Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who the fuck do you think you're talking to???

Where are those sloppy bitches, that continue to allow these men to feel as though saying the first inappropriate, disrespectful and lewd comment out of their mouth is acceptable? Lesson: People will only continue to do things if they feel they are in an enviornment where it is conducive to the majority. I'm dedicating todays post to the men out there that haven't been advised and the women who tolerate it. We'll call this the rules of "engagement with etiquette." Rule#1: Do not greet a woman that you're not fucking with the names baby, boo, honey, or sexy. Pet names are exclusive for intimate relationships. Rule#2: Do not "pssst" a woman to get her a attention? What the hell does psssssst even really mean? Who created that rude ass cat call any damn way? Rule#3: Do not make up nicknames for a woman without her consent and then use it to get her attention? ie. shorty, slims, thickness, big booty girl, chocolate. Would you like us to start throwing names around? "Hey broke nigga." "Whats up crook teeth?" "Hey hooptie." Rule#3 When speaking to us do not lick your lips and stare at our breast. We are not a#2 on a Wendys drive thru menu. Rule#4 (pay special attention my Caribbean men) It is not ok to touch or grab on me without my permission. Just because you saw me first at the club does not mean I am your girlfriend. Rule#5 Buying us a drink is not consent for you to hold us hostage or give you permission to ask personal questions. Rule#6 If you're with your girl at the grocery store, don't try to get my attention on the sly. If you're fucking around on her why would you think I want your ass? Rule#7 If you happen to luck up and get my number. Do not ask me on the first day to send you a "sexy pic." Rule#8 Don't ask me if I have fine friends. If I don't want you why would any of my friends? Rule#9 Just because I have on a sexy outfit at the club, doesn't give you permission to make conversation about my body parts. "Damn Ma, your ass looks mad good in them shorts." Rule#10 It is NOT ok upon first greeting to tell me your intentions with my pussy. We don't need to discuss how much you wanna eat it up or beat it up. 

 Well there you have it, Nina's top 10 "rules of engagement etiquette." If I've left anything out, please be sure to let me know.

Ladies, don't tolerate it. Guys don't do it!

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Jessika said...

Haha....love it Ma! You on point

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