Friday, September 17, 2010

"Fuck you, Pay me"

So I was out today taking care of some business and this gentleman in his late forties approached me. He's macking really hard and confident as hell that his "old looking" ass has a chance. I emphasize "old looking" because I have seen some very attractive men that age. It just happens that this guy was not the exception to the rule. My mind wandered to that Jay Z song where he has the Goodfellas skit and the guy keeps saying "Fuck you, pay me." That's how I felt/feel with some of these men out here. I mean ladies, let me know if I'm wrong. When these older men approach with with a look of starvation in their eyes, do you really think they want to wife you up and make an honest woman out of you? Hell no! These mother fuckers want to do a laundry list of nasty shit with your ass. Honestly, it doesn't stop with them, even these younger jokers have the same intentions. When a guy approaches a women that is understood worldwide to be out of his league, we should have the right to say "fuck you pay me." Most things elite have membership fees, rules, regulations and guidelines. If you're an "elite bitch" why should it be any different? Keep in mind, this dosent' mean you have to sleep with these men. These are just admission costs. When you visit the Louvre Museum in Paris, there is an admission fee to observe the exhibits. This does not give you permission to touch or take home any of it. As a matter of fact, when viewing the Mona Lisa you can only do so from X amount of feet. If my memory serves me correctly, they do not even allow cameras in certain places. If these artifacts are due this level of respect, why should we be any different?

Time is money, fuck you, pay me!!

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