Monday, September 20, 2010

How Can a Dick be too Big???!!!

I was talking to some girlfriends of mine yesterday about sex....of course. It's what me and and my bitches do, what can I say #don'tjudgeme. What made this conversation a little bit more interesting is some guys were there watching the game and they would chime in every once in awhile. The conversation was about the perfect sized penis. What's too big, too small, best shape, size of the head etc. One of my girlfriends had this argument. "I don't like when a mans dick is too big because that shit hurts." Too big???!!! Here is what I can't understand. As women we are capable of pushing out our pussy between 19 - 26 inches, 6-12lb human beings, but we complain about a dick being too big. How can a dick be too big??!! Unless he is rocking a good 3 feet in his pants with a circumference of a midget thigh, I don't see the problem. Of course it was here our silent listeners decided to chime in. Nothing is worse than a woman that runs from the dick. It is the most frustrating thing for a man when he gets ready to lay that pipe in your back and you keep stopping him or inching away. A man likes a woman that bounces back on the dick. It's like smelling and/or seeing a desirable meal but every time you try to taste, it falls out of your mouth. Who wants that? Personally, I think there are alot of women out there that genuinely do not like penetration. This doesn't mean that all of these women are gay, but to be quite honest they may want to consider the options. I will admit, there have been some Mandingos that have taken my breath away. However, never anything that I run from. Many woman do not tap into the mental part of sex. The best remedy for a "take your breath away" sized penis, is a dripping wet pussy. You have to be all the way engaged in the act of sex to truly enjoy it. If you are attracted to the man you're with, imagine all of the nights where he wasn't around and what you did to get wet. What kind of thoughts get you going before a good masturbatory session?

Nina's final thought: Ladies need to step up their head game and I don't mean sucking dick.(although that is a topic we will address later) Learn how to enjoy mental sex. Allow your imagination to wander and release any and all boundaries. Let loose your inner freak and take the dick!!!

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