Monday, May 20, 2013

FYI: I Fucking Love You & I Love Fucking You

Your hips, your eyes ,your thighs, the scent of your vagina I find comfort in how much she me.

I cant begin to describe how beautiful you are......... to me and how you make me feel when I inhale you........ betray you???!

No my darling never see, you hold the key to a door sealed with cement, mucilage and tar.......Far from the comprehensions of unconditional love...... far from the comprehensions of the purity represented by a dove........ far from the comprehensions of just wanting to be with me, for me.

You see.....this good ass pussy I have can be quite a distraction....many have tried but yet failed to resist the infectious attraction. With your fingers so long and precise in there touch........just the mere thought cripples me with an electrifying rush.

Our bodies move even more methodically  than a Carl Thomas track, sex so earth moving the aftershock could cause a Lauren  Hill come-back.
The "Miseducation"album wont compare to her new songs....all brought the love we share.

Now baby I think I need to come clean with my intentions..... as much as I enjoy reminiscing about our love I would be remiss if I did not pay homage to our rampant sex conventions. From this word convention I pull the synonym "assemblage"  with focus on how masterfully you maneuver your 9 inch appendage. I love the fact that our sex has no boundaries or limitations and while with others menstruation's mean stop.......with us its an invitation.  I love tossing your salad as I simultaneously play with your pussy, exchanging between sucking on those double D breast and licking you from behind, gasping for air as your perfectly sculpted ass grips my face.....I love how you taste, I love how you smell, I love how you feel, your moaning makes me cum.

 I see your fan club trying very hard to make themselves relevant and to them I say...... BITCH you do not intimidate me. Be content in your role and never lose sight that in my hands I hold.......the power, to mother fucking erase you. Replace you is what I did, so easily of you I was able to rid...... word of advice..... don't EVER lose site of who's BOSS.
I digress off these hoes and my apologies baby for taking it there..... but I had to make it clear that I'm here and by the powers invested in me.... I am not going ANY,  mother fucking where.

 Now come get this pussy.....lean me over the couch, arch my back, spread my legs and insert. Dont divert from the task at hand......from you I command nothing but the best. From you I expect nothing but the best. From you I get nothing but the best and from this pussy contains orgasms you will achieve that will be nothing.....but....the best.

In the words of Lady Saw "I wanna fuck you with my heels on."........Oh but wait, I already have. Do you remember the first time? It was shortly upon the return from your annual trip that was clearly sub par and left you famished for the extascy and intensity that can ONLY be exhanged amongst you and I. Always imitated but never duplicated baby, a lesson you clearly had to learn on your own.

Its taken us some time but dammit baby it was so worth the wait......I think we made it....... and I......... fucking....... love you!