Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Bitches, niggas, whores, sluts, ladies, gents, playas and the haters, did you mother fucking miss me???!!!! OMG, I missed you guys terribly!!!! I see that you haven't forgotten about me. Appreciate all the emails, text messages and letters. I have the best and most loyal fans ever!!!! Nina had to handle some business. Now that things are a little more leveled I can get back to doing what I enjoy...writing about My Life: Raw, Real & All the Way Live!!!! Alot has went down over these past few months and I cant wait to share. Also, I will continue my journal entries of " Diary of a Female Pimp." How have you guys been doing? Any new shit going on with you? Make sure you hit me up with any special requests or "Ask Nina" questions, you know I am ALWAYS here for you mother fuckers.

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