this shit really about to go down??! I immediately thought about the conversation I had with Honey the day before and her girlfriends being anxious to "work with me." Towards the end of our lunch he tells me that he understands this is kind of on the spot, so he will give me a few days to gather my thoughts and tell him the costs. He gave specifications on the kind of girls they liked and the kind of things these girls had to be open to doing. I quickly shifted into business mode and assured him I would have a complete menu within the next 48-72 hours. He seemed pleased with my answer and we ended our lunch date. On my way back to the car I called Honey. She didn't answer, so I left her a message telling her to call me as soon as possible. My mind was going a million miles a minutes. I had so many questions, I was confused, excited and surprised at how seamlessly I was handling this. I've always been a paper chaser and open to a variation of ways to get it, but THIS!!??!! This was on another level!! My phone rings, its Honey. As I answer, the only thing that I could put together and say at that moment was, "are you ready to make this fucking money? Without skipping a beat she replies, "Always Mammi, let's do it!"

Those words made my pussy tremble then leak.....Hey, what can I say? Money makes me cum......*wink*

To Be Continued.......

If you've missed the first four chapters click on the link "Diary of a female Pimp" up top or below to catch up

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