Friday, December 9, 2011

Poetic Justice: Shut the Fuck Up, My Pussy is Talking....

The older I get is the more it becomes clear
what I want in a relationship looks to be more further than near
I cant understand why to many its so complex
All I ask from my bitch is ambition and great sex
I cant help that my drive is above average to most
Or that the shit I do in bed to many may seem gross
My pussy, heart and mind all work in conjunction
If I'm not getting pleased daily, none of the above can function
Any doubts you can handle I suggest you reconsider your advances
Because unfourtunetly for you my patience wears thin to second chances
I'm making this short and sweet so theres no confusion to my message
Handle this pussy right and with me you'll find the best is............

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pussy Sort Out

As I sit here holding this spliff all I can think about is the good fuck weh yuh give me last night....
You see I will admit I always thought you were a pun intended since now knowing you can handle this PUSSY

I find myself getting aroused as I lay back and watch you confidently strut around completly naked. My fondness of your body goes so much deeper than the surface but I must admit it is quite pleasant to look at. The round, fullness of your breast laying firmly on your chest; your soft cocoa brown skin and dynamite hour glass figure. You are sexy and if I could say that in seven different languages I would. Nonchalantly, you lay next to me half naked as if this shouldn't drive me even more crazy. I can smell your freshly showered skin. As I rub my hands down your back, laying them to rest on your ass, I look into your eyes. Admiring the soft, tender, seductive look they so often give off. Eyelashes long and sultry, giving promises of pleasure with every bat. I want you just as badly as you want me. Holding out tonight is not an option or part of the multiple choice. It's time, and I hope you're ready. I can feel you watching me as I start to slowly rub my naked body on your skin. The touching of our bodies is euphoric, promoting more than normal secretions from the entrance way of my vagina. You climb on top of me, kissing my neck and tenderly sucking on my breast. Then with no warning you pick me up, lay me on my stomach and slightly arch my back. I feel a rush as you begin nibbling me. With precision and poise, you start from the top of my body and work your way down. Teasing and spanking me simultaneously. I know you can see the juices dripping out of my pussy from the view you had back there. I wanted you to enter so badly but I wasn't going to beg.....yet. When you reach the nape of my ass your nibbles turn into soft kisses. Spreading my cheeks slightly, I feel your firm but gentle tongue approach my anus. You ate that mother fucker like a damn search and rescue!!! Toes curling, bed scratching, body twisting, screams getting louder.....(my apologies Nicole). I began to lose control......feeling the onset of my black snake moan syndrome approaching. You volley between your fingers and tongue as you play in my ass. When I am at the brink of insanity, completely at the mercy of your directions with not an ounce of fight in me enter my pussy. I let out a loud moan as my body caves into your hands. The moisture of my walls quickly saturate your fingers, leaving small drops of pussy juice residue to begin building up in the palm of your hands. I can hear the congestion of moisture as you go in and out. That slushy sound you hear when in a VERY wet place. Quickly picking up on your rhythm, I begin to bounce back. Who's pussy is it you ask? I respond, "its yours daddy, handle it." This turns you on....nasty little bitch likes to be called "daddy." I feel you exploring every inch of my insides as you look at me intently. Your mission is to OWN this pussy and I can see that in your eyes. But despite me being impressed thus far.......its going to take alot more than that "daddy." After 45 minutes of non stop cumming and probing of my pussy, you lean into my back and say, "wah me get the strap?" I quiver with excitement....."of course I do. The best part is watching you put it on......I lay on my side while I watch your naked body configure this apparatus. Making sure you get a could snug fit and the batteries on the vibrating part is well juiced. I'm given several options of condom selections for the evening...."fire and ice", "ribbed", "extra-ribbed", or "pleasure for her." I choose pleasure for her and as you roll it on, I pull myself to the side of the bed and begin "sucking your dick." Your body motions in agreement. I'm ready! I pull back from the strap and lay down on my back, legs wide open, waiting for you to enter. When you do, the fuck you give me mimics a Beres Hammond, Buju Banton, Bob Marley, Movado and Vybze Kartel concert all in one. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. I love when you tell me how good the pussy feels and how much you love it. Such motivation to skin it out and give it to you even more. It has now been well over an hour and we are both still going strong. Stopping only momentarily to kiss and give kudos for the outstanding job we were both doing. After an amazing full session of pure, hardcore fucking you pop out of the pussy and lay next to me. Breathing heavily, we look at each other content and amazed with what just happened. Watching your breast glisten in sweat from the light on the television turns me on, suddenly having me wanting more. You read my mind, because at that moment you jumped up and proceeded to beat down my pussy walls with even more vengeance than you did before. An unbelievable fuck that last the entire night. With a Permanent black marker in your left hand and a tattoo needle in your right, you wrote your name in cursive ALL over the pussy..........

Defeated with the white flag raised, I had no choice but to bow out........I shall give props where props is due........Yuh handle di tings......Pussy Sort out!!!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Electric Sex not this song or the drink in my hand but the way you make my body feel when you so tenderly rubbed your fingers down my legs. Despite your nonchalance it did not reflect in your touch. It felt as though every pore in your hands knew its purpose and had all intentions of making me its prisoner of war . Little did you know my body was already in a battle. A battle with neglect, frustrations, insecurities and pain. However, I've been a good girl for way too long so tonight without any shadow of doubt.................I'm going to fuck the shit outta you. I ease up into your touch giving you that non verbal permission to proceed. I don't think you know how nasty I can be. My pussy is pulsating and begins to leak, I feel your fingers inching towards my thighs and I can barely contain myself. The excitement of knowing people may be watching us just enhances the moment even more. I slightly open my legs just enough for you to ease in without drawing too much attention. Your long, smooth fingers slowly enters my pussy. I notice your contentment when you feel my moisture. You look me in my face and mouth to me, "damn this pussy is mad wet." Then you slowly start to drum on my g-spot wall, my knees get weak and I let out a long moan. At this point I could give two shits about who is looking. It felt amazing and even better as I started to rock my hips on your fingers. I feel my pussy juices slowly run down my thighs and I knew this tease could not just stop here. I wanted to fuck you! I AM going to fuck you! I turn around and whisper in your ear "lets go." You take a last swig of your beer and proceed to the exit. I barely know you, what if you are a murderer and have intentions of fucking me, killing me, chopping my body up into small pieces and sprinkling me across the Hudson River. Well I guess that will be my fate tonight because there is no turning back now...I want you, no I take that back.....I NEED you. I get in my car and follow behind you, my pussy ticking along with the odometer with every mile. As we pull up, I park and wait for you to come to my car. You open my door, pull me out my car, violently lay me on my stomach over the hood, brace my right thigh with your knee and enter my pussy with your fingers. This time you went in deeper and made sure to hold my arms behind my back with your left hand to ward off any attempts of my fight. I squirm and moan as you finger fuck me, arching my back so you could go even deeper. As you lean into me I can feel your soft breast and hard nipples on my back. They felt warm and supple, I couldn't wait to get them in my mouth. Then as quickly as you started you stopped. "Lets go," you say to me as you grab my waist and direct me to your apartment. We walk in and you guide me to your bedroom. I am anxious to touch on your body, feel on your breast,kiss on your lips and taste your pussy. You pull down my panties and then take of your shirt exposing your double D breast.. Normally I am not that into breast as ass is my thing but after feeling your nipples on my back downstairs I was curious. We starting pecking heavily as you once again enter my pussy with your fingers. I start to unbuckle your pants and ease my hands onto your pussy....she's petite and plump. A nice combination that I'm sure will be even nicer in my mouth. I want to feel you naked on top of me so that I can inhale your smells and feel that electricity over my entire body. My women are usually half your size but I'm immensly enjoying your curves and fullness. Abruptly, you stop. You grab my chin and tell me you will be right back and to be naked by the time you return. I'm anxious, what are you up to? With no hesitation I remove my clothes and get under the sheets. My pussy is so jumpy that I have to play with her as I wait....You enter the room and I immediately notice a familiar form protruding from your waist along with that oh so familiar gold wrapper in your mouth. Its a strap-on. A very large strap on....and by look in your eyes your intentions are damaging. I am excited and so ready for you to enter. There is nothing like a sexy brown skin woman, with a nice ass and amazing breast laying on top of you and entering your pussy walls with a dick that is guaranteed to stay hard. You rip open the wrapper and slowly start walking towards me. I have the urge to suck "your dick" and that is exactly what I do. I get on my knees in the bed and as you stand in front of me suck it. I give you the kind of blow job Super Head would be proud of, spitting on the dick tip and taking it all in. When you seem to cant take it anymore you ease me back unto the bed and start kissing on my neck. These soft pecks make there way down to my pussy as my legs melt open and you devour my clitoris with expertise and precision. I could tell you were paying attention because as my body gestured to orgasm, in one swift motion you entered my pussy with your penile appendage. I let out a loud scream as I grab onto your back and fix my legs into a fetal position. The feeling was so intense and felt so fucking good.....It got even better as you began to rock your hips and slide your "dick" in and out. Teasing me with just the head, you braced yourself and looked me dead in my face as you stroked the pussy. Im assuming this enhanced the moment for you as you watched my different facial expressions of shear pleasure and a little bit of pain. With my pussy dripping wet and slowly opening up this gave you the permission you needed to fully enter. All 10inches of your "cock" drumming down my pussy walls as I squirm and moan for more. Your strokes are magical and so efficient, you know what the fuck you are doing. As you fuck my pussy you hold my face and turn my head towards the direction of the love seat in your room. You whisper in my ear, "go over there, get on your knees and skin out the pussy for me. I'm gonna tackle that shit from the back." I'm usually quite the rebellious type but tonight it was all about following directions and taking orders. I promptly jumped up and did as I was told, anxiously waiting to be fucked from behind. You start off with a medium pace teasing with the head and without any warning as your teasing my pussy a finger slowly enters my ass. It sends a shock through my entire body and prompts me to arch and open even more. The excitement of knowing I may get some anal sex encourages me to start bouncing back on the "dick." Almost forgetting the length and girth of it I attempt to ease up and pace myself. You vehemently disapprove. Grabbing my arms, pulling on my locs and begin beating my pussy down from the back. You instructed that I "better not run from the "dick," take the "dick" and asked me who's pussy it was. At that point I thought it pretty clear that it was your pussy but if it was reassuring you needed then that is what I did. As you're fucking me and grinding your hips I feel my body building up to squirt....I hadn't warned you an didn't know how you would react but by his time it was too late. My pussy was ready in 5....4....3....2...1......Ahhhhhhhhhh. I felt you jolt but then it seemed as though this gave you the clearance you needed to enter my ass....and that is exactly what you did. The tightness and intensity took both of us to an unimaginable peak as I feel you breathing heavily, you begin to moan and fucking my ass faster with every inhale and exhale until finally I hear you let out a loud sensual sobbing sound.....................You pull out from inside me and drop your body on the bed, exhausted and satisfied......................but....................... I'm not done..................I haven't tasted you yet.........and so begins Round 2.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear Sir, Please come and handle this pussy. Regards, Nina

Dear Sir,

I've been noticing you for some time now and I think I am ready for the next step. Waiting patiently on you to make the next move doesn't seem to work with my schedule. You see I am a NY girl by heart and we like things yesterday. Plus, I have had ample time to put together exactly what I plan on doing with you. Congratulations on the transformation your body has made. Oh, what you think I didn't notice. Baby I don't miss a fucking thing. I felt you before I saw you. Does that make sense? Let me explain. When you are so sexually in tune with oneself and have a clear understanding of the chemistry in others, your body is able to quickly identify a match before your eyes even have a chance to cosign. I knew this was the case with you because the night we met, I was high. My eyes were glazed over and I was enjoying the vibe of the music. I remember the feeling when you walked by me, not knowing it was you at the time. Your smell, your swag, your accent, your confidence. It all sent a strong current through my body and rested softly on the tip of my clit. I felt the urge to kiss your lips, especially the bottom one as you periodically massaged it with your tongue. You're such a tease, you knew what you were doing and I liked it. So now its been a few months, our paths rarely cross but when they do I KNOW you can feel the tension. It vibrates, veraciously through my spine and for a moment takes my breath away. I know I am not the only one that feels this energy. So what are you waiting on? Is it that you're shy? Have I not given enough signs to confirm in your mind that I want you just as badly as you want me? Are you intimidated? Has my legacy preceded me?

I dreamt of you last night. It was explicit and just as riveting an experience I would expect us to have in real life. Mutual friends of ours threw a party at the banquet hall of a gorgeous hotel on the beach. It was a themed party, requiring everyone to wear all white with red undergarments. I wore a white corset with a red lace brassiere and a fitted white linen pencil skirt with red lace and silk thongs. I wrapped my locs up in a sexy high bun, accentuating my bare neck and shoulders. You had on white linen pants with red silk boxers that so perfectly framed your manhood. It excited me when you walked in the room. From the looks of things there would be no deprivation upon insertion. When our eyes met and made four, my nipples immediately tightened and became extremely sensitive. With ever turn and every breath they grew more and more aroused, sharing the stimulation with the rest of my body. My body temperature increases and the moisture between my legs began to overflow, leaving the pockets of my vulva and slowly creeping down my thighs. I became visibly flustered and excused myself to the ladies room. What was happening to me? Had anyone noticed? Did you notice? I wanted you so badly at that moment and the juices flowing from my pussy could only be cured by the deep long strokes of you inside of me. This was crazy! How could I be losing control like this over a man I barely know. I proceeded into one of the stalls and decided the only remedy for the moment would be to have a brief masturbatorial session. I had to get back out before my length of time away became obvious. I braced my ass on the rim of the toilet tank then lifted my left leg, placing my heels on the seat of the toilet. As I slid my panties to the side I could hear the moisture build up from my pussy juices and it only excited me even more. I closed my eyes, imagining that my fingers were your tongue and released my body into the slow movements of my hips. It felt so good, but I wanted more. I wanted you. As I feel my body reaching climax, I hear my subconscious reminding me not to make too much noise. I was cumming and it was intense. Oh shit!!!!!! Damn!!! That felt sooooo good and provided the release I needed......for now. I grabbed a few napkins and cleaned up the mess I made, washed my hands and walked back to the party. My first stop was to the bar. I needed a drink and a joint would be kinda nice right about now as well. As I approach the bar, I see you coming towards me in my peripheral view. You lightly place your hands on my waist and greet me with a hug. I don't think you had any idea what your touch triggered but I did my best to keep my composure. I ordered a Malibu martini and you ordered a glass of red wine. As I attempt to open my purse and pay you politely push my hands towards my lap and tell me, "I got this." The banquet hall had a gorgeous patio that led you right onto the beach. You asked if I would take a walk with you and I obliged. The mood was so perfect and you smelled so good. When we reached the deck and sat down, I looked across and noticed you were aroused. I couldn't help it nor could I hold back anymore, so I leaned over and softly touched it. This was your official invitation to have me as you please and I was very happy to know you accepted. As I touch on you, you lean over and begin applying soft, tender kisses on my neck. You hold onto my waist and begin gently stroking my breasts. We hear voices getting closer and abruptly stop. Only a temporary pause because at this point we both know this must continue. You grab my hand and guide me towards the lobby of the hotel where you approach the concierge. "I need a room please for the evening, preferably something with a balcony and facing the water." Classy, I can only imagine what you have planned for me on that balcony. The attendant provides you with the key and we proceed to the elevator. As soon as the doors close you press 23, hold my head in your hands and begin kissing me passionately. I can feel your cock growing through your linen pants and as I place my hands on it my body shudders. The elevator rings and then opens. We walk briskly through the corridors, looking at each other with passion and intent. Room 2369, how perfect. We enter the room and immediately begin. I gave myself to you completely and you welcomed it with expertise and perfection. As your tongue rested on my vagina and began gently teasing, my body went into a state of shock. I couldn't move. Within seconds you completely disarmed me and threw any and all intentions of me taking control out the window. I moaned and moaned until it turned into short bouts of sobbing. Oh my goodness, what were you doing to me. I begged for 20 minutes or more for you to fuck me but you wouldn't listen and this drove me crazy. I cant say I kept count of the amount of times I came but when you saw fit within seconds you went from pleasuring me with your tongue to entering my drenched pussy walls with your mandingo cock. I shuddered and for a moment could do nothing but let out a long hard moan. It was an inexplicable feeling that had officially unleashed the beast. You being in charge at this point was no longer an option. I began to thrust my hips back towards you, clenching my thighs tightly around your waist. I hear you moan and feel your cock enlarge in agreement to my motions. Once on top, I knew or at least I thought the moment would be short lived. Not many men have been able to control themselves after a cowgirl ride from Nina, but you did. It seems to have fueled your craving for more because you then pulled me off you, placed me on my stomach, arched up my ass and entered with a vengeance. My moans turned into screams that encouraged you to go faster and harder. As you continue to violently plow my pussy from the back and giving me multiple orgasms, I feel your fingers slowly going in and out of my ass. This excites me even more, not many men know the art of anal sex and so far so good. You go from your thumb to two fingers, then to three. I'm ready and so open, my pussy is like a faucet and my ass is ready for you to enter. You slowly push in the head and then a little bit more and then a little bit more and then a little bit more. I feel you begin to slowly rock in and out and with every stroke I feel the intensity in my spine. An anal orgasm is like no other and when you find someone that knows what they are doing, it's Christmas. I can tell you are approaching climax because you start to breath harder and heavier. This is my que, I arch my back, spread my legs a little bit more to get a good balance and begin bouncing back on your cock. I want us to cum together so I pace myself, paying attention to your body movements. I think its time, I feel the rush of fluids going through the veins in your penis and creeping its way to the tip. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..........Ahhhhhhhhhhh. You're loud and I love that, it makes my orgasm even more intense. We collapse on the bed and fall into a deep comatose sleep.

The next morning I wake up to the smell of breakfast. I hear you in the bathroom. What was on that plate looked delicious and I was starving but, what was in the shower seemed much more appetizing.......Round 2???!!!

But of course;-)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Plague of Bum Ass Niggas!!!

Firstly, my apologies for the delay in posting. I have been extremely busy with some other projects, but I just had to make time to discuss some things with you guys. Un-Fucking believable what we have to deal with as single women. The other night I went out with some good friends of mine to this pretty famous strip club in Miami, you may have heard of it. It's called King of Diamonds. Anyway, the friends I went with are married and have done pretty well for themselves. Big daddy is pushing a 7 series and a hummer. Wifey has a pimped out Mercedes Benz truck. So happy for my friends because I remember when they use to share a car. Anyway, money or not, my homie is a gentleman in every sense of the word. Ladies, remember back in the day when we went out, we knew it wasn't even necessary to bring any money because the "gentlemen" would always offer. Its what they did! All we carried was our ID and lip gloss, remember? They didn't aggresivley cat call or howl at us (well except for the Jamaican clubs...lmao) and actually took pride in there attire. They were respectful and really showed appreciation for women. They took pride in being able to do for there women, whether she needed it or not. (my fault, instead of whoring in the early 90's, I shoulda settled down and got married) On this evening, my friends decided to bring an associate of theres' to the club. As we are driving, he makes attempts to have a conversation. Painfully lacking in his social skills. His dumb ass would say shit like, "I know you from the islands cause you got dreads." "So where you been too before." "You must be thirsty cause you tearing that water up." Just dumb shit! I was so annoyed and just ready to reach our destination so that the loud music could drown his ass out. Then out the blue, this mother fucker says to me: "so you buy the first drink and I got the second?" I could NOT believe what just came out of this assholes mouth. I turned to him and said "mother fucker did you just ask me to buy you a drink?!!!!!" I then turned to my homeboy and his wife and asked them if I heard correctly because I could not believe that he was premeditating me buying his ass a drink. ME!!!! I told my friends that they needed to PLEASE tell this nigga who I the fuck I am and I am NOT the one to be coming too with this foolishness. Then this bum nigga had the nerve to say: "oh so what, you a gold digger or something?" That's when I went OFF on his ass!!!! I did everything and said everything but slap him in his face and curse his firstborn. Golddigger??!! No nigga, its called common courtesy. Why the fuck do you think it is ok to ask a WOMAN to buy you a drink???!! Who the fuck does that??!! Clearly, he does and thought it was ok.

Disgusted!! Single Ladies, here are the options we are left with. Bisexual (DL), broke, bum nigga's or married. Now here is where I know some of you may split but "we" (not my ass) are to blame. Clearly, this simple nigga has used this line before and it worked. We become so desperate to be "boo'd up" that we allow for any and all kind of foolishness. Men don't feel as though they have to step there game up because we don't challenge them. My girlfriends and I get labeled "boojie" or "stuck up" because we do not respond to the cat calls or get up out of our seats to walk over to them. Beyonce said" I'm glad I found the good in goodbye." Well I am still looking for the "Gentle" & the "Man" in these clowns.

Firstly, moms/parents that are raising young men. PLEASE, teach them from a young age what a REAL man is. We have to break this cycle and leave SOME hope for the next generation. Show them the important fundamentals of being a gentleman. Secondly, ladies PLEASE understand that having a man doesn't define you and it is not the only cure to completion. Take this "dry spell" and use the time to fortify yourself, get educated and work on you!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sometimes I just Want to be Fucked. Is there a Problem???!!

Sometimes I just want to be fucked. I don’t want you to make love to me. No need to kiss, or play those tender little games. Throw my back on the wall, pull my panties to side, hike me up on your hips, use your hard cock head to tease me and then shove that shit in. I want you to take my fucking breath away! Make me scream, moan and shutter all at the same time. I want to dig my nails in your back and grind on your dick as we stand up. Whine my hips like I’m at a reggae concert and cum over and over and over and over and over and over…..I want to feel my pussy juices drip down my legs as I curl my toes and squeeze my thighs tightly around your waist. Don’t get too comfortable and don’t you dare put me on a bed!! I want it in all the wrong places. You see that table over there? The one just the right height to get full thrust? Plank me on that bitch, get a good grip of my dreadlocks, arch my ass, spread my shit open and slide that dick in. See that pussy swallow and suck on that cock? You like that? Don’t waste those juices cause you’re going to need them to lubricate my ass before you enter. Stick your finger in it while you pound my pussy. Is it ready yet? I think it is…take that head and test it for me baby. Ooohhh….damn that’s tight, don’t stop! I didn’t ask you for mercy nigga. Handle your shit, I told you what this was about. There you go! Damn big daddy that feels so fucking good, don’t forget to play with my clit while you fuck this ass. Right there! Oh shit baby my knees are getting weak and I feel my pussy getting ready to squirt in 5….4….3…..2…..1…..!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…Holy FUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKk!!! DAAAAAMMMMMMNNNNNNNNN! YEEEESSSSSSSSS SHIT YESSSSSSS!!!!! Wait, where you taking me??!! Oh we not done?? That’s what the fuck I’m talking about. Outside??!! You so nasty and I love it…..Fuck this ass on my patio while my gardener cuts the lawn. I love this shit! There he goes right now, let’s give him a good show big daddy. I want the neighbors to know your name.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The First Time I "Rubbed One Out" Holy Shit!!!

I and two of my close friends went on a last minute trip to the Bahamas for a few days and it ended up being an extremely monumental time in my life. I am one of those women that NEEDS to cum at least once a day. If I don’t play with my pussy and bust a good one, I get cranky and very irritable. When I am traveling, I pack my vibrator first and if I for any reason forget it, my ass is buying another one upon landing. I had truly perfected the art of masturbation or so I thought. On this trip, for whatever reason I forgot to pack my vibrator. It dawned on me as soon as I reached the airport and I had no time to run back and get it or find a local store. (BTW, are there any airports that have a sex store?) I was very nervous about this because as I racked my brain I could not remember seeing a sex store anywhere on the island we were heading too. When we landed and were checking in, I asked the lady at the front desk if there was anywhere I could find a sex store to purchase a vibrator. Now I know Bahamas is a strict Christian country but these bitches are just as freaky if not freakier, so the embarrassed/disgusted look on the concierge lady face was a front and at that point I didn’t give a flying fuck. I wanted my vibrator!!! As I suspected, they had nothing on the island. (Bahamas has over 700+ islands and many of them are very small and exclusive) I was pissed!! At that moment, I felt my clit swelling up. Little bitch!! She was just being spiteful and I knew it. My girls couldn’t understand why the charades around getting my toy. Wendy says to me, "bitch just get in the shower and rub one out." "Rub one out???" I was confused. What did she mean "rub one out?" Shonae then says. "Girl, you mean to tell me you've never made yourself cum with your fingers?" I was perplexed. Why hadn't I ever done that? ME?!??!! Miss Nina Niagra???!!! WTF???!!! They began to laugh at me because up to that point, I was the bitch to beat when it came to any kind of sexual escapades. I was officially on a mission. I needed to master the art of making my pussy cum w/out a vibrator. The first night there, while in the shower, I made an attempt. It was a no go...My pussy was like a spoiled rich kid, visiting Wal-Mart for the first time; confused, in denial and wanted no parts of it. By the time I was done trying to get the pussy flowing, I exhausted all the hot water. My bitches were so mad at me...lmao!! I wanted to so bad to ask them what techniques they use but my pride wouldn’t let me. That weekend I did everything possible to keep my mind off of not being able to cum. It seems as though my attempts only frustrated me more, so I stopped and just opted for spooning Wendy and hunching on her bare naked ass.

When we got back home that Sunday night, the first thing I did was grab my toy and get to work. However, I was so backed up from the weekend, even after 4 sessions I still wanted more. At that point my pussy just wanted a good pounding and some serious vaginal wall damage. I scrolled through my phone and called old faithful. He's a really handsome guy but much shorter than me so I could never really get into him. I would always talk shit about being vertically challenged. Well apparently Mr. ShortieByNature had a point to prove. One night after smoking, my pussy began leaking like the drainage in an oil change. We hadn’t had sex before but at that moment I would have fucked a doorknob. After a few minutes of foreplay, I pulled my panties to the side, positioned myself on the arm side of his couch, cocked my leg up, arched my back and stuck my fingers in my wet, dripping pulsating pussy. As he watched me play with it, I watched his mandingo double then triple in size. He grabbed for that XXL Magnum, slipped his head in and teased me. That shit drove me crazy and begging for more. Then he says "let me show you how us short niggas get down." Ladies, have mercy on my soul!!!!!! When I tell you this nigga had me on planet WhereDaFuck!!! Pussy dripping RIGHT NOW as I relive the moment. I swear to god I didn’t pee straight for a week after that.

So once I kind of got that out my system, I was back on track with my usual routine. I was determined to make myself cum with my fingers. The Saturday after my fuck session, I decided to make it a special night and really get into the mood for this. I bought some wine, dimmed my lights, logged into my favorite porn site and turned the volume up so I could hear ALL the sex sounds. I knew that in order to make this happen I had to pay attention to my body and allow all of my senses to be heightened. I started watching some porn and allowed my pussy to get good and wet before I touched it. I made sure my fingers were nicely lubricated and started to slowly make soft circular movements around my clit. Within a short period of time, I felt my clit start to expand and get really sensitive. I was really starting to feel this shit and it was getting my entire body excited. I started to slowly rock my hips and pretend I had a bitch/nigga licking me from the back. My body temperature started to rise and I felt that tingling in my back that I usually get when I am about to cum. Oh shit, this was really about to go down and it was feeling even BETTER than my toy!!! I rocked harder and harder, then I applied more pressure on my clit. All of a sudden my body quivers, I lose feeling in my legs, my back gets tight and then as I let out a loud scream, my pussy squirts an unbelievable amount of liquid and I pass the fuck out. Holy Shit!!!! That feeling was amazing!!!

So to my homegirls Shonae & Wendy…….Bitches, I did it!!!!! #thatsall

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stella Got Her Groove Back & Damion Gets His Green Card: A Win Win???!!!

An ex-coworker of mine brings an associate of hers to one of our South Beach all girls lunch dates. As this young lady approaches our table, I immediately notice the insecurities in her stance. Ladies, that shit is like dog feces on a shoe. You feel and smell it with every pace just as much as the people around you. When she sat down, my girlfriend introduces her as the new Mrs. X (no I’m not going to reveal the bitch real name) Knowing chica for a few years now, I realized that there was a little bit more to that introduction than the surface. So, I grab my blackberry waiting in anticipation for her text. It vibrates, I look down and the message says: “ask to see her wedding picture.” Not what I expected, but I figure let me roll with it because clearly she is going somewhere with this. I look at Mrs.X and I say: “Well congratulations hun, I am happy for you if you are happy for yourself. So where did you meet Mr. Right? What’s the fairytale story of how you met?” She says, O I met him in Jamaica on one of my trips with my girlfriends and it was like love at first sight.” The wheels in my brain started spinning as I tried to figure out what the catch was that my friend wanted me to pick up on. “That is so romantic, oh my goodness do you have any pictures?” Of course, she had several in her purse and hundreds on her phone. When I glanced at the first picture, immediately I knew what chica was getting at. All I could do was shake my head and think to myself, “another one bites the dust.” Before I bring you in on what’s going on, let me tell you a little bit about Mrs. X. She is 33 years old, a single mother of 5 kids and, well, how can I say this and not be offensive……..She is not in the least bit attractive.#justbeingreal She subscribes to
all of the fashion dont's, is extremely overweight and does not know how to carry it well at all. ( I love a big girl that's confident and sexier than a mother fucker) She houses a body odor that I have yet been able to describe. She pays absolutely NO attention to the necessary manicuring and maintenance that women should pay attention to and a Pumice bar would be a long overdue addition to her daily routine. I am not superficial but lets be real, there are some things and some people we see on a daily basis and ask ourselves "why" and "what the fuck?" Well, she was all of the above. As far as her personality, I cant say I saw much of any but who am I to judge. Now, her "husband".........was a lighter version of Tyrese Beckford and by the gloss on his lips, the arch of his eyebrows and the bend in his wrist, I already knew what was going down. The nigga was FINE!!!!!! I am not a hater by any means but 1+1 is always 2 and if you plant an apple seed you will never get an orange. So, my probing began. "Wow, he is a good looking guy. How old is he and what does he do?" She replies: "He's 23 and in the hospitality business. We are trying to get a job at a one of the hotels in SOBE but we are just waiting on his fiance visa. He wants us to have a baby but says we need to be able to file for his mom so she can help us take care of the baby." Ladies and gentleman, this bitch has been got! If you don't see it, let me break it down for you. It is VERY common for young men in the islands, working in hospitality, to prey on tourists such as Mrs.X. In a glance you can tell this woman would be elated if a puppy pissed on her heel and nibbled on her kneecaps. She clearly would not be the top 1,000,000,000 pick in a crowd of people. A little conversation, he gets to know her triggers and acts like a complete gentleman. Last but not least, he drops the mandingo, island fuck on her ass and the bitch is stuck like chuck. Why? So he can get that all mighty Green Card!!!! It is the cheapest and easiest way for these men to come to this country. In most cases not only do these women fall for it and get married, they also support the niggas until or if they ever get a job. Some may endure what Stella did (Stell got her groove back) and find her a gay boy capable of fucking the pussy. Or if the guy is straight, he has a girlfriend that understands the reason for his sacrifice. Possibly even a family! Sometimes the guys mother may be the one grooming him, which is what it looks to be in the case of Mrs.X.
Ladies, the caliber of men you date will rarely change. If on a scale of one to ten you have been dating negative seven type men, that's just your mother fucking fate. You may find different variations of negative seven, but bottom line is he's still a negative seven. Personality can go a long way. It may get you across the street but it will not get you to Disney Land. Mrs.X has clearly made some bad decisions in her life when it comes to men. Five kids and four baby daddy's is sign number one. She doesn't take pride in her appearance or herself. Sadly, she obviously does not have any real friends in her circle to teach her differently. Or positive role models to lead by example.
I texted chica and told her she was fucked up to bring that girl to lunch so that she could humiliate her. She rebutted by saying she wanted me to talk to her because she just didn't know how to break the ice on a conversation like that. Bullshit but whatever. One thing I am not is fake, shy or afraid to speak my mind. I also have a sincere interest in helping people and while the truth may hurt, it is the best way to show that you are genuine. However, there is a time and a place for everything. Who was I to burst Mrs. X bubble. I felt really bad for her situation and knew that she had a ruff road ahead of her. I've said it before and I will say it again: "check the bitches you roll with and stay away from yes men/women."

As far as chica that brought Mrs. X to the luncheon
, yeah I don't fuck with her anymore. #thatwasntcool

Ask me anything

Thursday, July 7, 2011

You Lay with Dogs, You'll Rise with Fleas.....#RealTalk

I have quite often been labeled as the bitch that thinks her shit doesn’t stink. It’s not that I don’t think my shit stinks, it's just that I KNOW it smells better than yours. I really don’t see what the problem is in being selective with the people you have in your circle. I am all about progression and have a very strict set of values and beliefs that I live by. Why would I want to be unevenly yoked? Better yet, why would I want to deal with the hassle. We are naturally adaptive creatures. Whatever environment you find yourself in for a long period of time, you will be inclined to adjust or accommodate others to alleviate some of the foreign. If an English speaking American were to migrate to another country, we expect within a period of time they pick up or at least understand the language. Simple, broke and ignorant bitches roll with simple, broke and ignorant bitches. Niggas that ain't about shit, roll with niggas that ain't about shit. Its just how the cookie crumbles. Or as they say "birds of a feather flock together. I was listening/observing a conversation one day on a train ride to Manhattan. These ladies were probably around 18-21. Four out of the five were very vocal and extra. They were discussing the faults (basically being haters) of some groups of girls they knew, being petty and unnecessarily malicious. Let me preface by giving you a visual...The girls were all on the heavy side and not very attractive. All were fashion misfits in there attempts to wear clothing not of the appropriate size. With the exception of one, there street slang/slur was heavy and very much "bonquisha-ish/shanainai-ish." They were loud and obnoxious in appearance and volume. As they spewed there hate and spoke openly of there sexual escapades with "this bitch" man and "that bitch" man, I couldn't help but notice the one young lady that just didn't seem to quite fit in. When all but that one young lady got off at the next stop, almost like a light switch I noticed the change in her body language and demeanor. I already knew what time it was and quickly figured out exactly what this chick was about. I'm a people person (when I wanna be) and I love studying, learning and understanding human behaviors. I introduced myself to the young lady, told her I was in graduate school finishing up my Masters in Psychology and wanted to know if she would be ok with me asking her a few questions, for a paper I was writing. I was able to get in a good 20 minutes before I had to get off at my stop, but it was exactly as I predicted. Samantha (her name) had moved to Brooklyn from Connecticut. She grew up in a humble middle class neighborhood and graduated Valedictorian of her high school class. This bitch is smart as shit! (no common sense though) She desperately wanted to fit in and the only crowd that had some kind of "cool" factor and would allow her in, were the girls I saw. She agreed that alot of the things they talk about or focus on she didn't quite understand and finds that she has to "dumb down" alot in order for them to get her. However, in her eyes it is so much better than being alone. Also, being overweight doesn't help with her insecurities and makes it hard for her to feel comfortable around people. Sam was quickly on a path of self-destruction fucking with these girls. I didn't have an opportunity to really "get in" and school her Nina style but I did leave her with this: "Create your own following, listen to your instincts and do better because you are better."

Take a look at the top 5 mother fuckers that you roll with. Ten chances to one, you are doing just about as good or as bad as they are. I never understand why we get upset when someone that grew up in the ghetto decides to distance themselves from that environment when they get older. You'll often hear "oh fuck dat nigga Chris man, he done forgot where he came from. Dat nigga dont even rep his hood." Excuse me, but what exactly would Chris be "reppin" might I ask? The fact that he escaped having multiple baby mothers, selling drugs, not getting an education, jail, low income housing, death? News Flash: I'm Good! I do better because I am better. If I want to help the less fortunate or "rep" anything, it will be the children. I have NO sympathy for a grown ass man or woman that uses every stereotype or obstacles as an excuse to be a mother fucking loser. I will not waste time, energy or money throwing venom at people or associating myself with those that do. I do better because I am better.

This simple bitch on twitter the other day said to me "oh you ain't shit bitch I got way more followers than you do." I advised this ignorant piece of shoe shit that unlike her, twitter nor anyone of these social networks DO NOT define me. I define me! What this sloar and many others do not understand is that life is not about a popularity contest. Surrounding yourself with a entourage of random mother fuckers doesn't make you the shit. As a people we are so afraid of our own damn reflections. This fear is clearly crippling and prevents us from facing and defeating center inner demons that we all have. Ultimately stifling personal, professional, emotional and spiritual growth.

Lesson for Today:
  • Align yourself with people that are doing bigger and better shit than you are.
  • Don't be afraid to give a nigga/bitch the "pink slip"

  • Do better, because you are better

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Amber Rose Has Posted Her Pussy Resume!!!

So I know you have all heard or seen Amber Rose and the spread eagle pics that "allegedly" leaked. First off, bullshit!! Those pictures DID NOT leak. Amber Rose set this whole shit up to keep her ass relevant. The Wiz Khalifa hookup is NOT going to give her career the boost she wants or thought it would. Therefore, a hoe must do what a hoe must do. Keep in mind, a hoe's resume is quite different from yours and mine. Those naked pics being blasted is just like you submitting your resume on She knows the relationship that she is in, is slowly dwindling and not as advantageous for her career as she needs it to be. Therefore, it's time to start drafting. You saw the picture where she had the "deuces sign" over her pussy?? LMAO!!! That was gangsta to me. She is clearly dropping hints!!! I'm definetly not mad at the bitch!! She is a business woman!! A smart business woman knows that in order to be successful you have to be proactive not reactive. Bottom line is the woman likes pussy. She is a lesbian and these men are "jobs." Ms. Rose was blessed with above average beauty and clearly has the sex appeal and confidence to make it work for her. She sees the dumb shit men fall for and do, just to be in her presence and get a little of her goodies. So she's decided (like Kim Kardashiam) to market her pum pum and make that pussy help launch her empire. More than I can say for these simple bitches giving it for free to these bum niggas. Allowing them to stretch they shit out, popping babies every few years and still being broke and not having shit at the end of the day.

S/O to my ladies that understand "we run this mother fucker" and is making it work for them!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Whom it May Concern: My Pussy is an Equal Opportunity Lender

Ladies let’s talk about some real shit for a minute. Riddle me this bitches.  How many of you think it is a fair trade to be fucking a nigga and not expect anything else from him because he is “handling the pussy right?” Let me be more specific.  Jill is a single mom making ends meet.  She doesn’t really need for anything but assistance is always appreciated. She has been in and out of some pretty fucked up relationships over a period of 10 years and decides to chill out from that scene. Jill meets Jack. Jack is currently in a relationship with a woman that he claims is “rocky and not going well.” By the way, simple bitches that’s a part of the game. As far as Jacks woman is concerned they are doing just fine. Anyway, Jack and Jill are attracted to each other and after some time of innocent flirting decide to have sex. Jill is blown away by Jack’s bedroom skills and decides to make dude her official FB (fuck buddy). She figures, no harm in the situation because she is not looking to settle down with a man and he isn’t available to settle down.  Now, the whole fucking a man that is boo’d up doesn’t bother my conscious one bit especially if I have no attachments or moral obligations to his girl. That has everything to do with him and not a mother fucking thing to do with me. Here is where MY beef comes in. Jill doesn’t have any demands or prerequisites for her pussy because in her own words, he’s handling the pussy right. Well bitch would you be fucking with him if he wasn’t handling the pussy right?  That’s a rhetorical question because clearly the answer is “NO”!  So basically what you’re telling me is that you are ok with accepting the bare minimum for giving up your goods???  I can’t speak for you but I personally have that Mastercard pussy, its priceless.  Therefore any nigga that I fuck with needs to understand that me and my goodies expect world-class, above and beyond treatment since that’s what they are receiving.  In the old days they worked on the bartering system, you give something, you get something and most times they had to be equal in value.  Ladies I’m here to tell you no matter how wack your pussy is, dick will never equal or surpass it’s value.  I posed this question to a few of my girlfriends and one of them said to me I’m satisfied with him handling my pussy I don’t need a man to do anything for me, besides isn’t that prostitution?? After violently laughing in her face I paused and realized that I clearly needed to school this bitch on how the world turns.  Life is a prostitution ring!  The bible itself lets a wife know that her pussy is property of her husband and she is to give it to him willingly.  One of the reasons for this is because the husband is expected to provide for his wife.  Now bitch don’t tell me that’s not prostitution.  Why is that arrangement more socially acceptable???  Because of that little piece of paper called a marriage certificate.  In college when you do classes on interviewing for jobs what is one of the most common things you are told?? “Don’t forget you are selling yourself on the interview.  This is your time to show your potential employer what you have to offer.”  Sound familiar?? Now tell me that’s not prostitution.  You and your girls getting dolled up to go to the club, somebody in your crew will make this statement.  “ I need to make sure the girls are looking right so I can have some niggas buying me drinks tonight!”  Sound familiar?  Now tell me that’s not prostitution.  The sooner you realize that this world is all about the muthafucking WIIFM (what’s in it for me) the quicker you will go from being the doormat to the muthafucking shoes.   Ladies if you fucking a dude that requires you to drive 30-40 minutes to get to his house, it should not be unreasonable for you to EXPECT him to fill your tank.  So what you’re getting good dick, he’s getting good pussy and since the beginning of time we run the muthafucking world.  I’m not interested in hearing how independent you are and how you can do for yourself and how you don’t need a man to do for you.  One I get all of that and kudos to you and two if you are that muthafucking independent why can’t you fuck yourself.  Quite frankly, the money that you make for yourself is exactly that, money for yourself.  The money you get from him will never take away from that it will only add.  In any and all language as long as it’s not a debt, adding is always a good thing.  Your money has absolutely nothing to do with him or your situation.  We are not talking about a man having to support you or pay all of your bills, that doesn’t have to be the case all of the time, but especially in a situation like Jack and Jill and Jack is in a relationship and cannot provide much of anything to Jill outside of dick, in a situation like that Jack is winning.  Jill needs to even the playing field and have him understand that while you appreciate the good dick, you need more.   That more will vary from woman to woman.  That more for some women may mean paying for vacations.  That more for some women may mean paying a car note or putting money in her pocket from time to time.  This may also depend on the frequency of giving out the goodies.  If you are having sex with this man 2-3 times a week, you need to be on his muthafucking pay roll.   Stop feeling sorry for these niggas and never lose sight of who he is, a cheater.  Bottom line, step ya game up.  If you giving up the goodies any way show your pussy some respect, demand more, expect more.  If you’re currently in a situation like this and realize you are fucking up and allowed the nigga to feel like he’s the shit since he’s digging your back out, no worries it’s never too late to re finance.  Advise your lender that circumstances and situations have changed requiring you to revisit the original agreement.  He’ll do one of three things:  see the value in your property and accept the new offer, see the value in your property and have the smarts to counter offer or decide it’s not worth it and cut his losses.  At that point YOU can do one of two things: withdraw your investment or threaten to advise the FDIC (his woman) of his unlawful practices. Beyonce said it best, “We run this mutha!”  So bitches, act like it!!! This is Nina and I approve this message!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vicious Mother Fucking Cycles...SMDH

I was addicted to Wendy’s Baja salad for about a good two months. My routine pretty much stayed the same. Lunch time I would go to the Wendys drive thru by my office, then to the gas station to pick up a Dutch. It wasn’t until about week two of my routine that I actually started to pay attention to the young ladies (I uses this word loosely) behind the register. The girl I dealt with mostly was called “Tata” or at least that is what her name tag said. Upon further research, I found out that her birth name is Tatadelicious. I swear on a puppy this is true!!! I don’t think I could make that shit up if I tried. I mean with a name like that what the hell else did her parents expect her to do with her life. Her options were fast food or strip club. Anyway, Tata was about as ghetto as they came. Her weekly aspirations were to do a little bit of overtime so she can get her check and buy an outfit at the mall for her “clubbin” over the weekend. “Jesus take the wheel!!” Are you serious??!! THAT is what you strive for?? Ok so let me give you some background on Tata. (got the scoop one day when I decided to eat inside instead of do the drive thru) Tata is 24 years old and has five kids by four different men. She is morbidly obese,lives with her grandmother who has glaucoma and can't drive, so she lucked up on Granny's Impala. She has been attempting for the past few years to complete her GED but has been too "busy." She has more tatoos on her body than I could count and struggles to keep her belly from hanging out the bottom of her uniform. A body that so closely resembles "Precious." However, have Tata tell it, she's just "thick." I decide to pretend I am interested and ask her what club she goes to and what draws her to that club. Like a well choreographed song,"Tata" and four or so ladies all chime in at the same time telling me the name of the club. A few of them have had their outfit for Saturday night on layaway all week. They immediately start discussing how fine the men are and how they always leave with "mad numbers." Guys always want to go home and spend time with them. Tata actually met her last two "baby daddy's" at this club. She still cares about the last one and is convinced he gets jealous when he see's her at the club and other guys try and talk to her. I ask Tata how long they were together. She responds, "well we wasnt really together together like that. We met at da club and hooked up in the bathroom, then he came home with me that night, and girl that nigga put in work. I know he wanna be wit me but his wife won't give him a divorce." Wife? "Yeah they separated but he asked me not to tell nobody about his daughter for right now till he get dat bitch off his back. But he be giving me diapers and drop off food for her sometimes." I think to myself, "does he come by before or after she promises him sex?" Or does he know she'll give it to him no matter what,and figures he might as well drop off some diapers." I listen to them speak and appease there ignorance as I enjoy my salad. Disgusted, disappointed and trying SOOOO hard to hold back from telling these simple bitches what I really think about there dumb fucking asses.......Thank goodness for my blog!

First of all, at what point is Tata going to realize that chasing after these dudes and having babies for them is not getting her anywhere? So that's what you do now sloppy bitches? Bring home niggas from the club and fuck them raw dog? So your pussy is immune to AIDS and other STD's? Let me tell you why the niggas are looking at you? It is NOT because you look good, no matter how much you spent on your 3XL outfit from Macy's. It is because your ass STAYS in the club and you've made a name for yourself and your stretched out pussy. Notice the kind of guys stepping to you. There own momma wouldn't claim them! However, your man hungry behind would suck and fuck as long as they buy you a drink and tell you you're pretty. News flash: Babby Daddy isn't checking for Tata. He just cant afford to be put on child support because he has five kids at home with his wife. He's already peeped game that he can fill her head with any kind of foolishness and she'll digest that shit, quicker than those damn slurpies I always see her sucking on. What exactly is Tata doing with her life that she is too "busy" to complete her GED? Not a mother fucking thing!!! Spending her minimum wage to invest in the same fuckry that has her in the situation(s) she is in now. Sadly, her mentality and the mentality of these young sloars out here will never change. Even more depressing is these behaviors will pass on to there children causing a "vicious mother fucking cycle."

PS. Ladies, check the bitches you call your friends. It may be time to upgrade those hoes.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stop Running From the Pussy!

As I am sitting her watching some porn and playing with my pussy, I said to myself: "straight girls are REALLY missing out." I cant even imagine a world of limitations when it comes to sex. I was trying to research so that I could get an updated number. However, last I checked over 73% of the men in prison right now have some link to a women being the root cause. Either they killed a nigga that was fucking his bitch, killed the bitch for fucking another nigga, killed a nigga for disrespecting his girl, killed a bitch for disrespecting him, was fucking with more than one bitch and the scorned bitch snitched on him and his illegal activities, a bitch broke his heart and he killed the bitch and the new nigga shes with, a nigga trying to impress a bitch so he goes and steals shit then gets caught, back pay child support, picking up a hooker bitch and getting punked by an undercover. I mean the list can go on for days....Beyonce knows why she wrote that song:

"Girls, we run this mother fucker!!"
"Our persuasion can build a nation."

Anyway back to the issue at hand.....with all of this being said, my "straight" ladies, your not even a tad curios as to what drives more than 75% of the nation crazy? I mean that's some powerful shit! Here it is if you see a celebrity you flock to him/her because of his/her talents, fame and success. Well I am here to let you know that pussy is in the same category. She is talented, famous and VERY successful. Sex with a woman is amazing! The taste, textures, smells, curves....its ALL good. If its the penetration that you think you will miss, no worries. A woman's G-spot is just a finger length with a slight curve away. There is also the purchased appendage that works quite nicely and you NEVER have to worry about a limp dick....EVER!! Now, I am in no way shape or form dissing my men or saying they don't handle the pussy right. I love fucking men!! When you get one that knows what the fuck he is doing and pays attention, he can have you stuck like chuck on that dick. All I'm saying is don't knock it till you try it. I have heard women say being with a woman has opened them up in ways sexually that a man never was able to do. Don't feel as though sleeping with women makes you gay or requires you to "support the cause." Sex and love have there own buckets. Allowing society to dictate how and what you like (or could possibly like) is wrong in every language.

S/N:If you are going to throw biblical reasons at me, your a mother fucking hypocrite for even reading my blog. GTFOH!!!!

I'm a Labia Licking Lover and proud.........Don't hold back bitches, you missing out.

PS/FYI: Nina is in the market for a new lady toy.......holla

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paraplegic Says: "My Vagina Aint Handicap."!!!!!!???

I have seen it ALL!!!! Take me home Jesus!!!!
She said and I quote: "My Vagina A'int Handicap"
I mean, maybe she is the soundboard for handicap people of the world. Maybe this is something they all wanted to get off there chest.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Booty Calls Need to Know There Place!! STFU!!!

I saw someone the other day that reminded me of a guy I had a thing with some time ago. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as I remembered a conversion we had when we were at what HE thought was a "turning point" in our relationship. The first words out of his mouth were “Nina I want to wife you up but I think (ready for this one) you know too much for me to be with you. What?  I KNOW too much? First of all, in my mind I’m thinking “bitch nigga you are just my dick and an occasional dinner, so I don’t know who gave you the bright idea that I want you to be my man.” Secondly, what you’re trying to tell me is that because I have proven to be an intelligent bitch, you realize that I am unable to be manipulate and fill up with fuckry, therefore forcing you to have to step your game up and come correct? Is this the conversation that you really want to have right now dude? I never back down from a debate, especially when I can so quickly predict my opponent is a complete idiot. As he starts to back pedal and stutter he argues,” I’m a real funny dude it's little things that I know your strong personality and brains would never let you do. Damn right nigga!!! I decide to poke further and question exactly what the “funny things” are he feels I wouldn’t bend on. He says, “like going out with your home girls, I may want you to stay home and if your not trying to hear that you gonna go out.” Or, ”if I like to keep the TV on till late at night but you prefer to have it off by 9.” Or, “if I want to have you home by a certain time, you gonna give me lip.” I looked at dude and asked, “you want a girl or a puppy?”  Let me put this out there, I know my place as a wife/partner/girlfriend. I take very good care of my mate and ensure I do my due diligence to keep them happy. However, the minute you start to stifle me and making orders like I am back home, 14 years old and answering to my parents we’re going to have problems.  It’s not ok that when you want to fuck me I’m grown, but any other time I’m your puppy. Not only is it that the things you are saying makes absolutely no sense, but it makes you truly look like the bitch ass nigga that you are. What you want is a basic bitch.  Someone you can be about the bullshit with.

He was dead on! I am not the bitch for him.  Ladies,  a man meets you as a flourishing, bundle of bliss, energy, spice, edge, life and ambition. Falls in love with that, then decides at some point to drown you out? Needless to say I brushed that nigga off and ended the conversation as soon as it started.  Then I politely instructed him to, “shut the fuck up and come eat my pussy, you talking too damn much.”  *rolls eyes* Fucking booty calls need to know there place and shut the fuck up. I didn’t ask you for conversation or your damn opinion. What you have to say is a “non-mother fucking factor bitch.” -Evelyn

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cart or Basket? Which One Do/Can you fill??

I was on twitter earlier today checking out my timeline (follow me @ninaniagraraw) and Mrs. Meeka Claxton from Basketball Wives 3 said "Y do I always get a basket.. Knowing I need a cart!" (follow her @meekaclaxton) I responded " because your trying to have some self control & you figure the basket will assist w/that. " I immediately realized that I need to elaborate on that and address this on my blog. As simple as you may see it, that statement is truly symbolic of many of our lives today. We restrict ourselves to what can fit in "the basket" and not allowing ourselves to "fill a cart." This can be interpreted a few different ways. One can argue, "If I get a cart, it will encourage me to pick up shit I don't need." or "A cart will encourage me to buy things with money I don't have." Let me clarify the angle I am approaching this illustration from. I understand both of the arguments given. I am not speaking of the literal cart or basket, but more so the figurative. Ladies we need to step up our fucking game and start speaking into existence larger blessing that will fill a cart not a basket.

Basket Filler: This is your typical woman that looks unto others for acceptance of herself. She chases after societies perception of what should make her happy. She allows men to fill up her head with promises and makes life altering decisions based on these promises/lies. Biggest flaw of a "basket filler," not learning from her mistakes. Her limitations are self inflicted. She surrounds herself with enablers and "basket fillers" themselves. She's superficial, has a low self esteem and is a doormat for almost everyone in her life. She is her own worst enemy. Never pushing her boundaries and allowing her self to maximize on her true potential. She continues to make decisions that dig deeper and deeper holes in her life. Making it more difficult to ever bounce back. So it is no surprise when given the option to get a cart or a basket, she chooses the basket because that is what she thinks of herself and how she approaches life. Pessimistic with no drive, motivation, desire or foresight to envision anything more for herself, outside of what fits in that small restricting basket.

Cart Filler: This bitch walks in a room and without saying a word her presence screams: " I have arrived mother fuckers! Love me or hate me, I don't give a fuck. I will always and forever continue to do me. Limitations? What limitations? What does that word even mean? Anything you can do I can do better. I know my worth and with or without your acceptance I will succeed in anything and everything. I ask questions. I learn from my mistakes and I am ten steps ahead of you because I pay attention to the mistakes of others as well. I am 100+% on my own, a man/woman in my life is not an enhancement or requirement to my completion." A cart filler continues to challenge themselves and is inspired by growth and development. They are adventurous and will do what it takes to maximize on their potential. They surround themselves with like minded people and DO NOT settle for mediocrity. On a daily basis they speak into existence greatness and are fully aware that their blessings could NEVER fit into a basket.

Harsh but true reality.

Which one are you?

S/O to Meeka from BBW3. Thanks for the topic....Make sure you guys follow her on twitter @meekaclaxton.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Hi My Name is Nina and I'm Obsessed with Ass."

For those of you that don't already know, I am infatuated with asses. I can ass watch for hours, days, weeks & months. I don't know what it is about a woman wit a dunk but it does something to me every time. I love to touch it, hump on it, nibble it, massage it. I have literally busted a nut off of watching a chick with a big ass jiggle and dance for me. The cherry on top of my ass fetish is a bitch with a phat ass AND bowlegged. Lord have mercy I just cant get enough. I don't usually do hood chicks because there mentality aggravates the hell outta me but when it comes to dirty, kinky no limit, no boundaries type of sex, there is nothing like a hood chick with a phat ass that can make it clap. When I first moved to the South I was in heaven with how free and loose these girls were. My fondest memory is of this chick that stripped at a club in Miami called "The Rolex." " Rolex was the KOD of Miami back in the days. This was the spot to go to see some nasty, freaky, ghetto, hoodrat bitches. This young lady (we'll call her Moca) was game for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.  She just did what I asked. One night I brought MOCA back to my condo to hang with my boys. The drink of choice that night for me  was smirnoff beer. I told Moca to play with her pussy while I watched and she gladly obliged. When I was finished with my Smirnoff beer I asked her if she would let me fuck her with the bottle. Guess what? The bitch obliged!!! I will never forget how her pussy juices started to fill the bottle as I penetrated. It was truly a sight. Anyway, its late, I'm horney and thought I would share with my readers some of the pictures I was skimming through while I played with my pussy.........Enjoy, I sure am.

S/O to: Ass, Ass and MORE Ass!!!!  I fucking love this website!!!!

This is a serious Botty!Heavy Botty!Hammer Botty!Lovely Botty!Serious Botty!Bubble Botty!Serious Botty!
Mango Botty!
Healthy Botty!
Serious Booty!Her lower half is not playing!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fat Pussy or Non Fat Pussy...THAT is the Question

Now to be quiet honest, I know my pussy is the shit. It is what it is, I am not a self proclaimed "bomb pussy" claimer. I have referrals that can be provided upon request. However, the reason we are talking about this is because My home girl and I were in our office and on this day I happen to be wearing tights. Usually when we talk this freaky bitch is all in my titties but on this day I noticed hers eyes were fixated on my crotch. I paid it no mind because as I said her "around the clock horniness" is normal. Hence the reason she is my best friend. ( I love you bitch) Hey what can I say, birds of a feather flock together. Anyway, out the blue she says "damn Nina, I didn't know it was that serious." "What do you mean? What's serious?" She responds, "your Vagina!" Bitch that shit could cast its own shadow" I burst out laughing!! Now, as I stated before I know I have some good pussy but never looked into the variation of reasons as to why it is so addicting. I am a VERY sexual being, I enjoy sex more than most, so when I am having it I feel like a kid in a candy store. I can't get enough and can keep going till the shop closes. My pussy juices flow before, after and on triple overtime during sex. What I didn't really consider or look into is the fact my shit is phat as hell! Is it that bitches with phat pussies have better sex? Now that I think of it, the chicks in the porn that really get things popping and have the guys tripping out, tend to have phat pum pum themselves. They also tend to be the squirters and can back it up on a Mandingo of a cock like a pro. You also get more sound effects from a phat pussy. I don't know about you but I LOVE to hear that noise of a juicy pussy getting beat the fuck up. Now after a little bit of research with my Labia Licking Lesbians they said a phat pussy is definitely a plus. Especially during grinding. The pussy just sucks on there clits as the rub against each and gets EXTRA wet.

#pause....Masturbation Break

Oh goodness!!!!!!!! Wow, this topic has me jumping. Anyway, in conclusion as my dear friend JC tells me *in her Beyonce voice* "Who runs the world? Phat pussy bitches!"

I wanna hear from my readers on this one.........What do YOU think??!!!