Sunday, January 9, 2011

Kicking It With KB: She said, “Look Ma, No hands!”

Hey fam it's Nina!
I have been searching high and low for a man with the same rawness as myself to give you the "male perspective" on my topics. As well as lend a few of his own. I want to formally introduce you to one of the newest members of #teamNina....

"Kicking it With KB" 

Now we all have heard the Waka Flacka song and we see how many females on Facebook have put it in their names and status. So the question to ask is how many women like sucking dick with or without using their hands. I asked a few of my friends and we have come to a few conclusions. Most of the men I know said they prefer a woman to use her hands when she's sucking the dick because then she can stroke it. It gives a rush like no other to see a woman get down and grab the dick and stroke few times right before she puts it in her mouth. That is some sexy shit right there! No hands is cool too, but we love it when she holds it. No hands can be dangerous for those women who don’t really know what they doing. Fuck around and lose control of the dick, especially a big one.To appease the song and my curiosity, I asked a girl while she sucked my dick to move her hands. I must be honest, It wasn’t as attractive. You need hands to do the best shit. Hold it while you lick from base to head, and to play with the balls for those that like that.

My Ladies! Go home, get down, grab the dick you sucking and stroke it while you suck it. Don’t forget to spit on it like a porn star too. We love that shit. If you don’t use your hands, you better start because if somebody else grab that dick and grab it right, you will be out of a job. Just remember this ladies, “Suck a dick, and save a life.”


Anonymous said...

This was an insightful piece. Good to know saving lives as we speak(lol). Loving the blog need more raw and all the way live blogs. This should be a live blog available through stream. You guys have a lot to teach. I need help finding my g spot and want to experience a full body orgasm. Any suggestions?????

Anonymous said...

Ehh I guess you have a point. Hands are important, however, no hands is a pretty nice ride as well. If your gurl can take all your dick down her throat, like I can, theres nothing like it. It's all about timing, relaxing, controlling your breathing and when the moments right I can inhale the dick and lick on his balls all at the same time. At the end of the day it's all needed. A good two handed stroke here and there, suck on the head, and if you're nice go under your balls and... well you know how it goes.

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