Thursday, September 30, 2010

Poetic Justice: It's Her Pussy I Prefer.

Even after I told you the thoughts of you vex me
You still had the nerve to mother fucking text me
The options of a union is no longer yours
My heart doesn't belong to you anymore its hers
I enjoyed the special moments we shared
and how my pussy you did well to take care
but outside of the bedroom you bore me
and I was tired of hearing how u adore me

Men like you think that your so damn slick
So use to having bitches in check with your dick
but you've met your match
I stay with a dick patch
Not impressed, nor controlled by your penis

She excites me in and out of the bedroom
mentally and spiritually shes more my tune
I'm vibing the way she digs me
Thanks again for the way you dug me
No hard feelings but our thing is over
I think I found my four leaf clover
So please don't make me have to get nasty
I know my choice will have many outcast me
but I stand firm to the way that I feel
and the opinions of society I bravely peel

This will be the last time I address this mess
I've made my decision and its in her pussy I rest

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Men: Are they Glutton for Punishment?

It never fails. I truly believe men are glutton for punishment. How is it you can be dealing with a guy for some time and really not be paying him any attention. Take his calls when you feel like. Don't give him any pussy. Have him take you out dining, shopping and traveling. All you may have given this dude is a little bit of your time. Nothing else, not even a kiss. When you hug, you give him that booty sticking out hug so your private parts don't have to touch at all. Barely look him in the eyes when you speak. Tell them your going to come and visit but never show and don't answer your phone when they call. I mean not a damn thing, but he still keeps coming back for more. Still calls you, still blessing you with gifts. Then the first mother fucking minute you decide to pay attention and slightly entertain his ass, he changes his song. I can never understand that. Is it just me or does that happen to other ladies as well? I refuse to believe that it's the pussy they did all that work for because in alot of instances "paying attention" doesn't mean giving him the pussy. It may just mean you're willing to stay up with the nigga and talk on the phone with his ass a few hours. Or, when you go to his house, instead of sitting on the opposite side of the couch you're next to him with your body resting on his. Or instead of going out to eat you offer to cook for him at his house. On rare occasions he may get a little passionate kiss. Is it the chase that turns them on? Are they confused by your sudden change of pace? Is it the "bad girl" image you portrayed that their looking for? I am at a lost with this one. I think I need to interview some guys and get their POV. To all of my male readers, I would love to hear your opinions on this. Ladies, if you have experienced this, please share as well.

To be continued.........

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Difference Between a Dick & a Cock

Today on twitter one of my followers decided to be bold. I made a comment about needing to start going out more, but tired of seeing the same ugly, obese, lame and broke ass people. He recommended that we go sky diving. My response was "thanks for the offer but I am afraid of heights." (which is crazy because I'm on a plane almost every month) He then said, "well I guess we couldn't have sex Nina because with me it's like falling off the Eiffel Tower." I needed some clarity on that statement so I asked if he was referring to the size of his penis. He confirmed that he was. I then followed with asking him if he has a dick or a cock. He responded "a dick." I responded "well my dear if a dick is what you have then you are absolutely right, we couldn't have sex." Of course the young man began to trip over his words and tried to come back by saying, "oh well I meant to say have a little bit of both." I became very curious at this point and wondered just how many people really know the difference between a dick and a cock. I sent out a poll via twitter, facebook and BBM. More than 70% of the people couldn't give me an acceptable answer. I didnt think this one would stump so many people, but it did. So, what's the difference? Sex with a dick is enough to get by. It doesn't satisfy the itch, it tames it. A dick tends to give you energy and the motivation to get up and do shit. Things such as cleaning the bathroom, folding that laundry you've washed a few days ago, going grocery shopping, cooking dinner and even going for a walk. A cock puts you in a coma. A cock not only satisfies the itch, it also burns a whole in that mother fucker. A cock leaves you broken, breathless and sometimes even bleeding. If your period is due within 5 days, a cock will draw that mother fucker out. A cock is so damn big its inclined to leave stretch marks on your mouth and pussy. A cock makes you scared to take it doggy style for fear of rearranging your insides. A dick is good sex, a cock is amazing mind blowing sex. A dick is for amateurs just getting in the game, or timid bitches that think sex is suppose to be pretty and delicate. A cock is for professionals that truly appreciates a good, hard intense fuck session. I don't know about you ladies and my gay boys but I, me, Miss Nina Niagra am Pro-Cock. Any questions?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

In the News: Eddie Long you Know you Wrong......

Have you ever noticed that the most homophobic individuals always seem to be exposed as undercover booty lovers themselves? I'm not going to condemn or judge this man because that is not my job or place. However, I have rights to my opinion and I would not put it past Mr.Long. I have never been a supporter of religions. I feel it is a business and Mr. Longs extremely lavish and over the top lifestyle proves it. Creflo Augustus Dollar Jr, is another fine example of the thievery going on in these churches. He owns two Rolls-Royces, a private jet, a million dollar home in Atlanta, and a 2.5 million dollar home in Manhattan. I bring up these points to say this. If these men are privy to committing the sin of greed, why are we surprised that they can so easily fall into another sin, homosexuality. There is no level or different degrees of sin. A sin is a sin!

Laides and gay boys, this looks to be the new hustle. Stop chasing these ball players and rappers. Put on your Sunday best and start going to church.

 Get a Praise and a Raise!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nina's Video Reviews: Crazy Shit Celebs Do....

Ok, so don't get me wrong. I'm not hating on their efforts to get sober, but I know I'm not the only one that looked at this trailer and thought " these mother fuckers look high right now."  This should be very interesting

This one is kind of long but I thought it was interesting. I have heard this argument before about the down low society of rappers in the industry. Apparently, there is a a openly transgendered woman/man out there being seen with all kind of rappers. I personally know of some gay boys that have slept with some well known rappers, so I know there is truth to this. What are your thoughts? Who have YOU heard about?

This upsets me!! How dare they!! First of all if it wasn't for Fantasia they would all still be in the projects. I can understand wanting to talk to her about the situation, but not on TV like this. How unsupportive!! That's why the bitch tried to kill herself. She was  completely alone dealing with these emotions and getting negativity from even the ones that are suppose to show unconditional love.

I was so tickled by this. Hood bitches make me laugh. Why you hating on Katt Stacks??!! These niggas knew who they were dealing with. They knew what she was about. We should be clowning on them for getting played over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Don't hate the playa hate the game.....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why Must Ugly Bitches be so Mean & Rude???!!!

So I had alot of errands to run today that required for me to be in contact with more people than the norm. I am genuinely a happy person. Smiling most of the time, flirtatious all of the time. I try to live by the rule, "do unto others as you would like have done unto you." Also, coming from a Caribbean background. I consider it very disrespectful for you to walk by someone and not say good morning or good afternoon. The rule is, if you and someones eyes make four (meaning you have both looked at each other) then you must greet the person. Don't get me wrong I wasn't always this way. Growing up in New York you tend to be a bit harder. We had a "don't ask, don't tell and don't fuck with me" policy. When I moved down south I was in a relationship with someone that really calmed me down. Showed me how to be more patient and tolerable of human beings. Not being so angry and defensive all of the time, as well as tapping into a more spiritual side. (not religious, there is a difference) Anyway, I bring all of this to address a matter of concern for me. Why must ugly people be so fucking mean and rude? Its like a 6'4 woman wearing 7 inch heels on a date with a guy 5'9. Why add insult to injury. I understand in most instances you cant help being unattractive, I get that. However, It doesn't help the situation if you keep adding "ugly accessories." What's that you ask? I will be more than happy to share them with you. I only ask you share them with your ugly friends, or if the things on this list sound familiar, check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Nina's Top 10 "Ugly Accessories":

1. If you can't afford a decent weave, just leave it alone and work with what you have. The different textures and you looking like you haven't brushed you hair in 30 days is just not a good look.

2. Why bring attention to yourself? Stay away from these multicolored hairdo's. It's like putting a "find me here" sticky note next to a pimple.

3. Death to Lace fronts!!! (that's all I'm saying about that)

4. Stop with these pubic hair eyelashes. Thick, coarse and ridiculous looking. What's even funnier is you can always tell when a bitch just had them "installed." They look high because it's hard to keep their eyes open from the wet glue.

5. Stop staring at every person you meet with disgust. (especially you Caribbean women) It is obvious whats going through your head. Pure hate! That stuff gives you wrinkles and doesn't help the fucked up shit already going on with your face.

6. Stop bleaching your skin. If you're  black as night and bleaching your face and neck, do you think we cant see your hands and legs? Embrace your complexion. Besides, those chemicals damage your skin. Lord knows you don't need anymore damage to your body.

7. Please wear clothes that fit. If you don't have a Rhianna, Kim or Beyonce body, then don't try and get away with shit they wear. There is a thin line between being "thick" and just plain old fat. Work on it, or wear shit that's conducive to your shape. (or lack there of)

8. Be pleasant! Unfortunately, you won't be able to get very far on looks. Its ok, don't feel bad. Having a pleasant temperament can go a long way.

9. Bath! Why must you have an odor? You beefing with the soap and water too? Personal hygiene is not something you are exempt from.

10. Please match your outfits. Once again, you're not exempt from proper clothes coordination.

BONUS:Shave your legs and underarms! WTF??!!! Are you serious? Love my island woman, but this one is especially for you.

So there you have it. My Top 10 with a bonus list of "ugly accessories." Don't hate the messenger, I'm just trying to do my part. Have I missed anything? Please feel free to let me know. What is your list of "ugly accessories?"

Nina's Video Reviews: Things that make you go Hmmmmm.....


So these two VH1 reality show celebs have a sex tape. These bitches never learn. She was so fucked up on whatever, that at one point it sounded like she was speaking in tongues. When a dude that is not your man pulls out a camera phone ladies, don't get crazy and don't be stupid. Make them put that shit away or be prepared to be the next victim on somebodies website.
SN: What's up with white girls and this need to "make out?"

Did you know Lady Gaga was on MTV's Boiling Point in 2005??? Do you think she made won the $100? Look and see.

Her stage name is "Lethal Lips" but she's nick named "Deep throat Diva." All I can say is wow!!! Amazing talent my sistah. I have respect for her because she's raw & real. She makes no apologies or excuses for who she is and what she does. For my men readers, you may need some Kleenex and lotion for this one.

Oh hell no!!! I have officially seen it all. This bitch kills the man with bubbles from her pussy??!!! WTF???!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

How Can a Dick be too Big???!!!

I was talking to some girlfriends of mine yesterday about sex....of course. It's what me and and my bitches do, what can I say #don'tjudgeme. What made this conversation a little bit more interesting is some guys were there watching the game and they would chime in every once in awhile. The conversation was about the perfect sized penis. What's too big, too small, best shape, size of the head etc. One of my girlfriends had this argument. "I don't like when a mans dick is too big because that shit hurts." Too big???!!! Here is what I can't understand. As women we are capable of pushing out our pussy between 19 - 26 inches, 6-12lb human beings, but we complain about a dick being too big. How can a dick be too big??!! Unless he is rocking a good 3 feet in his pants with a circumference of a midget thigh, I don't see the problem. Of course it was here our silent listeners decided to chime in. Nothing is worse than a woman that runs from the dick. It is the most frustrating thing for a man when he gets ready to lay that pipe in your back and you keep stopping him or inching away. A man likes a woman that bounces back on the dick. It's like smelling and/or seeing a desirable meal but every time you try to taste, it falls out of your mouth. Who wants that? Personally, I think there are alot of women out there that genuinely do not like penetration. This doesn't mean that all of these women are gay, but to be quite honest they may want to consider the options. I will admit, there have been some Mandingos that have taken my breath away. However, never anything that I run from. Many woman do not tap into the mental part of sex. The best remedy for a "take your breath away" sized penis, is a dripping wet pussy. You have to be all the way engaged in the act of sex to truly enjoy it. If you are attracted to the man you're with, imagine all of the nights where he wasn't around and what you did to get wet. What kind of thoughts get you going before a good masturbatory session?

Nina's final thought: Ladies need to step up their head game and I don't mean sucking dick.(although that is a topic we will address later) Learn how to enjoy mental sex. Allow your imagination to wander and release any and all boundaries. Let loose your inner freak and take the dick!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nina's Video Reviews: Confident or Crazy???!! You Decide!

This is so wrong...big girl probably made this video for her boo in jail. I'm sure he appreciates her extra loving.

First of all, who let granny on the stage and WTF is she doing??

I think I was more entertained by the commentator...LMAO..One time for my gay boys!!!

Uhmmmm, so she didn't know she had on her period panties when she did this? She didnt review the footage before she uploaded the video?

Holy Shit!!! LMAO....I'm more disturbed by the slapping noise of her sagging breast.

Friday, September 17, 2010

"Fuck you, Pay me"

So I was out today taking care of some business and this gentleman in his late forties approached me. He's macking really hard and confident as hell that his "old looking" ass has a chance. I emphasize "old looking" because I have seen some very attractive men that age. It just happens that this guy was not the exception to the rule. My mind wandered to that Jay Z song where he has the Goodfellas skit and the guy keeps saying "Fuck you, pay me." That's how I felt/feel with some of these men out here. I mean ladies, let me know if I'm wrong. When these older men approach with with a look of starvation in their eyes, do you really think they want to wife you up and make an honest woman out of you? Hell no! These mother fuckers want to do a laundry list of nasty shit with your ass. Honestly, it doesn't stop with them, even these younger jokers have the same intentions. When a guy approaches a women that is understood worldwide to be out of his league, we should have the right to say "fuck you pay me." Most things elite have membership fees, rules, regulations and guidelines. If you're an "elite bitch" why should it be any different? Keep in mind, this dosent' mean you have to sleep with these men. These are just admission costs. When you visit the Louvre Museum in Paris, there is an admission fee to observe the exhibits. This does not give you permission to touch or take home any of it. As a matter of fact, when viewing the Mona Lisa you can only do so from X amount of feet. If my memory serves me correctly, they do not even allow cameras in certain places. If these artifacts are due this level of respect, why should we be any different?

Time is money, fuck you, pay me!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Prisoner of Love: Is it a life sentence?

Have you ever allowed yourself to fall so deep in love with someone that its almost impossible to move on emotionally, spiritually and physically without them. You build your world and everything that is important to you around this person, there existence and what makes them happy. So much so that you lose yourself. You lose who you are and your purpose in life. Completely oblivious to the person you've become in the process. Not realizing how much you've shut out the world and been sheltered in this "Love Bubble." It isn't until you step outside this bubble that you realize how long you were in there. A feeling that can possibly be understood by a prisoner locked up for 20 years before finally being released. He now faces a world of computers, cellphones, facebook, twitter etc. It's a feeling of excitement, anxiety, fear, confusion and depression. All wrapped up into one big ball of emotions. How does one face that? How does one endure that? How does one overcome that? We can find tons of books on how to fall in love, but is there anything really substantial on how to fall out of love? Do you stay away from them and handle it cold turkey or do you slowly ween yourself? Is it truly weening? Are you just trying to get as much of that person in your system as you can? Long enough until your next fix. That's what it feels like. It feels like being a drug addict. It gets to the point where you're in such need of that person you become physically ill without them. How can something that felt so good suddenly cause you so much grief? There's a saying, once bitten shame on you. Twice bitten shame on me. Does this mean you'll never allow yourself to love like that again? It's a daily struggle to fight those feelings of wanting to give up. However, it no longer becomes a choice. You find yourself not wanting to let anyone in but at the same time craving for companionship. No one "gets you" like they did. Do you give up and face the possibility of being alone?

Maybe, but its just so cold.

Poetic Justice: Refer a friend......

When you showed me your pussy I had to blush
because immediately I realized that I had a crush
not on you but your pretty little labia
made me think of all the ways I can play wit ya
So much pout looking like she wants to pucker
In her own little language shes asking me to fuck her
I hear you telling me its a whole lot to handle
with respects to your concern I'll light this candle
but make sure your ready for when I jump in
There's no backing out once we begin
I'll be over by nine so slip into something nice
To be quite honest being naked would suffice
I like my wine chilled and my salmon honey glazed
tonight my intent is to leave your lady flower amazed
No need to thank me when it comes to an end
The best thanks you can give me is to refer a friend

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Healthy Sex Life: Do you have it??

 Ever since I could remember I have always had an extremely high sex drive. While it can be a great thing for my relationships, I don't know how much of a good thing it is for me. To be quite frank, I think it clouds my judgement at times. I first realized how addicted I was when having a conversation with some associates of mine. They ranged from early 20's to late 40's. I was in complete shock as to how they spoke about sex with there partner. It was a chore for them. They traded secrets on how to dodge there mates. I was confused. I felt at that moment I needed the Rosetta Stone for the language of  "no sex."  When the round table discussion came to me, my response was sincere and honest. I need it everyday and if we live together more than once a day. I felt like an outcast. Why would someone feel that way about sex. At what point in the relationship did it transition from fucking each others brains out to dodging your man? When I posed this question, I was surprised at how many people gave the the same answer. "Life happened." Life happened? What the fuck kind of answer is that. Sex is all about life. As a matter of fact, there would be no life without sex. Why did Stella have to get her groove back? Where did it go?  Have you ever noticed how young and vibrant a husband and wife look when there is alot of sex in there relationship? The shit is good for you!!! Next time you have sex, take a look at your complexion the next morning. It is a glow that is recognized worldwide. I understand sex with the same person has the tendency to become monotonous.However, it is your duty to fix that shit!! If you knew you couldn't do the same partner thing for the rest of your life, then you should not have gotten married. I think a good sex life is just as important as managing the family budget.  I will take ownership of my opportunities to have a bit more self control. I know that at times it tends to distract me from focusing on some more important things in my life. Especially when I am single and on the prowl. Ladies, I challenge you to tune into your bodies a little more. Get to know the things you like and the things that get you excited. Keep in mind it's not just about satisfying your man. It is also suppose to be enjoyment for yourself as well. How can your man know what to do if you don't even know what gets you going. Don't take for lightly a sudden decrease or change of sexual activity in your relationship. Pay attention! I want to give a personal shout out to a lady friend of mine. She has been with her man for some years and they are now married. Do you know what she is getting him for his birthday?? Bitches!! Big booty hoes shaking there ass for him at his party. That's what the fuck I'm talking about!! When those bitches go home, she is going to ride his dick till that mother fucker falls asleep. My girl keeps that shit spicy. We hear and read about it all the time. Relationships require work. If you're not willing to put the effort don't be surprised if it fails.

I leave you with this.....What YOU won't do, the next bitch will and her name might be Nina ;-)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cheating: Are you fighting the right bitch??!?

As I am sitting here watching the show cheaters, I am in complete amazement every time on how some of these women misdirect there anger. Thankfully not all of them do, I'm sure we have seen our fair share of male beat downs on that show. However, I still don't think enough of us get it. Ladies, unless the mistress is a personal friend of yours don't get in her face unless she gets froggy with you. There can be a few things going on with her. A: She didn't know about you, making her a victim as well. B: He filled her head with stories of being unhappy and how much of an unsupportive mate you are. C: He introduced you as is ex or mother of his child. D: He tells her he was once in love with you but has now fallen in love with her. When you and a man make the decision to be in a committed relationship. It is a commitment between you and him only. This does not send an automatic broadcast to the world letting them know he is no longer available. It is his responsibility to do so. There is no women's oath stating "though shall not fuck with the next bitches man." It is what it is. Don't pick yourself up and drive to the other woman's house to question her or worse, fight her. That's just ignorant and wont solve anything. Don't wallow in the misery and show defeat. I understand fully the ratio of men to women in this country and clearly it has gotten to some of their heads. Decide on one of the following: If you feel your relationship is strong enough to work through the infidelity, then focus on what went wrong and MOVE ON. If you have zero tolerance for it, then leave and MOVE ON.
I'm Nina Niagra and I approve this messgae.......

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pussy Rainchecks: Who authorized this shit??!!

Its a fucking epidemic. Ladies, please stop giving these weak ass men "pussy rain checks." This whole "first time jitters" is bullshit and unacceptable. We need to dispel this myth and set higher standards. If you and a man have an explicit arrangement for sex. Why must he feel like he can handle your pussy in installments? How unfair is that? Do we make them cum in installments? Or do they climax every time? This conversation is not ok: "Hey girl, so how was James last night? He was ok, I mean could have been better, but you know how they do the first time." Absolutely unacceptable! I expect "excellence upon entry." There is no guarantee these encounters will be anything more than what happened in those four walls. Therefore, I expect performance to be at an all time high. This is another contributing factor to "Depreciation of the Pussy." Why do we make it ok to have anything or anyone bring less than 100% to the table? Me, I set the expectations as well as the consequences upfront. No bullshitting! If your shit isn't right, you gotta go. No hanging around or wasting my time while you "get it together." Even if he is potential boyfriend material. I need you to know I take my sex game very seriously and I can not be unevenly yoked when it comes to this matter. If a man knows he has a hard time with stamina upon first encounter. Then beat the hell out of your dick before you come over. Drain that mother fucker just enough to be able to pound the hell out of MY PUSSY to my liking. Who was it that said first impressions are the most important? Well shit, pass that message on. Sad to say I have experienced this more with American men. My Caribbean men tend to have the task of swelling your pussy up on the first fuck. Maybe they have something to prove or a reputation to uphold. I will never forget my first sexual experience with a Jamaican. I was 17 years old and he met me when I was working part time at Marshalls in New York. He was so suave and had a swagger of confidence so strong you could smell it within a 20 mile radius. He had a strong accent and dreadlocks down to his back I just knew I had to have him. We exchanged numbers and met up later on that week. I tried to coach myself from not fucking right away, but who was I fooling. That's all I could think about since the day we met. When me met up, he carried me to his friends house where they were cooking some Jamaican food and hanging out. We chatted for a little bit, but it was quite obvious the sexual tension was overwhelming for both of us. He disappeared for about 15 minutes. When he came back, he grabbed my hand, motioned for me to come with him and bid his friends good night. We went upstairs to another portion of the house into a small cozy room with a water bed. *moment of silence* To date, there are only one or two instances that even came close to simulating the kind of fuck I got that evening. Holy Shit! It was everything I could have imagined and more. Needless to say, he became my boyfriend and we enjoyed an amazing sex life for many years after that. Even after we broke up, it was an automatic when we saw each other. I pose this question? Is it a cultural thing? Are these American men/boys slippin on their pimpin?

I'm up for the challenge, are you?
Nina signing out, till next time.....

Friday, September 10, 2010

Motivation to Grind: This Bitch is like no other....

I consider myself to be a very unique individual. Not many people can say they've met a Nina before me and not many can comfortably admit to ever meeting a Nina after me. However, I must say there has been one artist in particular, that I have admired for many years and comes pretty damn close to summing me up. It was extremely exciting to see her on 106&Park today promoting her new album "My Way." Eve does a duet on one of her tracks and that shit is FIRE. Let me give a brief history lesson to my readers who do not know who Lady Saw is. Lady Saw is a Jamaican reggae singer, known as "the Queen of Dancehall". She is the first female DJ to win a Grammy Award and to be certified as a triple-platinum artist. She is also the first woman to headline dancehall shows outside her native Jamaica.  She dominated the airways in the early nighties screaming sexual empowerment. LadySaw kept it "real and raw." Her lyrical content makes sense and sends a message loud and clear to any and all. Some of my favorite tunes from her are "Chat to me back." In this song she is telling the next bitch and anyone else that wants to hear,  men are the least of her problems. She is not into the headache and hassle that these little girls tolerate from these men. She leaves the drama for the simple minded hoes. "I got your man," is so gangsta. Not only does she tell the bitch she has her man. She also lets her know there isn't shit she can do about it. Then schools the woman on how her pussy is slack and she needs to ease up from calling him because he is not coming back. "Loser," she tells the ladies don't waste time on anybody bringing less than 100. Show them the "L" sign. Let them know if they don't come correct, better men are out there. Total woman empowerment!! I love this bitch!! "Sycamore Tree,"  it was here she made it very clear she was not going to suck any dick under the sycamore tree. She was a woman of pride and have more self respect than that. She also was not going to allow him to have gossip to bring back to his friends. A man would not be allowed to turn her into a freak, that is a transition she wanted to make on her own accord. "Ninja Bike," Ahhhhhhhhh Nina's anthem!!! She challenged any and all men that felt they could handle her. My girl said  "you say your a Stallion well I am a champion." "If your small don't bother try because I don't work with small dick guys." "It's Raining," everybody knows that when its raining there are two things most people enjoy doing, sleeping and fucking. Well my girl made a song about the latter. One more song to reminisce, "Stab up me meat," an explicit description of what she wants done to her pussy. She sends out an APB for the men that know how to handle their business. I could chat all night about my girl. I have been a fan since her first album in 1994. Let us be honest, she is not the prettiest bitch on two feet but delivers a consistent dosage of music and entertainment that is raw, real and all the way live. I know she needs no help with promoting her new album, but I would be remiss if I didn't encourage my readers to check her out.

I have one request, once you purchase the album, email me your juicy story on which song you fucked to. Don't laugh, its going to happen. That bitch motivates you to get your back dug out or to do some serious digging. Mark my word!

Till next time, Nina signing off.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"I Need a Ruffneck"

What is it about bad boys that drives us crazy ladies? Why is it in a room full of men the one that looks the most like Tupac Shakur gets all the attention? When I think back on my relationships or sexual encounters, I can count on my left hand the number of "good guys" I have been with. I posed this question to a good friend of mine and her theory seemed very logical. "Bad boys" live very spontaneous and risky lives. They have very little respect for authority and lack inhibition. This liberal approach on life segues into the bed room. They do not have any of the social hangups that come with being an active participant of the white collar world. In their world its all about proving themselves and reputations. Therefore making them VERY competitive. Is this what it really boils down to? We are attracted to "bad boys" because they fuck the shit out of us? My girl MC Lyte ( with her gay ass, bitch knows she likes pussy) sums it up perfectly in her song "Ruffneck." When you get a chance revisit her lyrics @ That right there is the truth! For me, sex with a bad boy is like buying a Honda civic. It may not be the most expensive car on the lot, but that mother fucker is guaranteed to perform up to high standards, with minimal maintenance. Bad boys don't care who hears you making noise while he's digging your back out. That's his motivation! Have you ever tried to play hard to get with a "bad boy" and have quiet sex? Hell no!! He will dig you out till you cant breath, just to make sure you holler. Bad boys are nasty, they'll eat your pussy straight from the club. That's the kind of shit that turns you on and off at the same time. I have to ask myself, is the headache worth it? Is it more worthwhile for me to find a "good guy" and teach him the tricks of the trade? Show him how to satisfy me and openly discuss my sexual likes and dislikes. Why is it so difficult to get a good balance of the two? I want to know from my fellows. I have heard the same sentiment from many of you as well. "There's nothing like some ghetto pussy.".....What is it about a "bad girl" that gets you going? Can a "bad girl" be marriage material?

Nina wants to know!!

Until then *in my MC Lyte voice* "I need and I want it so I gotta get a ruffneck."

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Keeping up with the Joneses: Are you guilty?

"People buy things they don't need, with money that they don't have, to impress people that they don't like. " I remember hearing that about 17 years ago at a church service. I was so young, but for some reason the message never escaped me. We have a terrible time as a people when it comes to "acting our wage." Why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves in so much financial difficulty to appease the next bitch? Why do we care so much about what "they" think? Does it make you richer? Does it make your life easier? How long does that moment of your disillusioned reality last? Who's happiness are you really seeking to fulfill? Why do we hurt the ones we love most for complete strangers? Do we even know what really makes us happy anymore? Or have we lost track of what that is while trying to "keep up?" What is the "American Dream?" Please explain to me how is it that in such a huge melting pot of a country, there can be such a scripted approach to happiness. It makes no logical sense, but yet and still we fall for it every time. What if bigger really isn't better? What if more is really less? How do we fix this?

I wont pretend to know the answer for everyone because we all have our part to play in this hamster wheel. However, one thing I am in control of is me and that's where it has to start.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who the fuck do you think you're talking to???

Where are those sloppy bitches, that continue to allow these men to feel as though saying the first inappropriate, disrespectful and lewd comment out of their mouth is acceptable? Lesson: People will only continue to do things if they feel they are in an enviornment where it is conducive to the majority. I'm dedicating todays post to the men out there that haven't been advised and the women who tolerate it. We'll call this the rules of "engagement with etiquette." Rule#1: Do not greet a woman that you're not fucking with the names baby, boo, honey, or sexy. Pet names are exclusive for intimate relationships. Rule#2: Do not "pssst" a woman to get her a attention? What the hell does psssssst even really mean? Who created that rude ass cat call any damn way? Rule#3: Do not make up nicknames for a woman without her consent and then use it to get her attention? ie. shorty, slims, thickness, big booty girl, chocolate. Would you like us to start throwing names around? "Hey broke nigga." "Whats up crook teeth?" "Hey hooptie." Rule#3 When speaking to us do not lick your lips and stare at our breast. We are not a#2 on a Wendys drive thru menu. Rule#4 (pay special attention my Caribbean men) It is not ok to touch or grab on me without my permission. Just because you saw me first at the club does not mean I am your girlfriend. Rule#5 Buying us a drink is not consent for you to hold us hostage or give you permission to ask personal questions. Rule#6 If you're with your girl at the grocery store, don't try to get my attention on the sly. If you're fucking around on her why would you think I want your ass? Rule#7 If you happen to luck up and get my number. Do not ask me on the first day to send you a "sexy pic." Rule#8 Don't ask me if I have fine friends. If I don't want you why would any of my friends? Rule#9 Just because I have on a sexy outfit at the club, doesn't give you permission to make conversation about my body parts. "Damn Ma, your ass looks mad good in them shorts." Rule#10 It is NOT ok upon first greeting to tell me your intentions with my pussy. We don't need to discuss how much you wanna eat it up or beat it up. 

 Well there you have it, Nina's top 10 "rules of engagement etiquette." If I've left anything out, please be sure to let me know.

Ladies, don't tolerate it. Guys don't do it!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pussy Bill: Is he up to date?

My friend sent me a video on this comedian advising men to pay there pussy bill. Her delivery was comedic but had so much truth to it that I just had to share. She started off by saying that "why in the hell do niggas think that its ok for them to ask for pussy and not ok for us to ask for money." One doesn't come without the other, niggas like pussy and women like money so they need to pay their pussy bill. If you're calling in for a favor and he cant pay up. Snatch your cat back! Fellows need to understand the importance of paying their pussy bill. Can I get an Amen?!! Don't get me wrong, if you're in a healthy relationship with a man and you guys are truly trying to build together, do you boo boo. But, to my single bitches out there dating and mingling, please make sure these niggas understand that your pussy bills are well enforced. If you could be a fly on the wall, to hear the conversations men have when going through their "options", on who to call for an evening of enjoyment. They choose the bitch that will give them the biggest bang for there buck. Well, if they think you're going to be "that" bitch then make sure you Max his shit out. Don't feel bad ladies, single men budget for this. There focus is to try and get as much from you as possible for as least of a financial investment as possible. The key is also to make sure you are consistent. Don't set the expectation of them paying there pussy bill on time then all of a sudden you drop a freebie on his ass. No pro-bono pussy favors! Absolutely not! Keep in mind the supply and demand rule. The more you supply the pussy, the less you can demand. Be cautious of the itemized lists on your pussy bill. If you keep putting store brand orange juice on your list, you can't be upset if he trips when you switch to Tropicana. This comedian gave some great advice, I co-sign on it all. I know times are hard but pussy never loses its value. Don't be afraid to evict a mother fucker if bills aren't being paid on time. Remember ladies, check a nigga and make sure he is always up to date on his pussy bill.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 on 1: What went wrong?

A good friend of mine came to visit me a few months back with a recent dilemma in her relationship. I noticed that she was a little bit nervous and vague with her questions. In hindsight I can understand why she felt this way, but come on its me, Nina. We have a very similar sexual appetite. It never seems to be enough and before we invest in any relationship the dude has to be able to handle his business. My friend decided to cross off one of the things on her bucket list and have a threesome with 2 guys. (this bitch is my fucking hero) She said it was fucking amazing. Having two hard, throbbing Mandingo's fighting to fuck the shit outta whichever hole they can get too. Giving you all kind of TLC and being the focus of attention was the shit. When I asked her how was it initiated, this is where my friends facial expression changed and I realized that she was in a pickle. We'll call my friend Amanda, her "boyfriend" Mike and the third wheel Trois. While smoking a J one night with Mike they were talking about a recent 3some they had with 2 girls. How nice one girls ass was, how pretty the other girls pussy was and the size of her breast. The conversation then segued into having a 3some with 2 guys. Amanda just took it as them talking naughty to each other and toyed with the idea. During the conversation someone knocked at the door. Amanda wasn't expecting anybody and this was her house. However, Mike seemed quite eager to answer the door himself. When he opened the door, it was Trois.  Trois was a close friend of Mike that Amanda knew as well. I had to stop my friend at this point in the story and ask some questions. Questions #1: So "coincidentally" you guys start talking about 3somes with 2 guys and this nigga just shows up at your house uninvited? Question#2: Is Mike your man or your fuck buddy? Anyway, so Trois comes in and starts to smoke a J with them. He then asks Mike, "so what were you guys talking about?" Mike breaks it down for him and of course I'm sure you can guess what came out of his mouth next. "So we gonna try this out tonight?" I could have slapped the shit out of my friend. Bitch, I  smelled that set up from a mile away. Being the freak that she is and the fact that fucking Trois was something she always considered, Amanda signed off on it and got to work. Before my friend could say another word I already knew what some of her concerns were. Firstly, not many black men that I know of with the exception of the ones on porno are going to initiate fucking his OWN bitch with another nigga. Which was the reason for question #2. Is this dude really into you or does he see you as a freak and there for the adventure? Secondly, not many black men that I know of are ok with that nut to butt action. Where were his eyes during the romp? She said he was very much fixated on watching his friends dick go in and out the pussy and thinks she may have caught them gazing at each other a few times. Bitch you "think"? Weed was so damn good she doesn't remember. Then my friend dropped the deal breaker on me. He wants to do it again with the same dude and she found out through a mutual friend that Mike and Trois are been rumored to have a very suspect relationship. I immediately shut that shit down! Here is what buddy has planned. This nigga is gay/bi. He knows in his world he could never come out, so he fucks with niggas on the side. His ideal relationship would be to have a woman open enough to have 3somes with him and guys so he can have the best of both worlds. What this motherfucker was doing is testing her. The first experience would be neutral, just to see if she would do it and how much she would be into it. The second time I can assure you somebody was going to be sucking some dick other than her. If she didn't flip out after this test, then it would have been free willy for him. He would want to encourage her to have a girlfriend so that he could justify having a nigga to "kick it with." I would even put money on it that Trois has been through the same episode with Mike before and they fuck on the regular. Dammit ladies!!! We need better booty bumping, bitchassness detectors. (BBBD)

I'm calling out to all my female and male readers. Click on the contact me link on my blog and send me some suspect tendencies that we need to load our BBBD with. Nina is about to start a movement.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Brandon Jennings (NBA point guard) caught vibing to Lady Gaga....

Seems a little suspect to me...what do you think?
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Interracial Dating: Whats your REAL beef??

Interracial dating, what is societies real beef with it? I personally do not discriminate. I have long since dispelled the falsity surrounding white men not being endowed. My openness to this mix of cultures could have alot to do with my upbringing. I am not a "Black American." I was born and raised in a Caribbean household. We didn't jump or get easily offended by the forbidden "N" word. It wasn't always about uplifting of "our people" but more so uplifting of yourself. We didn't use slavery as a scapegoat for every adversity we endured. We were more accountable for our own actions. Using every experience as a learning opportunity to strengthen and educate us on how to make the system work to our advantage. With this being said, don't be offended if this is not how YOU operate but be open to the idea that it exists. I have tried on different occasions to hold an intelligent interview with several different types of black women around why they dislike seeing black men with a white woman. It never ends well. The consensus is that they feel "disrespected." What can Kelly do that I can't? Why did he have to "go there?" He's probably just using her for her money. Whats wrong with a natural black sistah? Why cant he learn to love that? Let me pause here for a moment....."Natural black woman?" Bitch please! Look in the mirror and break down for me what parts of you are natural....*in my Katt Williams voice* don't worry, I'll wait. Fake hair, nails, eyelashes, toe nails, permed hair, pounds of makeup, implanted body parts. Sorry my sistahs but many of you have long since become distant with your "roots." I'm just saying. I spoke with a good friend of mine who is married to a white woman and I asked him what was his catch. What made him convert and why does he think women dip out as well. My friend advised that with white women he doesn't have to deal with the drama and lack of compromise. He said that white woman are more open to trying new things sexually and put more work into making them happy. They truly treat them like the Kings they feel they are deserving and motivates them to do well. They believe and invest in their aspirations. Black women tend to be pessimistic and not very supportive. It has a lot to do with lack of appreciation for what we have. As black women we take for granted the good ones out there and are not as willing to put the needed work into the relationship. So why do black women convert? Surprisingly, for some of the same reasons. They are treated like Queens, well taken care of and all about pleasing them. I know that everything you are reading today is not hot off the presses.. We have been hearing the same thing for a very long time. My question is, whats the REAL reason behind the beef with interracial dating? Nina's opinion.....jealousy and laziness. You want the happiness that you see in many interracial relationships but are not willing to put in the work.......I leave this post open for my readers to respond. Prove me wrong or provide me with a different perspective on the matter.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Triple Pussy Goodness....

Ladies and gentleman, today's post may have you feeling like your in church. Testifying your ass off on the truth and goodness you are being delivered. We will be discussing the "Triple Pussy Goodness." Now if your the man or woman asking yourself right now "what the hell is that?" Then I am sorry to inform you but this means you either don't have it or not getting it. Ladies we know when we have the "TPG." Its the kinda shit that only prophets can understand. No one tells you what it feels and looks like, you just know you have the TPG. A TPG requires a pantie liner even if your not on your period. A TPG owner knows she must wrap the toilet tissue at least five times around her hands so the moisture doesn't penetrate. A TPG has to lay a towel down when shes masturbating to avoid her mattress from getting damaged. A TPG makes that special "tight suck" sound when entered. This can only be imitated but never duplicated. A TPG can ask for head with no expectations of reciprocation. A TPG is use to a nigga saying all kinda crazy shit in there ear while fucking. A TPG is very familiar with the restraining order process. A TPG owner is rarely ever broke. A TPG owner gets midday phone calls just to check up on the pussy, see how she's doing. A TPG owner gets breakfast in bed delivered to her ass. A TPG owner gets her oil changed and car maintained without even asking for it. A TPG owner gets allowances from her dude/dudes just so they can keep her attention. A TPG owner doesn't give any thought to the next bitch because she is so secure with her own. Can I get a Amen????!!!!

Are you a TPG owner?

Stop!! Because if you have to think about're not.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pussy: Eat it like you mean it....

I have been getting alot of chain text message and BBM's around the "10 commandments of pussy eating."After reading it I realized that it is my duty to address this foolishness as quickly as possible. If you are new to the pussy eating game or have been receiving negative feedback around your skills. I can tell you this, the worst thing you can do when it comes to eating pussy is generalize the pussy your eating with the rest of the pussy in the world. There is no generic formula for good head. Its about getting to know your pussy. Being in tune with her likes, dislikes and confessions. Some pussy requires a tremendous amount of attention to her lips. Some need constant pressure to the clit and some pussy needs to be eaten like a pasta dish, messy, juicy and with no discretion. Truthfully, the best head I received was from somebody that enjoys eating pussy and treats it like an art. That motherfucker left no stone unturned. I find that when a nigga eat your shit just to oblige, it's not right. When a nigga is eating the pussy, I don't know about you but I need some passion behind my shit. I need you to really LOVE the pussy. The most annoying head is what I call the "timid head." Don't be scared of the pussy! True story: I knew this guy when I lived in NY. He wasn't my usual type but a real sweetheart. A real gentleman in every sense of the word. He always told me "Nina if you ever let me be your man I promise you I will treat you like my queen." The nigga said all the right things, problem is he had a small penis and couldn't fuck.(at least not to my standards) How do I know this? Its a gift. No lie, I have a pretty good track record. I don't know what it is but there is just something about a nigga and how he smells and carries himself. I can just spot a big dick and good fuck a mile away. My friend (we'll call him Andrew) just wasn't it. Andrew was good for taking a sistah out to eat. Wining and dining the hell out of me. One evening Andrew and I went to this Japanese restaurant. That night we had about 10 bottles of hot Saki. I was so damn horney I could have fucked a doorknob. Andrew drove me home and was so gentle with getting me in the house. He layed me on my bed, took my shoes and jacket off. Then he looked me in my face and said "Nina we skipped dessert at the restaurant, I always like to end my meal with something sweet. Do you have anything here that I could eat?" Holy Shit!!! I took one good look at Andrew, and like a train it hit me. I don't know why I didn't see it before, I guess I was distracted by the small penis. This nigga can eat some pussy! Ladies, when I spread my legs and gave this man permission to enter. It was like a kid at a candy store. Dude handled his mother fucking business. I probably should have warned him that I'm a squirter, but he didn't seem to mind. What made his head game so tight? He was tuned into me, my body, my movements, my sounds, my jerks, jolts and quivers. He paid attention the entire time. When that nigga was done he had pussy juice from his eyebrows to his neck. Guys, lesbians, dikes any and all pussy eaters. I leave you with this. Don't generalize the pussy, and don't leave your head game up to chance. Get to know the body attached to the pussy. Her body is your cliff notes on how to satisfy the pussy. What worked for Stacey wont work for Tiffani. If its not your thing, that's fine as well.(good luck with that) However, don't half step it and piss a bitch off.