Sunday, September 5, 2010

2 on 1: What went wrong?

A good friend of mine came to visit me a few months back with a recent dilemma in her relationship. I noticed that she was a little bit nervous and vague with her questions. In hindsight I can understand why she felt this way, but come on its me, Nina. We have a very similar sexual appetite. It never seems to be enough and before we invest in any relationship the dude has to be able to handle his business. My friend decided to cross off one of the things on her bucket list and have a threesome with 2 guys. (this bitch is my fucking hero) She said it was fucking amazing. Having two hard, throbbing Mandingo's fighting to fuck the shit outta whichever hole they can get too. Giving you all kind of TLC and being the focus of attention was the shit. When I asked her how was it initiated, this is where my friends facial expression changed and I realized that she was in a pickle. We'll call my friend Amanda, her "boyfriend" Mike and the third wheel Trois. While smoking a J one night with Mike they were talking about a recent 3some they had with 2 girls. How nice one girls ass was, how pretty the other girls pussy was and the size of her breast. The conversation then segued into having a 3some with 2 guys. Amanda just took it as them talking naughty to each other and toyed with the idea. During the conversation someone knocked at the door. Amanda wasn't expecting anybody and this was her house. However, Mike seemed quite eager to answer the door himself. When he opened the door, it was Trois.  Trois was a close friend of Mike that Amanda knew as well. I had to stop my friend at this point in the story and ask some questions. Questions #1: So "coincidentally" you guys start talking about 3somes with 2 guys and this nigga just shows up at your house uninvited? Question#2: Is Mike your man or your fuck buddy? Anyway, so Trois comes in and starts to smoke a J with them. He then asks Mike, "so what were you guys talking about?" Mike breaks it down for him and of course I'm sure you can guess what came out of his mouth next. "So we gonna try this out tonight?" I could have slapped the shit out of my friend. Bitch, I  smelled that set up from a mile away. Being the freak that she is and the fact that fucking Trois was something she always considered, Amanda signed off on it and got to work. Before my friend could say another word I already knew what some of her concerns were. Firstly, not many black men that I know of with the exception of the ones on porno are going to initiate fucking his OWN bitch with another nigga. Which was the reason for question #2. Is this dude really into you or does he see you as a freak and there for the adventure? Secondly, not many black men that I know of are ok with that nut to butt action. Where were his eyes during the romp? She said he was very much fixated on watching his friends dick go in and out the pussy and thinks she may have caught them gazing at each other a few times. Bitch you "think"? Weed was so damn good she doesn't remember. Then my friend dropped the deal breaker on me. He wants to do it again with the same dude and she found out through a mutual friend that Mike and Trois are been rumored to have a very suspect relationship. I immediately shut that shit down! Here is what buddy has planned. This nigga is gay/bi. He knows in his world he could never come out, so he fucks with niggas on the side. His ideal relationship would be to have a woman open enough to have 3somes with him and guys so he can have the best of both worlds. What this motherfucker was doing is testing her. The first experience would be neutral, just to see if she would do it and how much she would be into it. The second time I can assure you somebody was going to be sucking some dick other than her. If she didn't flip out after this test, then it would have been free willy for him. He would want to encourage her to have a girlfriend so that he could justify having a nigga to "kick it with." I would even put money on it that Trois has been through the same episode with Mike before and they fuck on the regular. Dammit ladies!!! We need better booty bumping, bitchassness detectors. (BBBD)

I'm calling out to all my female and male readers. Click on the contact me link on my blog and send me some suspect tendencies that we need to load our BBBD with. Nina is about to start a movement.

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