Saturday, September 4, 2010

Interracial Dating: Whats your REAL beef??

Interracial dating, what is societies real beef with it? I personally do not discriminate. I have long since dispelled the falsity surrounding white men not being endowed. My openness to this mix of cultures could have alot to do with my upbringing. I am not a "Black American." I was born and raised in a Caribbean household. We didn't jump or get easily offended by the forbidden "N" word. It wasn't always about uplifting of "our people" but more so uplifting of yourself. We didn't use slavery as a scapegoat for every adversity we endured. We were more accountable for our own actions. Using every experience as a learning opportunity to strengthen and educate us on how to make the system work to our advantage. With this being said, don't be offended if this is not how YOU operate but be open to the idea that it exists. I have tried on different occasions to hold an intelligent interview with several different types of black women around why they dislike seeing black men with a white woman. It never ends well. The consensus is that they feel "disrespected." What can Kelly do that I can't? Why did he have to "go there?" He's probably just using her for her money. Whats wrong with a natural black sistah? Why cant he learn to love that? Let me pause here for a moment....."Natural black woman?" Bitch please! Look in the mirror and break down for me what parts of you are natural....*in my Katt Williams voice* don't worry, I'll wait. Fake hair, nails, eyelashes, toe nails, permed hair, pounds of makeup, implanted body parts. Sorry my sistahs but many of you have long since become distant with your "roots." I'm just saying. I spoke with a good friend of mine who is married to a white woman and I asked him what was his catch. What made him convert and why does he think women dip out as well. My friend advised that with white women he doesn't have to deal with the drama and lack of compromise. He said that white woman are more open to trying new things sexually and put more work into making them happy. They truly treat them like the Kings they feel they are deserving and motivates them to do well. They believe and invest in their aspirations. Black women tend to be pessimistic and not very supportive. It has a lot to do with lack of appreciation for what we have. As black women we take for granted the good ones out there and are not as willing to put the needed work into the relationship. So why do black women convert? Surprisingly, for some of the same reasons. They are treated like Queens, well taken care of and all about pleasing them. I know that everything you are reading today is not hot off the presses.. We have been hearing the same thing for a very long time. My question is, whats the REAL reason behind the beef with interracial dating? Nina's opinion.....jealousy and laziness. You want the happiness that you see in many interracial relationships but are not willing to put in the work.......I leave this post open for my readers to respond. Prove me wrong or provide me with a different perspective on the matter.

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