Monday, January 10, 2011

Kicking It With KB: Men Lie, Women Lie but Numbers Don’t!

Now it’s 2011 and everybody is on there own shit about who and how many people they can fuck. WHO CARES! Somebody asked me why men cheat. I say, it’s simple numbers. Women outnumber men in crazy amounts. We gonna break it down real quick so you know how easy it is. I been around the block a few times and this is how I see it:

The ratio of women to men is 10:1 (That’s ten to one for those who didn’t pass math class). So with 10 women to one man, you have to automatically remove two of them because they are hardcore lesbians, and you will NEVER get that pussy. So give up! Now take away one more because this chick is ugly as sin and you wouldn’t fuck her with a strap-on. That leaves seven chances to get some pussy. Of the seven, three of them are so into their career that they don’t see a nigga that ain’t at NBA baller status. These are the Stoosh bitches. Of the four remaining, you have, the “Independent Chick”, that dosen't need a nigga for shit and you don’t wanna heat that bullshit. Then the Single mom, that’s really cool and you vibe but she got baby daddy drama. Also the young chick that don’t wanna do nothing but party and fuck. We call her “GP” (Guaranteed Pussy). Last but not least you have the “I’m ready to have a real man in my life and settle down chick." So we get numbers and talk and text with all but the Stoosh Bitch. Now with the final three, you're almost guaranteed to fuck two of them. The question is which one do you keep. The young chick is a keeper, simply because she only needs you to come by and chill after she finishes with class. Smoke one and beat the pussy up. To avoid baby daddy drama, we keep single mom at a distance. So we fucking Youngin’ and the Relationship ready chick. And even from time to time you may get to fuck the single mom. All in all, It’s too many bitches in the world for you not to be getting pussy. Your game dosen't even have to be tight. I find that out of 10 women, you gonna fuck at least 3 of them. That’s not bad! I tell you what, go to the club and ask 10 women if they wanna fuck after the club. Three of them are going to be down and two of them are going to be looking for you outside. Now you have to decide who looks like a better fuck.
Some may say I'm wrong for saying that, but in a numbers game, you CANT lose! So nigga get ya numbers up and get pussy in 2011. I promise this is the year of the Million Nuts Busted.

-Another banging post from my newest #teamNina member KB, the male perspective. I think Nina may have to respond to this one I have some shit to say on this topic. *smdh*


Anonymous said...

Whats fucked up about this post is, he is right. Ladies you need to step your game up and not be that bitch! Niggas dont even feel like they have to run game any more because dumb bitches is giving it up for a cheap ass drink.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he is right but I must say we independent women sometimes want just a great fuck and don't give a fuck about a relationship. I'm looking for a "Mr.. Right Now" that can make the pussy sing and keep it coming!!!! He is also available to attend to my pussy's needs at anytime she needs to be serviced and knows when to go home!!!

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