Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Poetic Justice: Refer a friend......

When you showed me your pussy I had to blush
because immediately I realized that I had a crush
not on you but your pretty little labia
made me think of all the ways I can play wit ya
So much pout looking like she wants to pucker
In her own little language shes asking me to fuck her
I hear you telling me its a whole lot to handle
with respects to your concern I'll light this candle
but make sure your ready for when I jump in
There's no backing out once we begin
I'll be over by nine so slip into something nice
To be quite honest being naked would suffice
I like my wine chilled and my salmon honey glazed
tonight my intent is to leave your lady flower amazed
No need to thank me when it comes to an end
The best thanks you can give me is to refer a friend

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