Saturday, October 30, 2010

In the News: Little Scrappy and Diamond Respond to the Repo Situation

Relax, it's a fucking CHEVY!!!!!!!!!! $20,000 car and you have payments??? What true "baller" does that?? I know bitches in the game that shop with that kind of money, so what's really going on here? Why is she detailing her OWN ride??!! The game is so fucked up....whatever. Computer glitch?? Its your world so go ahead and create your own fantasy. Personally, no one but Kat Stacks and her slut bucket crew really gives a shit.

Moving on.....

Friday, October 29, 2010

In the News: Is Chris Brown Fucking a Tranny???!!! Say it Aint so!!!!

Ok, so I'm on twitter minding my own business and guess what I see? Some tranny name Janelle Clark blasted a DM from Chris Brown!!!! Oh Lawd, what has the world come too.....See for yourself:

In the News: Lil Scrappy Broke?? or Just a Cheap Mother Fucker??!!

 Kat Sacks was going in on this video during her tweets this morning...This bitch is hilarious. If your a rapper and making money, how the hell you let them tow a damn CHEVY???!! Where do they do that at???!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wildest Shit Ever: The Sambia Tribe & There Homosexual Initiations

During one of my sexuality classes in college I did a paper on the Sambia Tribe in New Guinea an there initiation ritual to transform boys to men. I didn't remember them until a friend of mine made mention of it on Facebook. This is what it is all about:

The primary focus of the initiation ritual is to transform “boys” who are considered feminine persons of women houses into fierce, strong, male warriors. This process of initiation from boy to man is also known as masculinization. In actuality men are “reborn” from men and are taught many important things such as that woman are dangerous and emasculating. Strangely enough the women are placed in a situation where they are isolated by their husbands, who are much older than them. The youths are now the targeted ones who the women want to use to fulfill their sexual desires. The men however, are not concerned about falling for these women. They have been taught well about how women can be dangerous to men, especially the younger adolescent men who can even die from heterosexual intercourse.

The isolationism they encounter not only prevent the youth from having any sexual activities with women, but also from seducing, or being seduced by married women - which would later create chaos by enemies. This certainly teaches the boys that they can indeed live without their mothers and certainly without any females around them. What the boys need is semen in order to mature. In some cultures such as this one in Papa New Guinea a homosexuality ritual takes place. Ironically the homosexual practice is not a feminizing ritual, but rather the beginning of a fierce and brutal warrior. The Sambia initiatory cycle starts when the boy is between the ages of 6 and 10, and proceeds to 6 stages until he becomes the father of one child, some 10 to 15 years later. The following six initiations take place over time where the boys are isolated from women. They are killed as boys and reborn as men:

First-Stage Initiation
The first stage is when the boys are removed from their mothers and are then inducted into the men’s cult. This ceremony last for seven days, 18 rituals, or ordeals, to which these young boys are subjected. They are being harden, tested, and united into a group of leaders as well as being started on their way to becoming fierce warriors soon after they reach puberty. On the first day they are taken from their mothers, they are then walked for several hours to the dance grounds of the last friendly hamlet, also known as a "small village." These boys are about to go through arduous and painful rituals. "A crowd of men hem the boys in beside a pool in the brook. A war leader picks out a sharp stick of cane and sticks it deep inside the boys nostrils until he bleeds profusely into the stream of a pool, an act greeted by loud war cries." (Herdt, p. 85) The men repeat the war chant for each boy. Here if the initiate tries to escape he will be treated worst then the others - this brutality is certainly overwhelming and astonishing. Older men now tell the boys that the bachelors are going to copulate with them orally in order to make them grow. The whole purpose of this is because several elders testify that boys are unable to mature into men unless they ingest semen and that all men have, “eaten the penis”. After formal ceremonies end, the bachelors make erotic advances to the boys and homosexual activity takes place outside on the darkened dance ground. "Not all initiates will participate in this ceremonial homosexual activity, but in about five days later several will have perform fellatio several times." (Herdt, pp. 87-91) It is quite astonishing to see the men who are known to be so prudish to participate in homosexual activity so openly and welcoming. Boys would even seek out their favorite bachelors by openly stimulating their genitalia. There is no doubt that the first and second stage initiates have developed an erotic attraction toward their inseminators.

Second Stage Initiation
The second stage does not change the boy’s status at all. It is in a way a continuation of the first stage. The boys continue to take in as much semen as possible which will later make them strong, fierce warriors and leaders. All of the foods that the initiates were now supposed to eat are not severed in a wonderful feast, which the boys gather around and eat. This is a time to reward the boys of their efforts to of becoming men while still not being able to be around women because they are considered emasculating in several ways. The second stage has no great significant difference from the first initiation other than the reward that is given to the boys from the food taboo. "They are certainly beginning to get the hang of what is going to happen to them in the future and hopefully they will be able to continue the process and hold on for this crazy ride from boy to man." (Herdt, p. 96)

Third Stage Initiation
The third stage, in contrast, brings about a very important change in the youth’s status and activities. It is a puberty rite that marks adolescences. The boys become bachelors and shift from being inseminated to becoming inseminators. The adolescents are severely beaten and nose bled. They are taken to certain trees where they are whipped and purified from any female contamination that could have possible taken place between the times that they left. "After the boys are thrashed with quill bones and are violently and unexpectedly subjected to another nose bleed, another step in this initiation is to capture a women foe in the hamlet and kill an enemy warrior. After the warrior must ingest his semen, the semen in essence of the masculine spirit, would transfer to the enemy and slower and strengthen the dying enemy." (Herdt, pp. 97-98)

Fourth Stage of Initiation
The forth stage occurs when he is married, usually to a bride obtained by his father or older brothers. A youth will not start living with this bride until short before or after her menarche, the first menstrual period, occurring during puberty. However, he is now told how to protect himself from women’s genital odor. While having intercourse he must not penetrate too deeply because if it enters her urethra it might make him ill. "A ceremony now links the youth’s growth, strength, as that of a specific tree. This is where the youth is now exposed to the women after he has been forewarned about every dangerous thing that a women can posses against a man." (Herdt, p. 98)

The Fifth Stage of Initiation
The fifth stage of initiation now takes about at the time of his wife’s menarche. His nose is now bled once more by himself and he learns in great detail how to protect himself from his wife’s pollution in greater detail. In certain cases he must place mint leaves in his nostrils and chew a certain branch while having intercourse will this wife so he will not smell his wife’s genital odor. After this, he must bathe in a bath of mud and bleed his nose each time his wife menstruates. He begins to be hostile with his wife because he is upset that he has to nose bleed each time she menstruates because she pollutes him and endangers his life. "The initiate is now a man who has been isolated from women for a 12 years; he has practiced homosexual fellatio, and has even had the dangers of vaginal intercourse readily. His young wife has been taught to practice fellatio before they even attempt to vaginal intercourse. She must ingest the semen given to her by her husband to later be able to provide from her child while producing breast milk and strong bones. It is believe that breast milk is transformed semen and therefore it is the men who indirectly nourish the baby." (Herdt, pp. 98-99)

The Sixth Stage of Initiation
The sixth stage of initiation bestows the full rights of manhood and takes place after the man has proven that he has achieved masculinity by having a child, and preferable two. "The man is instructed to refrain from any intercourse with the new mother and keep away from the child until it is weaned, a matter of several years. He does not need to bleed his nose anymore unless he has another wife to attend to." (Herdt, p. 100) He must keep all his secrets of the male cult and be sure never to tell anyone about it, not even his wife because if that was to happen he will be castrated and killed.

This is certainly a very tough and long initiation process that takes place in Papa New Guinea. Unfortunately many boys have gone through this and have not been able to survive this tedious initiation. Those who have, are considered great warrior and are then the initiators of the next generation of initiates. The Sambia tribe is a very strict tribe when it comes to male masculinization. Most of the time the male’s life is spent in his ritual of initiation where he dies as a boy and is reborn as a man in a society where feminization is a degradable characteristic.

Original Article....

Personally, I think this tribe was created by an influential man many moons ago that was a homosexual. Being that this was unacceptable during these times, he recruited a small group of impressionable men looking for acceptance and led them to believe this was truly a way of life. He brought them to a desolate place away from society and convinced them it was home.

What are your thoughts??

In the News: This Dumb Bitch!!! I Can't Even Believe This Shit!!!

“FarmVille” Interruption Cited in Baby’s Murder
A 22-year-old mother from Jacksonville, Florida, has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for shaking her 3-month-old son to death after his crying interrupted her FarmVille game.
The mother, Alexandra V. Tobias, was arrested in January and declared her plea on Wednesday before Circuit Judge Adrian G. Soud, The Florida Times-Union reports.
She told investigators that she shook the baby, smoked a cigarette “to compose herself,” and proceeded to shake him again. The baby may have hit his head during one of the two shaking's, she said.
FarmVille, named one of the “worst inventions” in recent decades by Time magazine, has more than 60 million members, most of whom access the game through Facebook. Some players have found it so addicting that they’ve lost their jobs and racked up debts north of $1,000.
Needless to say, it is Ms. Tobias — and not the game itself — that is responsible for the death of her 3-month-old son.

Original Article...

I don't know whats worse. The actually act itself or the fact this bitch was bold enough to admit she killed her child for a damn Farmville game. They need to put her in a hole, throw dirt over her and walk away. Shame....

In the News: Well Beyonce isnt Pregnant but Guess Who Is?

Congrats guys!!! Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Poetic Justice: Don't Release My Inner Beast

I hate when your so inconsistent
especially since you started off so persistent
Patience is a opportunity I have, this I understand
but your asking of me such an impossible demand
I'm not a mind reader, I don t fuck with Ms.Cleo
If you have something to say there's only one way for me to know
I've been told I'm the bitch that would make a nigga kill
Or put me to sleep permanently with a arsenic laced pill
I've given you the anecdote to counteract the venom I may spit
told you my life plans and gave you scenarios of where you could fit
So help me understand what the fuck has gone wrong
I need to know the truth because this show must go on
While I may like you please know that my heart is mad strong
I can easily change the melodie and sing the "deuces" love song
Like baseball you should know after three strikes your out
but I'm working on my patience so I'm a shut my fucking mouth
Mercy on you that you met me at this age
cause the niggas in my past are still filled with mad rage
I was a beast in the streets didn't care about a soul
I can only admit now that I was completely outta control
Rest assured however that person is not dead but just dormant
Release my inner beast and these streets I will torment
So please don't be the catalyst for my potential inner prey
Just be a good boy and do as I say

Poetic Justice: Poet Jasmin Man Goes in On Nicki Minaj "The Miseducation of Barbie"

Listen very carefully...shes speaks the truth.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In The News: Check out the New Ebony Cover with Mary J Blige

Im so proud of my girl....One time for Yonkers!!
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Nina's Video Reviews: 12 inch Blunt & Antoine Dodson Sex Offender Mobile App.

This bitch is my hero. I keep telling people I need to visit China....Genious!!!

Ok, I have seen it all Antoine Dodson has a fucking sex offender mobile app???!!! Really??!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Would/Could/Should you Fuck a Midget??!!

As my fan base grows I get all kind of men that come at me with proposals of sex, dating, taking me out, being my sugar daddy...etc. My most recent proposal was from a midget aka little person. To be honest, he was actually a cutie and made me wonder for a moment what it would be like sleeping with a little person. Of course, knowledge is power so I just had to know. What are these little mother fuckers working with. One things for sure, size does not matter when it comes to the women midgets. I saw some of them takes cock big enough to even intimidate Nina. This little bitch right here is no joke. Her name is Bridget "The Midget" Powers: According to medical sources, most dwarfism is caused by achondroplasia. This means that everything grows normally except for the long bones, such as the bones of the arms and legs. This is why achondroplasic dwarfs have normal sized heads and small arms and legs. Therefore, achondroplasic dwarfs would have penises the same size as other men: on average between 5.5 and 6.5 inches. Firstly, I'm disturbed that the scientific average penis size for a man is between 5.5 and 6.5 inches. Every time I read this I get pissed off. Secondly, I don't think they would be able to live and be sexually active with an anaconda dick. Think about it. A penis is basically a housing cell for blood and bodily fluids. Imagine a little person having to produce all that blood to a huge dick?? He would pass the fuck out and go into a coma every time he had sex. Perfect example, Verne Troyer:  He is 2ft 8 inches tall. That's 32 inches all together. What the fuck would he do with a 10 inch dick?? I'll tell you what he would do. He would die!  I'm sure their head game is off the chain!!! Can you imagine??!! Those little fingers would have you busting nuts like crazy while they play with your G-spot. If all else fails, slap a condom on his thigh and go to work.(LMFAO)  I will be bold and say fucking a midget is on my bucket list, but not just yet. I'm still in my prime. What's the biggest midget dick you've ever seen? Have you ever had sex with one?(male or female) Send me your stories.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nina Videos Reviews: "Deuces".....the parody "Douch It"

Hilarious...A nice good laugh to close out one week and begin the next.....He does have a point though....#ijs
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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are you a Victim of Good Dickadom???!!!

 A large percentage of women are under the misguided belief that they love a man or even worse are in love with a man. The truth of the matter is most of them are under a spell called "good dickadom." Denial as to how important sex is to humankind is still very much prevalent in todays society. However, the truth of the matter is,  it's the reason most of us get out of bed and leave the house. In search and in hope of an amazing sexual experience. I can see some of you denying it but I'm telling you some real shit right here. We are driven by it and have strong emotional attachments to the euphoria we get from a great sexual experience. News flash: You are in love with how good this man can fuck you. Think about it. How many of you actually have a strong connection outside of sexual with the man you're tripping over. Doesn't that crazy "I gotta have him" feeling subside after a good fuck session? You couldn't care less what he wanted to do or where he wanted to go after your done. Its only when your really feenin for that dickadom you start to get love sick and think your heart is breaking. Don't be confused, I'm here to tell you it's not your heart, its your pussy. I've been fucking on and off this guy for years and at one point I was really considering pursuing a relationship with him.  I felt myself missing him alot and wondering what or who he was doing. I would feel a little jealous when I knew he was in a circle of women or when he would go out.  Completely oblivious to the trance he had placed on me. I was a victim of good dickadom. The one time we met up and opted to not have sex, it was crickets. We had nothing to talk about. As a matter of fact I felt awkward and just wanted to go home. There was no connection.  He will just always be my piece and I've come to terms with that. No small talk needed and no need to pretend. So how can you know when its just a dickadom crush? Spend time with him on your period. Chill with his ass the entire 5-7 days where you know you're off limits. (If your man does break red lights, pass him on girl. Not fair to keep freaks like him a secret. Selfish bitch!) If you still feel the same way, then maybe there's potential for growth. All I'm saying is this..No need to keep buggin out for every man you deal with. Consider the possibilities of the dickadom disease and take it for what it is. Trust me, it makes things less complicated and gives you back your control. Providing you an escape from the emotional rollacoaster that comes with dating.

This is Nina and I approve this message.....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nina's Video Reviews: A Masturbatorial Session Gone Wrong!!!

ROFLMAO.....Wait, but did you see the doctors pull out there cell phones to take a picture? How unprofessional, but funny as hell!!!

In the News: Beyonce's Mom Speaks on Pregnancy Allegations

Nina's Video Reviews: Raz B finds another Marques victim, A Parrot whips its hair & A case of jail dick syndrome

Ok the video is kind of long, but I am really bothered by this. What is being done? Now there are more artist surfacing and saying that they were also sexually abused by Marques Houston. WTF??!!!! Somebody needs to tell me something.....

ROFLMAO...thats all I can say about this!!

I feel like singing the Ruffneck song by MC Lyte...Do you see her  mugshot??!!! LMAO....she was happier than a pig in shit. Nigga was probably digging her back out.  Get it bitch!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Nina on Relationships: Does a Bitch Ever Deserve to get her Ass Beat? Part 1 of 6

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine, around a program we were watching that dealt with women in abusive relationships. I myself have never been in a physically abusive relationship but I'm truly trying to get some understanding on why women stay in them and why are they not able to see the signs? I can partially give a pass to the women 30+ years ago. However, knowledge is power and I feel women of this generation have this knowledge. It also helps me to realize that many of us labeling people around us as friends need to reevaluate these relationships and get a better understanding of what a friend truly is. Just because chica is always down to party and go drinking with you doesn't mean she's a friend. I call those people "associates." In some cases they can even be labeled as opportunist. She knows her E cup "friend" always gets free drinks and VIP at the clubs, so they call her just for that purpose. I also understand that young women who grew up in abusive homes are more susceptible to being in abusive relationships themselves. Why though? I mean it clearly brought havoc and confusion to the home why would you want to replicate that experience? So what is it?! Why do we have so many women getting their asses beat from these men? Is the justice system partly to blame? Do we not have stern enough consequences for beating a bitches ass? I use to always tell my employees. Before you can expect to be understood you must first seek to understand. Right now, I'm seeking. I'm reaching out to my readers trying to understand what goes through the mind of an abused woman. What are some situations where a women may feel trapped and see no way out? What are some things you propose that could help women get out of or stay away from abusive relationships? Why do we fall short as "friends" to help, support, protect and guide each other from such relationships? Are there some women that deserve to be beaten? Most importantly, what triggers a man to foster an abusive environment? Many of you may draw towards the obvious answers to these question. Things like upbringing, insecurity and jealousy. I challenge you to dig a little deeper as well as considering possible solutions. If you are/were an abused women, I would love to hear your story.

I will address your comments as well as some of my own questions in part 2 of this post. Guys, I haven't forgotten about you. Nina knows that some of you are victims as well and will address this in part 3 and 4. Part 5 and 6 is exclusive to my gay community and the increasingly, rampant abuse taking place there as well.

 I look forward to hearing from each and everyone of you

In the News: Soulja Boy & 50 Cent XXL Cover Controversy

Ok so Kat Stacks and her fans have been going all the way live this morning on twitter about this cover and how "gay they look." The shit their coming up with is fucking hilarious! Great entertainment for insomniacs like myself.....but uhmmmmmmm they kinda have a point. Like them both as artists but have to give two thumbs down for this one. What do you think?
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nina's Video Reviews: 2 Good Reasons Not 2 Smoke Weed with People you Dont Know

This is why I don't smoke with people I do not know. People can't just smoke regular weed anymore they have to lace it now with all kinda shit. Poor baby.
SN: Did you see his dick from the back though? Damn!

Another GREAT reason to not smoke with people you don't know. Even the dogs knew this nigga was tripping and started biting his ass.  Google translator would be the shit if they could translate shit like this. What is he saying??? LMAO!!!!

Lesson for today: Smoke your own shit!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nina On Relationships: Tyrese & LaLa Conversation

I was up last night watching the LaLa and Carmelo Anthony show. On this particular episode Tyrese was having brunch with her and the conversation they had rested on my mind all night and during my jog this morning. He said to her:

Personally, of all the friends I saw on the show, Tyrese gave her the best and most valuable advice that will truly help with the longevity of her marriage. I have said this before in previous post. As ladies we need to  understand that most women are sneaky, conniving, underhanded and silent haters. They may not even realize it themselves, but its our competitive nature. They want what you have whether they are willing to admit it or not. It takes age and maturity to eventually grow out of that and some of us just never get there. A wise person once told me that there should only be three people in a marriage. The husband, wife and God. When you find yourself having difficulties go to him together and ask for that strength and guidance. A single woman can not tell you how to be a good wife. Just like a garbage man can't show you how to be a doctor. People are in your lives for a reason and a season. Having friends is an amazing joy, but you must quickly identify what there reason or season is so you can dress accordingly. This will prevent you from wearing sweatpants in the summer and tank tops in the winter.

Great advise Tyrese.....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nina's Video Reviews: Shit Thats Ok Only Overseas.....

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Poetic Justice: In you I No Longer Trust

I'm in love with a lie and this I can't deny my mind is saying leave but my heart still wants to try. The love we made was great but now that loves slowly turning to hate
 I should have let you go long time ago but with this decision I chose to procrastinate.
You ask me to give you time and to be patient with your plan,
and even though I didn't understand I was supportive of my man.
My instinct never fails me I sensed your bullshit from day one
 but I was trying to be less skeptical so my doubts I blindly shun.
I will admit I wasted time and even money on this dream
but regrets I never have so I moved ahead with full steam.
 Its your loss I must say, a good woman you've thrown away
 but that's what cowards do when the bite off more than they can chew.
Its taken me some time to peel you from the insides of my mind
but I stand before you on this day and with strong conviction I can say,
I'm done, its over and goodbye.

Nina's Video Reviews: FFON...Fucking Freak of Nature

This is just fucking sad. They look like big Vaginas. I cant believe I have a Pussy bigger than some mens penis. Sad, just sad. My girlfriend says, "oh I'm sure they will find someone to love them." Yeah, like a lesbian! Fuck that! I hope for their sake they have alot of money and believe in Jesus because those are the only two things that may bring them some salvation.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Poetic Justice: Penis Elevation

I was hearing you wanted some help with your penis elevation
so I am here to examine if its worth the invitation
not being able to release I'm sure brings you much frustration
and we all know beating your meat is just a temporary dispensation
Per her request I hope you brought your resume and portfolio
there is also a questionnaire to answer some things she wants to know
according to question 4 you stated that your max is 10 inches
and when you enter a woman's pussy it doesn't feel like tiny pinches
she will need you to provide an example to prevent misrepresentation
I know it sounds kinda crazy but its how we prevent fabrication
question 7 states you rate yourself high with cunnilingus
I will need to validate , so demonstrate with your tongue all in this
On average how long would you say that your sessions last
self control is very important it will determine if you pass
everything checks out she was impressed with your presentation
So come with me and we can begin your penis elevation

Nina's Video Diary(Vlog1): Candid Chat about Sex in Nassau, Bahamas

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nina's Video Reviews: Funny ass Shit at the Expense of some Dumb Mother Fuckers..

Have mercy, I need to get back in the game. I had no idea that there were still such dumb ass mother fuckers out there that would fall into this trap.

This dude did not hold back. What the hell was she doing in that damn neighborhood in the first place? Chasing that black dick got this white girls ass kicked!!! LMAO

WTF did he think???!! You can't just start slinging your belt in a car full of grown ass men and not expect any type of reprocussions...Hold off on the Tequila Ese!!

I mean.....he does have a point.

I dedicate this video to the nasty bitches out there that keeps a dirty house.

This bitch is lying!! She was trying to put on some fake eye lashes on her own and had an accident. Don't fake the funk lady, Nina see's through the bullshit...LMAO

Nina's Video Reviews: Did he just say Marques Houston raped him????!!!

Ok, Uhmmmm. Is it me or did Raz B just say he was sexually molested by Marques Houston when he was 13???

Oh shit!!! Ok so now this confirms it. WTF??!!! Where have I been?? When did he start talking about this? Where is Antoine Dodson when you need him???!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Dear Sir, My Pussy Says Thank you....

Dear Sir,

I want to thank you sincerely for your amazing performance last night. It has been awhile since I've been touched by a man. I am usually pretty perceptive when it comes to feeling out a mans potential in bed. However, to be quite honest upon first glance I didn't think you had it in you. You see sir I can be a bitch when it comes to my sex. I have zero tolerance for amateurs and will not tolerate a time waster. I'm sure you have figured this out by now but I have an amazing pussy. I don't speak of her goodness because, well there really is no need for me to do so. I have come across men that feel as though because they are "grown" they will be able to handle my pussy and put this kitty kat to sleep. I always listen and allow them to speak, but my pussy and I know better. We have become use to the frivolous ego chat that most men give when they feel challenged by the pussy. I grew curious when I noticed that you rarely if ever spoke about the size of your cock or your abilities in the bedroom. I've learned a long time ago that real men with real skills never feel the need to speak of such things. They stand firm behind the mantra "action speaks louder than words." I remember that evening we spoke briefly of sex and your only contribution to the conversation was "if a man does what he is suppose to do there is no need to chase pussy. Pussy will come looking for you." I was sold! My pussy and I became anxious. It was a challenge to keep her under control, but she immediately puuuurred when you touched me. Your kiss on my neck was so sensual and passionate, I couldn't help but sway my hips towards you. You were so gently with your kisses as you made your way to my panties. Slowly removing them and kissing me on my inner thighs. When your mouth pressed on my pussy and began to french kiss my clit, I melted. You did these mouth exercises on my pussy for an extended amount of time. Oh, before I forget. Yes, I did cum 5 times when you were down there. I'm sorry I lied but I wasn't ready to give you your props just yet. When we moved to the bed, I still don't know how you did it but my clothes seemed to fall off of my body in seconds, without my help. Sir, I must say. Most men tend to be kind of ruff and not very good when it comes to fingering my pussy. This could be one of the reasons I usually jump right into fucking after I get some head because the foreplay is rarely very pleasurable. I was in fear of passing out! As you fingered and played with my pussy I found it difficult to catch my breath. I was tempted to check and see if you had help but didn't have the energy to investigate. Oh, and by the way. I know I'm sorry, I lied again. Please don't take me for a liar, I was just really trying my best to keep my composure and not let you think you were handling the pussy as well as you were. But yes, I did cum 4 times. Now, sir your cock was absolutely amazing. When you entered my pussy, I don't know if you felt her but she grabbed on as if you were a long lost friend. Each and every stroke accomplished everything it needed to and more. I will admit, I did shed a tear. Not because I was in pain, but because I was so happy with what the experience. I don't know if you know this but there are alot of sub par, weak ass mother fuckers out here that keep running pussy tabs. Writing checks on the pussy that their dicks can't cash. I wanted to thank you for bestowing upon me that amazing sexual encounter and would like to formally induct you into the "fuck a pussy right" hall of fame.

Yours Truly,


Nina is in Transit......

Ok so I am in transit to Nassau, Bahamas. I will be Vlogging and Blogging from there all week. Due to flight delays our Vlog launch has been pushed to no later than the 13th....Stay tuned and send me an email if there is something you want to see or hear me talk about.
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Schooling My Bitches on How to Rep Their Hood!!!

Having a candid conversation with my bitches on the importance of "repping their hood." Buddy (furry one barking) was just a visitor and getting crunk with the home team. Please note....I was higher than a mother fucker...LMAO...Enjoy!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Bitch I told you so!!!

Why do people have the audacity to believe you owe them a damn thing? I live and die by the motto that I will not inconvenience myself to help someone that can not show me what they have done to help themselves. I'm sorry, call it what you want but life is a pimp and I refuse to get slapped. Personally, I think being a lazy ass mother fucker is a hustle. It's a hustle to try and get as many suckers as you can to do for you. Well, I am here to say loud and proud you will not get me. Can a bitch live with me for free? Hell no!! Why should I? What fucked up decisions did you make in your grown life that put you in the position to not afford a roof over your head? How do I know you have learned from those mistakes? Case in point, this simple bitch spent most of her adult life chasing after stupid niggas. Getting pregnant for them, giving them money. Instead of focusing on bettering herself she's running in the streets after these scrubs. Not going to work when she should, not furthering her education. Making the same mistakes over and over again, gaining nothing and losing time. Here it is now, your credit is so fucked up that you couldn't even borrow water. Her car is repossessed because she didn't have the money to pay. She gets evicted from her home and now I must house her and her bad ass children. Oh Hell the fuck no I wont!!! I was the little bug in this simple bitches ear telling her she needs to get her shit together. Showing her how to be independent, guiding her in the right direction and advising her on how to make better choices. When I did these things, I was labeled as a hater. Why? I was a hater because I "was jealous of the things her nigger did for her." Ok, simpleton now this "jealous bitch" doesn't want you mooching off of her and her hard earned money. When your nigga(s) would buy you things I tried to have you understand the importance of thinking past today. Things like these are short lived and you're never promised tomorrow. Do I have "sponsors?" Damn right I do! However, the difference between me and you is that my sponsors cater to my surplus. The bible even tells you "trust no man." With or without them, I'm going to live. I am not obligated to do a mother fucking thing, you should have listened. I advise you run your happy little ass to the welfare office first thing in the morning and see what they can do for you. Ladies, I need you to place more value on advice from your friends that have their shit together. Don't let the only time you stretch your hand out for help be when you need money. Be proactive with your life!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Difference Between a Pussy & Vagina

Vagina and Pussy is always a fun topic to discuss for me. I don't know if it's because I have one, or if it's because I enjoy it just as much as the next nigga. Once again, I posed this question to friends and twitter fans. Most of my men said they prefer a pussy but couldn't give me a reason. Based on their conversations, it was quite clear that they enjoy the word pussy, but don't truly understand the explicit differences. Like a dick, (check out my blog post 9/26/10 on "the difference between a dick and a cock?") a vagina does the job. It will get a dick/cock hard enough to perform. When a dick/cock sees a vagina, it gets excited for its potential. A vagina is like a saggy D cup while a Pussy is a full D cup. Both big breast that will feel good but that full D is sexier, more confident and require minimal maintenance. A Vagina observes the dick/cock as it enters, but a Pussy sucks that mother fucker in, gives it a warm, moist welcome and makes that dick/cock feel at home. A Vagina is straight forward, what you see is what you get. There is never any surprises or impromptu. A Pussy is multifaceted. She is always full of surprises and contains little pockets of joy hidden throughout her walls. A Pussy has the Rosetta Stone for dicks/cocks international. So ladies how do you know if you have a Pussy? Here are my top ten signs of a woman that has a Pussy.

You know you have a pussy when:

  1. A nigga is in your shit and having out of body experiences.
  2. He has to do a "cum check" (stop and look to see if came because the shit is so damn intense)
  3. A bitch/nigga eats YOUR shit and falls asleep (lost in the sauce)
  4. Randomly pats on the pussy during the night (making sure that mother fucker didn't grow legs and walk away in the middle of the night because with the tricks she pulled a few hours earlier, anything is possible)
  5. The nigga cums and is in the bathroom beating the hell outta his dick/cock so he can get back in
  6. They have to stop mid pump to prevent themselves from cumming too early
  7. After sex they take a step back, opens your legs and just gazes at it. Followed by a small kiss on the lips.
  8. Your bed doesn't have wet spots, it has wet valleys.
  9. You have to wear pantie liners during the day to manage the moisture.
  10. A nigga doesn't wanna do anything but eat, beat and skeet when he's around
BONUS: All your mother fucking bills are paid!!

So for my vagina having ladies, I know this is hard for you. However, there is hope.
No, I'm lying. You just better HOPE a pussy doesn't take your man. LMAO!!!

Nina signing out.....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Think I Need to be a Pimp....."Pussy Advisor"

Living in South Florida as a man must be paradise at times, especially if you have money. It is truly a melting pot of pussy down here with all of the different types of exotic women. Living so close to all of the islands has its advantages. Alot of these women who would have never had a chance in their countries to experience certain luxuries, come here and do it big with little to no education. Some of them don't even know how to speak English. South Florida is the prime location for opportunist if your holding a royal flush. I think I really need to strongly consider a change in careers and become a "female advisor." These women need to be properly schooled on how to better manage their assets and working towards an early retirement. The simple mindedness just has to stop. The biggest problem with the game right now is that these bitches can't think past today. In most jobs we have what's called a 401K. This is an opportunity for you to stash away additional money so that you have more than your Social Security to rely upon when you retire. I would bring some Corporate America rules to the game. I would have a continued education program. The more degrees you have the less percentage you have to pay me. (all for women empowerment) My bitches will have registered business names and become there own LLC. They will have business accounts as well as "gifting accounts." I will oversee there money and ensure they pay a certain percentage to a high yield savings account, CD's and small investments. One of the small investments would be a full day spa, salon and gym. Why? Men love to give women money to get dolled up. My clients wouldn't have a clue that we own the same establishment there paying to have them go to. My bitches wont be hoes, they will be fantasies. People pay more for fantasies than they do a quick fix. What upsets me the most is when I see these young girls in a perfect situation and go into it blindly with no business savvy. A girlfriend of mine use to strip in some very well know clubs in Atlanta and Miami. She was/is absolutely gorgeous and had a body to die for. Her parents are from Brazil and moved to the states when she was 13. Amanda (that's what we'll call her) was always in the presence of extremely wealthy men. However, my girl had no clue on how to work that shit to her advantage. She would have these men take her on shopping sprees ranging from $1000 to $30,000. They would fly her anywhere in the world, take her to expensive restaurants. Weekend trips on yachts; Allow her to drive their cars; allowances to get herself dolled up. Amanda was doing it big, for the moment. Like most of the women in the game, my dog couldn't think past today. When they would send her $5000 to go shopping I would tell her. "Amanda, you don't need anymore clothes. Save up this money and put a down payment on your own place." She was renting and at that time Atlanta was the it place to buy property. You could easily have a 4 bedroom house on property for under $100k. She could have bought a place cash!! I would always push for her to go back to school and finish her Nursing. She had many sponsors that would have supported her. Amanda would constantly find herself in car payments buying new Mercedes. I would tell her "Amanda, stop bringing on unnecessary expenses. Have one of these guys put a car in your name." She was seeing a gentleman at the time that had 5 cars in his driveway and gave her a key to one of them. When Amandas' birthday came around she collectively received over $75k cash money from some of the men she was seeing. Once again, living for today. She booked a seven day vacation in the Dominican Republic at a hotel that was over $4000 a night. While there she spent close to $40k on spas, shopping, and excursions. Oh, and did I mention she had 10 friends she brought with her? All expenses paid for those bitches as well. I could safely say that in the 10 years I knew Amanda, she literally had over half a millions dollars pass through her hands. So, where is Amanda today. She is 34 years old now, fell in love and had a baby for the one broke nigger she dealt with. Her supporters weren't too happy with the extra baggage, so they slowly started to back off. She didn't finish school so she was forced to stay in the stripping business to support her and her daughter. She is still renting her apartment and now drives a 2006 Honda Accord that she has a high ass interest rate on due to her repossessions, high credit card bills and fucked up credit. Coming down from the high of the lifestyle she use to live was the most difficult adjustment Amanda had to make. This could have all been avoided if she had a proper "female advisor." I can see how someone can be blinded from the glitz, glamour and bling. That is why a non bias third party should be involved to help keep things in order. I'm going to draft up a few sample business proposals. *ya'll think I'm playing*

P.S. Gay boys I'm coming for you next. Some of ya'll fucking up too.

Stay tuned.....

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kat Stacks Infected Infection Looking Pussy


Those of you that dont know, one of the guys from the Soldier Boy camp puts Kat Stacks nasty looking Vagina on blast. He said she emailed it to him and showed everyone on World Star Hip Hop.
Here is that Video!

Now here is Kat Stacks response video. I needed to see more because what she showed wasn't convincing. Her shit still look like an infected infection to me. #imjustsayin