Monday, January 31, 2011

ASK NINA: Is it Fare???!!! Nigga Please!!!!!

Is it fare to men when women where push-up bras, butt pads, fake eye lashes, etc.?

I know that you are not suppose to answer a question with a question but are you fucking serious? Maybe the word "fare" isn't the right word to use but let us be real here for a moment. Push up bras, butt pads, fake eyelashes and weave are all temporary enhancements/accessories that men can clearly see are not real. A true "breast" man knows when its a whole lotta pushing going on in a bra to give the little bit of cleavage she may have. As for the women that may be trying to support some sagging breast. More often than not, her breast aren't the only obvious things sagging or not up to par on her body. When you go to a fruit market and you look into a barrel of apples, you have options. Some men like a Granny Smith Apple, some men may prefer a Mcintosh and some may prefer a Golden Delicious. If you are not sure what kind of apple you have you can either ask or feel for yourself. However, at the end of the day you know you're getting an apple. Now, lets address the real issue at hand. The devious, deceptive, coercive, manipulating shit that men throw on the table should damn near be illegal. A woman can go to the fruit store looking for a grape and a few months later she realizes she now has a watermelon. If it was just a matter of them stuffing there pants, wearing a toupee, shoes that make them look taller or even flashy clothing. I can live with that. Nope! Not these mother fuckers. They have completely created an entire character with a bullshit storyline to go with it just for the sake of some pussy.

Here are some of the common ones:

Story: I'm not married/don't have a girlfriend
Truth: Married/living with girlfriend that pays most of the bills

Story: I don't have any kids
Truth: Several baby mommas spread across the country and he takes care of NONE of them.

Story: Pulls up in a nice luxury car and says its his
Truth: Belongs to his mom, suga momma, girlfriend or one of his boys

Story: He has a girl but there is just something about you that makes him ready to leave his woman.
Truth: He's engaged to his woman and actively planning a wedding/ they are working on having a baby and he's told the same bullshit line to all of the women he's slept with in the 7 years he's been with his girl.

Story: He owns his own record label and is currently working with xyz artist/travels all over the world and that's why he's always so busy and may not be able to always take your calls.
Truth: He works for UPS and doesn't even have a CD changer in his 2002 Toyota Corolla. He has a crazy baby mother that he lives with who beats his ass and will forever hate/not trust him because he gave her crabs.

Story: He's mom is living with him or he's living with his mom so he can "help her out.".
Truth: Thats the house he grew up in and the mother fucker never left. If you ask his mom, she's been trying to kick him out since 1999.

Thats just to name a few. I can write a book on the stories I have heard. So to answer your question: "Is it fare to men when women wear push-up bras, butt pads, fake eye lashes, etc?"

Answer: Hell Fucking Yeah!!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ASK NINA:Falling In Love; How Does That Shit REALLY Work Itself Out??!!

A very interesting question came across my path this week from one of my male readers:

Nina, how soon is too soon to feel like you are falling in love with someone?

Unknown to most women, men fall in love at first sight even more frequently than do women. "The experts" say that "within the first fifteen seconds, a woman will have decided (sub-consciously) if she will give a guy a chance to try to make her fall in love or not." In the same amount of time, a man will have decided if he is "turned' on by how a woman looks or not. Men are very visual creatures and this will always be what grabs there attention first, that initial attraction. What is important to realize is that the answer to this question will change with age. The more a man is comfortable with himself and his ability to provide for a woman, the more he may seek a permanent mate instead of playing bedroom hopscotch. (in most cases) The answer to this question can also vary based on upbringing. What did this man see growing up when it comes to women? I remember a friend of mine in high school used to always tell me his dads motto on women was, "women ain't nothing but bitches and hoes." Go figure, some 15+ years later he is still not in a stable relationship and unlike Jay Z, he has "99 problems and a bitch IS one." My advice if you have those strong feelings for a woman, tell her. Hold back a little, don't go overboard and start speaking about marriage. Let her know you are interested in her much more than the rest and you would like to see where the relationship goes. Honesty in situations like that is always a good thing. Leave that "being hard" and "I'm a G" mentality in high school where it started. A smart woman will also pay more attention to your actions versus your words. So make sure the two are consistent. Telling her you have these feelings but not calling for a few days, or not making an effort to see her and do things to make her feel special, will send mixed signals and push her away. If you really feel like she is special and may be "the one," my advice is to Govern Yourself Accordingly.
So how soon is too soon?: Don't dismiss your emotions. Proceed with caution. Remember, if as a man you're thinking this may be potential "wifey" it is important to take time and look past the initial attraction. As you know that shit wears off and even the baddest of bitches seem average after awhile. Take some time and jot down a few traits important to you in a life partner, that has nothing to do with her physical. When you think you have a possible candidate, start looking for some of these traits. (don't tell her what they are because you want to make sure she is genuine) Don't look for perfection, just strive for a good LONG TERM match. Most importantly, take time to DATE her. If you do these things and are honest with yourself, you will know in due time if it was love that you are/were falling for or lust.

Ladies FYI:
Men typically have three stages they go through when "falling in love."
The first stage is instant, fast and furious: A man will have decided if he is turned on by how a woman looks. Sad but true fact. No matter how much we would like to believe we can simply appreciate human beings for their character rather than for their looks, nature has programmed our brains to "select out and respond to stimuli as sexually compelling or repelling simply based on good reproductive sense." In Layman's terms; who is best suited to carry on our gene, and legacy. Ladies we are not exempt from this rule of thumb. We use visual, emotional and safety (including financial) cues to "assess a man's desirability." Point blank, can this mother fucker make me feel good and handle his responsibilities? #amen Don't get it twisted though ladies this first stage, is pure sexual chemistry. At this stage you are still dispensable and interchangeable.You're still just another woman in the pack, and he is still very much attracted to several other women at the same time. Even though this stage is primarily based on "animal" instinct, it does not mean it is not very important. How physically attractive a man finds you determines how much time he'll want to spend with you, and later in the relationship "looks' confirm to him again and again why he finds you attractive. Hence the reason it is so important to take pride in your appearance throughout your relationship. You want this man to forever desire you the way he did when you guys first met.
The second stage is when he begins to see you as unique and special:
He may still be visually attracted to other women but there is just something about you and it is driving him nuts. Bitch, whatever it is you're doing is making him feel more energized just by being around you, which in turn makes him feel good about himself and about life in general. Here is where he begins to mark his territory. He pays more attention to your needs, spends more time with you and starts to get over protective when other men try to make a move. If you are with a guy who still wants to keep it "an open" relationship and does not mind you dating other guys, then he still has not reached this stage yet and its pointless to over invest in the relationship.

The third stage is when he has convinced himself that he is a happier and more fulfilled person with you in his life: He feels he is with the right woman at the right time, and at this stage, you will not even be asking the question "Is he in love with me?" because you will know. His actions will be consistent with his words. He will have NO problem telling you how he really feels.  He is attracted to you enough to want to "settle down". One things for sure ladies, at this stage you've officially reached "wifey" status.  Don't get lazy or sloppy, I know and have seen how some of you bitches do. You have to keep that man intrigued. I often chuckle to myself when I walk into a married couples home and damn near can't recognize the woman I am standing in front of, compared to the wedding pictures on the wall. If you pay attention, you will notice the women your man may look at or even step out on, is often a reflection of who you once were. Fuck the "I had kids" excuse!! Accept it for what it is, a damn excuse. Your a lazy bitch and you need to get it together.

I hope this information was helpful to my guys and my women. If you have anything to add or disagree on anything I may have said......
Hit me up and I'll let you know if I give a Ya!!
Shout out to Christine A. for some of the great info......
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Diary of a Female Pimp: Chapter 5 "At The Ritz Carlton With My Bitches. Our 1st Gig!"

The guest would be arriving at The Ritz Carlton Suite in 2 days. "Mr.Black Card" was very pleased with my menu of demands in preparation for them and had already provided me with the down payment to have things set up. The guest of course had very expensive taste and along with providing entertainment, I decided to keep my "business" well rounded by providing a fully catered evening as well. Food, drinks and "party favors." I rented a separate 3 bedroom, ocean front suite for the night and made arrangements with the Ritz kitchen for the catering. According to "Mr.Black Card", Cocaine and Marijuana were the "party favors" of choice. They take hits the entire night and it was very important that they did not run out. (shout out to my boy for holding me down that night and being available on demand. *u know who u are*) My main attractions were Honey, Alize, Karen, Barbie & Phoenix. I decided to throw in an extra girl to ensure that there would always be someone on the small stage I had set up in the living room area. They had to be stimulated from the time they walked in until the end of the night. I also borrowed 3 of the cocktail waitresses from the club that I had grown fond of and trusted, to be the servers and bartenders. My shit was looking pretty tight! Finally, the morning of the party had arrived. I called all of my girls to make sure everybody was on the same page and would be on time. It was important that I briefed them on the rules for the evening as well as giving them a bio of the clients. What they liked to do; Who was the breast man; Which one liked anal; Which one was into feet; Who drank what; Which client I had them in mind for, etc... I had also purchased some uniforms for my waitresses. French maid outfits and they were ULTRA sexy. The gentleman would be waiting to hear from me around 5:30pm advising them of the room number and the party was to kick off around 7:00pm. I checked into the room around 4:00pm and all of my girls were with me by 5:00pm. I will never forget how gorgeous the view was from that room. The water was tranquil and the breeze filled the room with the aroma from the beach. I was getting a little bit nervous and replaying in my head how I would handle worst case scenario. What if we got busted? What if more than the arranged amount of men showed up and tried to rape myself and my girls? What was I thinking? Why didn't I bring protection or hire a bodyguard? I don't know how, with all of this preparation to make this evening so perfect I could forget the most important thing. I quickly scrambled through my phonebook to see who I could call. These girls trusted me and there was no way I could let them down with something as important as this. I stepped outside on the balcony to get some privacy, I didn't want them to know how panicked I was. The first phone call I made was to one of my fuck buddies that was a promoter in Miami. I knew he wouldn't be too far because he had a party that night. I told him that a few girlfriends of mine were hanging in the area, I didn't know some of the guys and wanted him to keep his phone close just in case anything popped off. He always walked with a licensed gun so after hanging up from him I felt a little bit better. I went back in side and began the inspection of my girls. I don't know why I felt I needed to do this. I figured, if these guys are going to be all up in every possible crevice on these girls, I need to make sure there is nothing there to disgust them. I had everyone strip naked and lay on the bed. I will admit that I was getting my own bit of satisfaction from having these gorgeous women naked and spread eagle on the bed. Especially Honey! She was such a flirt when it came to me and made sure I took my time in examing her body. She looked at me intently as she took my fingers and placed them between her pussy lips. It was so wet and smelled so sweet. I was tempted to taste but had to quickly remind myself of her proffession. I was never one for playing Russian Roulette. I checked around there breast, under there arms, behind there ears, made sure there pussies were cleanly waxed. I had asked that they get full body waxes a few days before to ensure they were as clean as a whistle. No chewing gum, NEVER discuss money, no cursing during conversations only when engaging in sex and manage your liquor intake. We created codes between the girls and the waitresses so they would know when to go light on the drinks for them or if they were feeling uncomfortable. We had substitute batches of cocaine that was actually powder. This was so the girls could use that instead of the cocaine or when they reached there limit. It was 6:50pm and the clients would be here in 10 minutes. The food was ready, my bartender was ready, the party favors were on deck, the cocktail waitresses were ready and the music was right. I poured each of my girls a glass of champagne and lined my bitches up in the front.(I got that idea from the Bunny Ranch show on HBO) At 7:00pm on the eye, I hear a knock at the door. My heart drops to my stomach. This is it, there is no turning back now. It's do or die at this point. I place my hand on the doorknob, turn to my girls, give them a wink and say:

"Lets make this fucking money."

To be continued........

If you've missed the first 5 chapters and want to catch up, click on the "Diary of a Female Pimp" link up top or on the bottom of this post.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ms.Black Diamond Dicks: She Does The Fucking!!!

So my gay friend has been telling me about this chick that is getting pretty famous on the Internet for fucking "straight"  and gay boys with a strap on. I just had to see this for myself and OMG!!! This bitch is serious. I'm almost ready to sign up and have her fuck me!!! She is NO joke and has the smack talk to go with it. This post is not for everyone. I want to warn you before you click on the link....It is VERY GRAPHIC!!!  For the ones brave enough to watch, I wanna know what you think? What was going through your head? Did it turn you on? Gay boys, would you let a bitch fuck you with a strap on like that?
Ms.Black Diamond Dicks in action!!!    <<<<<<<<Click Link

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He Fucked Me Like a Reggae Concert

Ladies, I had the esteemed privilege of having my shit beat down the other night by a true island man. Dick was so good I'm beginning to believe they are extinct. I haven't had my pussy handled that well since 99' bitches. The perfect combination of a good pussy fit, amazing stamina and rhythm of a reggae concert. This guy has been my "boo" for some time but due to his job's heavy travel demands, I haven't had an opportunity to really enjoy a session with him. The first time we had sex was in 2001, right before I made the permanent move to the South. He was already living here but we've known each other since my NY days. I've always been attracted to him but we just never had a chance to link up. When we first did it in 01' he was amazing then as well. Problem is some years passed after that one time and the memories of that event slowly faded. Hallelujah for the reconnection! We have been "hooking up" now on and off for a little over 6 months and he is NEVER a disappointment, but this last time bitches!!!! Holy shit, my nigga buss di pum pum inna two! I will say this is probably the longest stretch we have had without seeing each other and according to him, he "long fi see me." It started out with our usual pecking and touching on each other. I love a man with freckles and he has just the right amount on his face right below his gorgeous brown eyes. He has an entire DJ set in his house and his property is big enough that his neighbors don't hear when its blasting. So he puts on a nice reggae mix with some slow jams and a few dance hall hits as well. I swear this man made a soundtrack for the sex we were about to have because all of the songs blended perfectly with what was going on. I sit by him and play in his hair as he rolls our joint and glances at me from time to time. I hate giving him full eye contact because I find myself falling deeper and deeper for him with every look. I think he knows it too. When he finishes rolling he lights it up and puts it between my lips. I take a long, hard pull and immediately feel that calming sensation. By the next pull he starts to grab my waist and slowly unbutton my pants. With every inhale a piece of my clothing is removed. By the time I am completely naked I am also high as a fucking kite. My ladies that smoke, you know how horny that shit makes you. I was about ready to destroy this man. He kisses me on my neck and then softly on my nipples while his fingers rub on my clit. All of this while we are still in his kitchen. I don't know when he slipped out his dick or put on the condom but all of a sudden, he lifts me on the counter, I brace my legs on the fridge behind him and he enters. I give a loud moan and dig my nails into his back. His strokes were so perfect, well timed and filling. My pussy was so wet that you could hear every stroke go in. I was in heaven! My body was overwhelmed with the sensations and watching him slide in and out my pussy. He would increase his speed from time to time and made sure to get ALL the corners. He then turned me over, lifted my right leg and fucked the pussy from that angle. My moans turned into dirty chat. I dared him to fuck me harder. Well, it was very clear that he was ready to take on that challenge and almost took it personally. He picked me up and walked me through EVERY single room in that house downstairs nailing the fuck outta me. When we made it to the couch, my nigga decided to really put my flexibility to the test. After about 45 minutes to an hour of this, he finally cums. Pooped and ready for a little nap, I got up to go an use the bathroom. On my way back, (not even 5 minutes) as I pass by the fireplace, he grabs me. "Me nuh done, where u a go?" Not done??!!! Are you serious???!! Before I could even dispute his advance, my nigga picks me up and puts me on the stairs, ass up and damn near on my head. He plowed my pussy all the way up the 17 stairs, (yes I counted) straight to the loft in front of his bedroom. He slowed down and gave me some easy strokes for a moment, but quickly went back to the regularly scheduled program. We somehow ended up in his bedroom where he served my pussy a serious dish of dick on his bed. Eventually, after another hour and a half of fucking me all over his bedroom, he came for the second time. My knees buckled and my legs wouldn't even give me the option to move. He lays next to me and says, "Nina fi u pussy dangerous, she cyah done. As hard as me a try fi dun are she jus naw buck." Done it??!! Nigga you were trying to done it??!! I respond: "This pussy never backs down from a challenge, bitch you better google me!"

It was at that moment......Round three began!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kicking It With KB: Does Size Really Matter???

For centuries, we have asked this question, and for years we have gotten mixed answers. And the saga continues…. Many women say that if your dick is not bigger than 9 inches, they won’t fuck with you. I found out recently that the days of women wanting a “Mandingo” 12 inch dick may in fact be over. At least that’s what I gathered by the words that I have heard in the last few weeks. The average dick is 7 inches long. I don’t know a woman that will say that’s enough for them. I have found that women will be happy with 8-9.5 inches of dick and 3-5 inches in girth. Even though there are women that can take those monster ass dicks, most niggas don’t have them. So I have been told. Being that some men are concerned about how big their dicks are, ladies you have to be honest with these men. If he dosen't stack up for you please tell him. I laugh every time I talk to a lady friend and she talks about a nigga who swore he was packing and he didn’t have shit. Most of the women I know would rather have an average length, but extra thick dick because it hits all walls of the pussy. Knowing how to use the dick is more important than the size, because if you know how to hit a womans g- spot, she wont care how big your dick is.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to ask a nigga to show his dick. We are proud of them and will show them to just about any woman that wants to see it. We will send emails, picture msgs, and even pull it out for you to see in person. Even if you're not going to fuck him, ask him and 100% of the time he will show and tell. But ladies, understand if you get the live tour we expect to get a nut some kind of way. Jack his dick for him, suck it, or fuck it. Whichever you wanna do. We will not be mad at all. If you want to see a nigga dick get as big as possible, just grab it and stroke it a bit. You will feel it flex in your hand allowing you to take the time to inspect the dick, check for blemishes, sores or anything else. Treat it like you're shoe shopping. Hold it up next to your outfit and see how it looks on your skin. Look at it from all angles. Every man thinks he has the biggest and best dick in the world. As soon as ya’ll realize every man ain’t built like Justin Slayer and Jack Napeir, you will getthe good quality dick that will fill that pussy just right.

I have a few things to say about this post, stay tuned. -Nina

Friday, January 14, 2011

In The News: Ophiuchus, The New Astrological Sign for Sagittarians!???!!!!

It's been on the news and blowing up the twitter airways that the Astrological signs have changed. Apparently, I'm not a Sag anymore? Something to do with the earths rotation. Well here is some information I was able to dig up on our new sign:

"The constellation Ophiuchus represents a man wrestling a serpent, dividing the snake's body in two parts. It is the only sign of the zodiac linked to real men, sharing traits with Imhotep, a 27th century BCE Egyptian doctor, and biblical Joseph. Like Imhotep, Ophiuchus is considered a healer of men and a doctor of medicine or science. He seeks higher education and enlightenment. He is expected to achieve a high position in life.Like Joseph, he is an interpreter of dreams and vivid premonitions. He is envied by his peers and favored by his father and authority figures.Now all you new Ophiciuchi can move beyond your identity crises."
So what do you think? Still describes us well Sagittarians?? I'm sure there will be more characteristic breakdowns soon. However, until then I'm a #Sag4Life baby!!!

New Zodiac Table:

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In The News: Celebs & There Sexuality....Poor Omarion!!

I really strive to stay away from the celebrity gossip because that's not what Nina is about. There are thousands of other blogs you can go to, to keep up with that shit. My blog is about me, my interest and being able to interact with like minded people. When I do speak on something in the gossip world, it's usually because I am intrigued or find interest in it. I think we sometimes forget that these celebrities while in the limelight, enjoying all the fame and fortune are still human. I preface with this because I feel it is a simple yet forgotten fact. While on twitter the other day, I noticed a few gossip bloggers pumping news on Omarion coming out of the closet and officially saying he was "bi-sexual." Very shortly thereafter Omarion sends this tweet:
My thing is this, Why does it matter? Does it take away from his talent as an artist? What or whom someone chooses to do in there bedroom is never considered acceptable table conversation unless it involves homosexuality. We feel this a free pass to judge and condemn. Homosexuality is no different a sin from fornication and adultery #fact. As much as we may find it hard to believe, these are there jobs. As with any job we may choose to keep certain parts of our lives private. Its not logical to think we don't have homosexuals in the hip hop and R&B community. Statistically, some of the most talented and successful people in any and most careers are gay. During my time in corporate America, when I walked into those doors I entered my stage. I became the character I needed to be to survive in that world. I pretended to like people I couldn't stand and attended events I wouldn't normally go. I had a separate wardrobe and at one point even separate cars to go to my job. Its what people do! When you think about it, all that people are really beefing over when it comes to gays is that they can't stomach or understand how another man can have a sexual desire to fuck another man in the ass or be intimate. As well as some people can't understand how a woman can possibly live without a dick and put her mouth on another woman's vagina. My response to that is: "Stay the fuck outta my bedroom."

I look forward to the day when one of these idolized, sex symbol, male, hip hop or R&B artist blows the fucking lid off this gay taboo in the industry. Its going to be pandemonium!!!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nina's Response 2 KB: Men Lie, Women Lie, Numbers Don't

Dirty little slut bucket, cheap ass hooker hoars!!! I couldn't believe it when I read "Kicking it With KB's" post on the "numbers game." Bitches!! Are you serious???!! Have you really made it that easy for these motherfuckers. Depreciation of the motherfucking pussy is in full effect and in abundance. Really ladies?! You are fucking these niggas straight from the club???! Dirty Bitch!! I am embarrassed and ashamed. Don't get it twisted, I love me some dick just as much if not more as the next bitch. However, something I have never lost in my plight of freakiness is my damn self respect. As for you "GP" tricks. The ones KB categorised as the "guaranteed pussy" because they are young and just want to party and have fun. I personally think you are the most to blame for this fuckry. Living in the clubs and getting loose over a few drinks. Is that what you're worth? What's even scarier is that many of these woman are having unprotected sex. These men poke there penis in them raw and then bring that infestation home. *Deep Sigh* I have a headache right now. We have got to put a stop to this and make a change in 2011. Unfortunately, the ratio is a true statistic. There is alot of us than there is of them. This does not mean we have to just give our shit away. One of my readers left a comment saying: "we independent women sometimes just want a great fuck and don't give a fuck about a relationship. I'm looking for "Mr. Right Now" that can make the pussy sing and keep it coming." Bitch I hear that!! Trust me I know what you mean with that one. As a matter of fact those are my sentiments exactly. However, as with everything else in your life there is always a plethora of ways you can go about doing it. I'll use a promotion as an example. As women we have the "power of the pussy" to fuck our way to the top. It's a well known fact in the corporate world. This method is quick and requires the least amount of "work." There are a few downsides to that method. One, the shelf life of your career is never usually that long because at some point you will meet up on someone that does not want to fuck you. They will challenge your true abilities to do the job and shut you down. Second, your self respect. When your eyes meet the back of your eyelids at night, you have to deal with those feelings on your own. Now I know there are some real gutter bitches out there that say they don't give a fuck. Let me tell you this, even those hoes care. They just may not share these feelings with you. I bring this back to us freaks and wanting that good sex on the regular. Don't sell your soul to get it. Have standards, make a nigga work for it a little. I think alot of women hide behind the whole " oh I just wanna fuck" mentality because that's the only kind of attention they get from men. So they justify that trend of thought in there minds. They convince themselves that "I just wanted to fuck anyway." The truth behind those feelings are that most women do want companionship/relationship. Of course we want that mind blowing sex, but we would prefer to have it with someone we can connect with on more than that level. Dating and finding a mate is truly a job itself. Probably one of the most important things we do in our life. It can be tiresome and disappointing. Hence the reason we are in this predicament. I urge you ladies to make a change. We have to turn this around and show this next generation of women that is does not have to be this way. Parents raising young men, before these niggas start slinging cock to the world talk to them. Show them the value in having a good woman and how to foster a healthy relationship.

As for you my darling KB...bust a million nutz on that BiYatch!!!!! *wink*

Monday, January 10, 2011

Kicking It With KB: Men Lie, Women Lie but Numbers Don’t!

Now it’s 2011 and everybody is on there own shit about who and how many people they can fuck. WHO CARES! Somebody asked me why men cheat. I say, it’s simple numbers. Women outnumber men in crazy amounts. We gonna break it down real quick so you know how easy it is. I been around the block a few times and this is how I see it:

The ratio of women to men is 10:1 (That’s ten to one for those who didn’t pass math class). So with 10 women to one man, you have to automatically remove two of them because they are hardcore lesbians, and you will NEVER get that pussy. So give up! Now take away one more because this chick is ugly as sin and you wouldn’t fuck her with a strap-on. That leaves seven chances to get some pussy. Of the seven, three of them are so into their career that they don’t see a nigga that ain’t at NBA baller status. These are the Stoosh bitches. Of the four remaining, you have, the “Independent Chick”, that dosen't need a nigga for shit and you don’t wanna heat that bullshit. Then the Single mom, that’s really cool and you vibe but she got baby daddy drama. Also the young chick that don’t wanna do nothing but party and fuck. We call her “GP” (Guaranteed Pussy). Last but not least you have the “I’m ready to have a real man in my life and settle down chick." So we get numbers and talk and text with all but the Stoosh Bitch. Now with the final three, you're almost guaranteed to fuck two of them. The question is which one do you keep. The young chick is a keeper, simply because she only needs you to come by and chill after she finishes with class. Smoke one and beat the pussy up. To avoid baby daddy drama, we keep single mom at a distance. So we fucking Youngin’ and the Relationship ready chick. And even from time to time you may get to fuck the single mom. All in all, It’s too many bitches in the world for you not to be getting pussy. Your game dosen't even have to be tight. I find that out of 10 women, you gonna fuck at least 3 of them. That’s not bad! I tell you what, go to the club and ask 10 women if they wanna fuck after the club. Three of them are going to be down and two of them are going to be looking for you outside. Now you have to decide who looks like a better fuck.
Some may say I'm wrong for saying that, but in a numbers game, you CANT lose! So nigga get ya numbers up and get pussy in 2011. I promise this is the year of the Million Nuts Busted.

-Another banging post from my newest #teamNina member KB, the male perspective. I think Nina may have to respond to this one I have some shit to say on this topic. *smdh*

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kicking It With KB: She said, “Look Ma, No hands!”

Hey fam it's Nina!
I have been searching high and low for a man with the same rawness as myself to give you the "male perspective" on my topics. As well as lend a few of his own. I want to formally introduce you to one of the newest members of #teamNina....

"Kicking it With KB" 

Now we all have heard the Waka Flacka song and we see how many females on Facebook have put it in their names and status. So the question to ask is how many women like sucking dick with or without using their hands. I asked a few of my friends and we have come to a few conclusions. Most of the men I know said they prefer a woman to use her hands when she's sucking the dick because then she can stroke it. It gives a rush like no other to see a woman get down and grab the dick and stroke few times right before she puts it in her mouth. That is some sexy shit right there! No hands is cool too, but we love it when she holds it. No hands can be dangerous for those women who don’t really know what they doing. Fuck around and lose control of the dick, especially a big one.To appease the song and my curiosity, I asked a girl while she sucked my dick to move her hands. I must be honest, It wasn’t as attractive. You need hands to do the best shit. Hold it while you lick from base to head, and to play with the balls for those that like that.

My Ladies! Go home, get down, grab the dick you sucking and stroke it while you suck it. Don’t forget to spit on it like a porn star too. We love that shit. If you don’t use your hands, you better start because if somebody else grab that dick and grab it right, you will be out of a job. Just remember this ladies, “Suck a dick, and save a life.”

Friday, January 7, 2011

Diary of a Female Pimp: Chapter 4 "Let's Talk Business Sir"

As I am waking up from probably one of my most eventful 24hour periods, I can't help but pinch myself. What I experienced was something I may have read about or saw in a movie. To actually live it was surreal. I leaned over and reached for the pants I had on and pulled out Mr. Black Cards note. "Doing business with me further." I still didn't know how to interpret that. I almost wanted to think it was a setup but strayed from that thought because of the things that I knew actually went down in that room. If he was an undercover would he go through all of that? I jumped in the shower and got myself ready for what would be a late breakfast. I needed to get use to this schedule. Sleeping during the day and up all hours of the night. I grabbed my laptop and headed to IHOP. While ordering my meal, I kept staring at the note. Should I call? I dial his number and after 3 rings he picks up. I introduce myself, ask for him and as I am about to remind him of who I was he stops me. "Nina, how could I forget you. I am glad you called." He then asks me if I would be free for lunch the next day to chat. "Nina, the sensitivity of our conversation and the fact that I want to see your pretty face again leads me to be more comfortable with that." I was hesitant, but felt if he lets me pick a spot it would be ok. I decided to not tell him the location until the last minute. As I put down my phone, it starts to rings. It was Honey, she was in the area and wanted to know what I was doing, so I invited her for breakfast and to pick her brain on Mr. Black Card. I had an idea that whatever Mr. Black Card wanted would involve Honey. I told her that I would be meeting with him tomorrow and wondered if she would be interested in seeing him privately if the conversation came up. She was more than happy with the idea and said that her Brazilian friends from the club were interested in working with me as well. "Working with me?" They were impressed that on my first day I was able to land such a big gig for Honey and wanted me to know that any client I had for them would always take priority over what they are doing. It took me a bit to process what they were saying but I kept the gesture under advisement. Honey and I parted ways that afternoon and I went home to prepare for an evening out with my girlfriends. The next day arrived and as I started to get ready for my lunch date, Mr. Black Card called. He wanted to know where I decided to meet up for lunch. I chose an outside cafe right in the middle of South Beach on Ocean Dr. Seeing him in the daylight was actually quite a surprise. He didn't seem that attractive at the club but was pretty decent in person. We sat down and he looked at me with this huge smile. "Nina, my Nina. I can tell you are a business woman and a very savvy one at that." I responded, "Really? what makes you say that?" (playing dumb of course because at this point in my life I hadn't worked for a few years because of "savvy" business investments.) He tells me, "its a feeling. How you carry yourself. I can tell you are confident with your words and actions." I smiled and opted to get to the business at hand. " So what kind of business were you looking to have me be apart of, how can I help you?" He begins to tell me that he has some business partners all over the world that travel to Miami often. Whenever they come they usually get call girls for a weekend and have a good time. However, most recently one of them got caught up in a sting and they are afraid to try that service again. He advised me that these clients being happy is extremely important to his business. If they don't come as often as they did it hurts his pockets. He said he feels as though I would be able to safely make these arrangements for him and maintain the privacy and discresion he would need. The clients were looking to come this side of town within the next 2 weeks and would be staying at the Ritz Carlton in Miami Beach. This trip would only be 3 clients,so he said he wanted at least 3 girls for the weekend. At this point in the conversation I was in complete disbelief. Is this shit really about to go down??! I immediately thought about the conversation I had with Honey the day before and her girlfriends being anxious to "work with me." Towards the end of our lunch he tells me that he understands this is kind of on the spot, so he will give me a few days to gather my thoughts and tell him the costs. He gave specifications on the kind of girls they liked and the kind of things these girls had to be open to doing. I quickly shifted into business mode and assured him I would have a complete menu within the next 48-72 hours. He seemed pleased with my answer and we ended our lunch date. On my way back to the car I called Honey. She didn't answer, so I left her a message telling her to call me as soon as possible. My mind was going a million miles a minutes. I had so many questions, I was confused, excited and surprised at how seamlessly I was handling this. I've always been a paper chaser and open to a variation of ways to get it, but THIS!!??!! This was on another level!! My phone rings, its Honey. As I answer, the only thing that I could put together and say at that moment was, "are you ready to make this fucking money? Without skipping a beat she replies, "Always Mammi, let's do it!"

Those words made my pussy tremble then leak.....Hey, what can I say? Money makes me cum......*wink*

To Be Continued.......

If you've missed the first four chapters click on the link "Diary of a female Pimp" up top or below to catch up

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Nina's Pussy Dilemma: Fun in the Sun Part 2 of 2

As we are going through customs I find myself still in disbelief as to what just transpired. Did these women have plans for me that I wasn't aware of? When we boarded the ship and got our room, it was still quite early. We checked into our suite, freshened up and went upstairs for breakfast. The food was so good and all I could think of were the amount of calories I was about to consume. Having 12 Mamosa's (champagne and orange juice) at our table, about four each was really a "party starter." Once breakfast was done, we decided to walk around the boat and take a look at some of the amenities they had to offer. This didn't last very long though because we all had to be up at 4 in the morning to be at the port on time and were exhausted. When we went back to the room, Keesha and I decided to share a bed for the first half of the trip and let Trina have a bed to herself. I was a tad stressed out and didn't know how to handle this sleeping arrangement because I am one of those people that can not sleep in clothes. I opted for a midsized shirt and panties. As I get ready to tie up my hair and jump into the bed, the bathroom door opens and out comes Keesha in an xtra small shirt with an xtra small thong. This is a fucking setup!!! She catches me staring and gives me a half wink. Then she sarcastically says "I see you looking don't be trying to take my goodies." In my head I am thinking, how the hell am I going to be able to control my half drunk self from molesting this half naked woman in this half sized bed???" I give her a nervous laugh and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I come out, I see Trina on the bed next to ours with her legs dangling, in nothing but a purple and black thong. Her and Keesha were giggling about something and at this point I was feeling like such an outsider. When I jumped in the bed, Keesha gives me the side facing the wall. She smelled amazing and what threw me off guard even more was the faint smell of sex. If you don't know ladies, when you are horny your man can smell it. Its not an "odor" but a faint smell of your pussy juices kicked up about 2 or 3 notches. I should have known that something was about to go down. As I positioned myself to get comfortable, I noticed Keesha inching up her soft, caramel plump ass towards my stomach. My clit jumped! She then takes my hand and places it on her hips and says "its ok if you spoon me." At this point my pussy is pounding so hard and has well passed the "under control" phase. I say to her " I thought you told me to not take your goodies?" She responds, "I did say that, but your not taking them, I am giving them to you." Holy, mother fucking shit!!!! That was all the permission I needed, I immediately got on my knees and pulled off the shirt I was wearing, exposing my full 36D breast. She put her soft, red lips around my nipples as I began lifting off her shirt. I layed her on her back and removed her xtra small panties, threw them to the side and began kissing on her thighs. Her pussy smelled absolutely divine. I could feel my own juices begin dripping down my own legs and in the background hear a faint moan. It was Trina, she was playing with herself and watching us. I started kissing on Keeshas stomach and made my way to her rose colored nipples. She must have known this was going to happen because I tasted a sticky, sweet cherry flavored substance as I was sucking on them. Watching Trina play with herself and her breathing get heavier and heavier made the moment even more intense. As Keesha's moans started to get louder, I took my fingers and slowly slipped them into her completely saturated pussy. She let out a loud moan that only motivated me to finger fuck her even harder. By this time Trina made her way over to our bed and started kissing on Keesha's breast. Trina then took Keesha's hands and placed her fingers deep into her pussy. I'm finger fucking Keesha, Keesha is finger fucking Trina and Trina is having a ball sucking all over Keeshas breast and lips. By this time my pussy is beyond soaked and in dire need of some attention. I place my bottom half at just the right angle and motion for Trina to put her fingers inside me. Its almost more than I can handle! I want it harder and faster so I begin rocking my waste and fucking the hell outta Trina's fingers. All this smell of sweet pussy has me extremely thirsty, so I remove my fingers from Keesha's pussy and replace it with my mouth. Ecstasy!! She tasted as amazing as I knew she would and even a little better. I sunk my entire tongue into the opening of her pussy and as I came out, I hardened the tip of my tongue and played with her clit till I felt it get stiff. I stayed down there for as long as I could, until I felt someone pull on my dreads. It was Trina and she was ready for her turn. I began sucking on her pussy while she was standing up until her knees couldn't take it anymore and she layed down. While pleasing her pussy with my tongue, I put my fingers back into Keeshas pussy to make sure I finished what I started. I knew she was ready to cum so I hooked my finger on her G-Spot and beat it like a drum. At the same time I was firmly and slowly stimulating Trina's clit. I felt both of there breathing start to increase in speed, the moans were getting higher and higher. There hips were rocking faster and faster. Then, almost simultaneously they both let out a scream, shakes and then squirted. Trinas juices landed in my mouth and Keesha left a nice little puddle in my hand.

Damn....what a way to kick of my vacation.

Those pussies were no longer Nina's Dilemma......*wink*

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nina's Pussy Dilemma: Fun In The Sun Part 1 of 2

Trina, Keesha and I have been friends for over 10 years and have never had the opportunity to go on a vacation together. Life, kids, relationships and financial responsibilities always seemed to get in the way. We made a pack in the beginning of the year that we would not allow the year to end without making it happen. As December quickly approached I realized that the year had once again ran from right under my nose and this would possibly be another missed opportunity. I was determined to not allow this to happen again, so I went online and looked at deals for travel up until the 31st. My determination paid off! I would be spending New Years Eve weekend with my two favorite girls cruising to the gorgeous island of Jamaica. With the travel dates quickly approaching, I couldn't help wonder if this would be where the "to be continued" action that sparked some 5 years ago would eventually come full circle. As you already know, I am no stranger to the pleasures of playing in a womans lady flower. I have long since dabbled in those bed of roses and enjoy occasional romps whenever the opportunity presents itself. Keesha has been making gestures and hinting towards her curiosity for years. She knows how I get down and has even made mentions to her boyfriend around her desires. Her boyfriend, knowing me for almost as long, felt comfortable with the idea and signed off on her permission slip to play. To be honest, I was scared. Not scared of the pussy, but afraid of what this may do to our friendship. I valued the connection I had with my girl more than a quick nut. (well not quick, but you know what I mean) I decided to just not think about it and go with all intentions of having fun. The morning of the trip finally came. Keesha and I lit one up for the rode and made our way to the port. When we arrived, I remember getting out of the car and seeing this gorgeous woman standing next to a man. Her body was amazing and the outfit she had on provided great detail of her curves. As I got closer, I was in complete disbelief. It was Trina!!! I had not seen her in a few months and she looked amazing. She had lost at least 25lbs and had a healthy glow. Her boyfriend gave me a long hug and whispered in my ear. "Make sure you take care of my girl and I want all the details when you get back." WTF??!! What does that mean? Have they been talking about me? Is Trina curious as well? Has she spoken to Keesha? What do these ladies have planned?I was officially nervous. Would I be able to behave myself on this trip??!! Did I even have a choice?

To be continued......

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year.......2011 Has Arrived Bitches

I can not believe we are in year 2011. The past 12 months have been absolutely AMAZING and I can not wait for the new adventures of 2011. Once again thank you for your support of Nina and her crazy antics in 2010. We have alot of great things on board for #teamnina so......stay tuned....