Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cart or Basket? Which One Do/Can you fill??

I was on twitter earlier today checking out my timeline (follow me @ninaniagraraw) and Mrs. Meeka Claxton from Basketball Wives 3 said "Y do I always get a basket.. Knowing I need a cart!" (follow her @meekaclaxton) I responded " because your trying to have some self control & you figure the basket will assist w/that. " I immediately realized that I need to elaborate on that and address this on my blog. As simple as you may see it, that statement is truly symbolic of many of our lives today. We restrict ourselves to what can fit in "the basket" and not allowing ourselves to "fill a cart." This can be interpreted a few different ways. One can argue, "If I get a cart, it will encourage me to pick up shit I don't need." or "A cart will encourage me to buy things with money I don't have." Let me clarify the angle I am approaching this illustration from. I understand both of the arguments given. I am not speaking of the literal cart or basket, but more so the figurative. Ladies we need to step up our fucking game and start speaking into existence larger blessing that will fill a cart not a basket.

Basket Filler: This is your typical woman that looks unto others for acceptance of herself. She chases after societies perception of what should make her happy. She allows men to fill up her head with promises and makes life altering decisions based on these promises/lies. Biggest flaw of a "basket filler," not learning from her mistakes. Her limitations are self inflicted. She surrounds herself with enablers and "basket fillers" themselves. She's superficial, has a low self esteem and is a doormat for almost everyone in her life. She is her own worst enemy. Never pushing her boundaries and allowing her self to maximize on her true potential. She continues to make decisions that dig deeper and deeper holes in her life. Making it more difficult to ever bounce back. So it is no surprise when given the option to get a cart or a basket, she chooses the basket because that is what she thinks of herself and how she approaches life. Pessimistic with no drive, motivation, desire or foresight to envision anything more for herself, outside of what fits in that small restricting basket.

Cart Filler: This bitch walks in a room and without saying a word her presence screams: " I have arrived mother fuckers! Love me or hate me, I don't give a fuck. I will always and forever continue to do me. Limitations? What limitations? What does that word even mean? Anything you can do I can do better. I know my worth and with or without your acceptance I will succeed in anything and everything. I ask questions. I learn from my mistakes and I am ten steps ahead of you because I pay attention to the mistakes of others as well. I am 100+% on my own, a man/woman in my life is not an enhancement or requirement to my completion." A cart filler continues to challenge themselves and is inspired by growth and development. They are adventurous and will do what it takes to maximize on their potential. They surround themselves with like minded people and DO NOT settle for mediocrity. On a daily basis they speak into existence greatness and are fully aware that their blessings could NEVER fit into a basket.

Harsh but true reality.

Which one are you?

S/O to Meeka from BBW3. Thanks for the topic....Make sure you guys follow her on twitter @meekaclaxton.

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