Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In The News: Celebs & There Sexuality....Poor Omarion!!

I really strive to stay away from the celebrity gossip because that's not what Nina is about. There are thousands of other blogs you can go to, to keep up with that shit. My blog is about me, my interest and being able to interact with like minded people. When I do speak on something in the gossip world, it's usually because I am intrigued or find interest in it. I think we sometimes forget that these celebrities while in the limelight, enjoying all the fame and fortune are still human. I preface with this because I feel it is a simple yet forgotten fact. While on twitter the other day, I noticed a few gossip bloggers pumping news on Omarion coming out of the closet and officially saying he was "bi-sexual." Very shortly thereafter Omarion sends this tweet:
My thing is this, Why does it matter? Does it take away from his talent as an artist? What or whom someone chooses to do in there bedroom is never considered acceptable table conversation unless it involves homosexuality. We feel this a free pass to judge and condemn. Homosexuality is no different a sin from fornication and adultery #fact. As much as we may find it hard to believe, these are there jobs. As with any job we may choose to keep certain parts of our lives private. Its not logical to think we don't have homosexuals in the hip hop and R&B community. Statistically, some of the most talented and successful people in any and most careers are gay. During my time in corporate America, when I walked into those doors I entered my stage. I became the character I needed to be to survive in that world. I pretended to like people I couldn't stand and attended events I wouldn't normally go. I had a separate wardrobe and at one point even separate cars to go to my job. Its what people do! When you think about it, all that people are really beefing over when it comes to gays is that they can't stomach or understand how another man can have a sexual desire to fuck another man in the ass or be intimate. As well as some people can't understand how a woman can possibly live without a dick and put her mouth on another woman's vagina. My response to that is: "Stay the fuck outta my bedroom."

I look forward to the day when one of these idolized, sex symbol, male, hip hop or R&B artist blows the fucking lid off this gay taboo in the industry. Its going to be pandemonium!!!

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