Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Hi My Name is Nina and I'm Obsessed with Ass."

For those of you that don't already know, I am infatuated with asses. I can ass watch for hours, days, weeks & months. I don't know what it is about a woman wit a dunk but it does something to me every time. I love to touch it, hump on it, nibble it, massage it. I have literally busted a nut off of watching a chick with a big ass jiggle and dance for me. The cherry on top of my ass fetish is a bitch with a phat ass AND bowlegged. Lord have mercy I just cant get enough. I don't usually do hood chicks because there mentality aggravates the hell outta me but when it comes to dirty, kinky no limit, no boundaries type of sex, there is nothing like a hood chick with a phat ass that can make it clap. When I first moved to the South I was in heaven with how free and loose these girls were. My fondest memory is of this chick that stripped at a club in Miami called "The Rolex." " Rolex was the KOD of Miami back in the days. This was the spot to go to see some nasty, freaky, ghetto, hoodrat bitches. This young lady (we'll call her Moca) was game for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.  She just did what I asked. One night I brought MOCA back to my condo to hang with my boys. The drink of choice that night for me  was smirnoff beer. I told Moca to play with her pussy while I watched and she gladly obliged. When I was finished with my Smirnoff beer I asked her if she would let me fuck her with the bottle. Guess what? The bitch obliged!!! I will never forget how her pussy juices started to fill the bottle as I penetrated. It was truly a sight. Anyway, its late, I'm horney and thought I would share with my readers some of the pictures I was skimming through while I played with my pussy.........Enjoy, I sure am.

S/O to: Ass, Ass and MORE Ass!!!!  I fucking love this website!!!!

This is a serious Botty!Heavy Botty!Hammer Botty!Lovely Botty!Serious Botty!Bubble Botty!Serious Botty!
Mango Botty!
Healthy Botty!
Serious Booty!Her lower half is not playing!


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