Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Men: Are they Glutton for Punishment?

It never fails. I truly believe men are glutton for punishment. How is it you can be dealing with a guy for some time and really not be paying him any attention. Take his calls when you feel like. Don't give him any pussy. Have him take you out dining, shopping and traveling. All you may have given this dude is a little bit of your time. Nothing else, not even a kiss. When you hug, you give him that booty sticking out hug so your private parts don't have to touch at all. Barely look him in the eyes when you speak. Tell them your going to come and visit but never show and don't answer your phone when they call. I mean not a damn thing, but he still keeps coming back for more. Still calls you, still blessing you with gifts. Then the first mother fucking minute you decide to pay attention and slightly entertain his ass, he changes his song. I can never understand that. Is it just me or does that happen to other ladies as well? I refuse to believe that it's the pussy they did all that work for because in alot of instances "paying attention" doesn't mean giving him the pussy. It may just mean you're willing to stay up with the nigga and talk on the phone with his ass a few hours. Or, when you go to his house, instead of sitting on the opposite side of the couch you're next to him with your body resting on his. Or instead of going out to eat you offer to cook for him at his house. On rare occasions he may get a little passionate kiss. Is it the chase that turns them on? Are they confused by your sudden change of pace? Is it the "bad girl" image you portrayed that their looking for? I am at a lost with this one. I think I need to interview some guys and get their POV. To all of my male readers, I would love to hear your opinions on this. Ladies, if you have experienced this, please share as well.

To be continued.........

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