Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cheating: Are you fighting the right bitch??!?

As I am sitting here watching the show cheaters, I am in complete amazement every time on how some of these women misdirect there anger. Thankfully not all of them do, I'm sure we have seen our fair share of male beat downs on that show. However, I still don't think enough of us get it. Ladies, unless the mistress is a personal friend of yours don't get in her face unless she gets froggy with you. There can be a few things going on with her. A: She didn't know about you, making her a victim as well. B: He filled her head with stories of being unhappy and how much of an unsupportive mate you are. C: He introduced you as is ex or mother of his child. D: He tells her he was once in love with you but has now fallen in love with her. When you and a man make the decision to be in a committed relationship. It is a commitment between you and him only. This does not send an automatic broadcast to the world letting them know he is no longer available. It is his responsibility to do so. There is no women's oath stating "though shall not fuck with the next bitches man." It is what it is. Don't pick yourself up and drive to the other woman's house to question her or worse, fight her. That's just ignorant and wont solve anything. Don't wallow in the misery and show defeat. I understand fully the ratio of men to women in this country and clearly it has gotten to some of their heads. Decide on one of the following: If you feel your relationship is strong enough to work through the infidelity, then focus on what went wrong and MOVE ON. If you have zero tolerance for it, then leave and MOVE ON.
I'm Nina Niagra and I approve this messgae.......

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