Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nina's Bucket List: 2 Guys 1 Girl...Or did I do that already???!!!

I've always had the desire to have sex with two men at the same time. So much so that it has been very high on my bucket list.......................Ahhhhhhhhhh Shit!!! Who the hell am I fooling? Let me stop lying to my loyal readers and keep it real as I said I would. I've already done that shit and it was the FUCKING BOMB. Its a nymphos dream!!! The shit was so good, I think I could have handled another dick if  one was readily available. Having that constant pounding of your pussy, ass and throat is the most amazing experience ever. Especially, when your high. No break from the dick!! It was so great to know that for the first time ever, I may have an opportunity to not out fuck someone. If they were to get tired, they could take breaks. Just tag teaming the pussy!! I'm sure you're dying to know how it went down.  As I think back on it, I can say now "damn Nina, you are such a slut." I dated this guy when I was 18 years old. We dated for a little over a  year and there was not a day we didn't have sex at least twice. We only took breaks during my period and was back to schedule as soon as it was over. This sexual chemistry remained  intense throughout the relationship and even years later. He had a very close friend that would hang around us and come by to visit during our relationship quite often. I was always attracted to him and wanted to juice the hell outta his dick, but would never cross that line.  When my boyfriend and I broke up we still had sex even years after.  (fast forward 10 years) During this time I had started my transition to the South and began visiting frequently. On one of my trips down, my ex made mention that he needs to come with me because his boy moved down there as well. I was of course really curious to see how he was doing, so I asked my ex for his info. On my next visit down, I contacted him and made arrangements to go out that Saturday evening. The minute I layed eyes on him, I already knew it was going down. I also knew this man was about to handle his shit.. We went to a Jamaican club, smoke, drank and got fucked up. When we went back to his house, it was "Murder she wrote" on the pussy. Holy Shit, this man put it down for the crown!! We had sex a few times that night and a few times the next morning.When I left the following day we lost touch for a few years after that. Finally,I moved south. Some time after my ex came down to visit the friend and we all went out to a club that evening. As usual we drank, smoke and got fucked up. I was so horny that as soon as we got to the car I started sucking my ex's dick as he played in my pussy. I'm sure this must have aroused his friend a great deal because the head I gave would have this nigga cussing and moaning all types of shit. When we got to the house my ex started fingering my pussy on the couch and playing on my left breast. A few moments later his friend comes from out of nowhere , starts playing on my right breast and kisses me on my lips. It;s at this point I realize, "holy shit! I'm about to fuck both of my top 10 cocks  at the same time??!!!!" We move to the bedroom on a bed that I remember being on some years earlier.  The only thing I will say that prevented the experience from being 10 times better is that both men didn't eat my pussy.(fucking rasta) BUT....what they both did very well was FUCK the shit out of my pussy. Pure beat down on that bitch and I LOVED it!! The session lasted about three hours, both men cumming at least 3 times. I had dick EVERYWHERE!!!! Of course as I'm sure you remember, there is a very purposeful meaning behind the reason they call me Niagra. That bed was SATURATED!!!! I had to laugh at the facial expressions when within 15 minutes I was ready to go again. My ex said I was "fucking trippin" and that I need to be seen by a professional. He said he thinks my pussy is immortal and I need to save some of my shit so that it can be discovered by future archaeologists. LFMAO......what can I say, I'm just Nina baby...*wink*

Sunday, December 26, 2010

My First REAL Orgasm.....

One of my readers said to me that she doesn't know if she's ever really had an orgasm. She said that when she listens to her  girlfriends talk about sex and the feelings they get, she doesn't ever remember experiencing that. Well baby doll I am here to tell you that you not ever having an orgasm is a strong possibility. I have been fucking since I was 15/16 and I experienced my first orgasm when I was 25. What's even crazier is this orgasm was brought on during one of my masturbatorial sessions. Yes bitch, BY MYSELF.  When I lived in New York I had my black book filled of every type of dick/sex I could think of. If I wanted my pussy pounded with no kissing just hardcore fucking, I had my options on pages 10-13. If I wanted a sex marathon with a nice fat cock, I had my options on pages 3-5. If I wanted a sexy exotic bitch to sit on my face and let me fuck her in the ass, I had my options on pages 23-27. I make mention of this so you can understand why I started so late in the game with masturbation. I had niggas and bitches willing and ABLE to fuck  me any day of the week, hour or moment. It wasn't until I made my move to the South that I realized, I needed some kind of release to make up for the absence of the kind of sex I was use to. These men were/are horrible. I wasn't attracted to them. Coming from New York my men were clean, stylish and had an unbelievable swagger to them. I moved down during the era of Slip n Slide Records getting really big. Everybody was trying to be mini Trick Daddy's (rap artist) with the gold grills, unkempt hair, lack of vocabulary, they were just all wrong. I racked up crazy frequent flier miles going back home to see my family and decent dick. Then when I found some decent dick, I would out fuck them every time. It became VERY frustrating. So, I needed a vice and one of my gay boys told me about this toy call "The Bunny." We named him "Peter" also called Petey" (Shout out to my boo Steven, those were the good old days bitch.) Steven was a typical gay boy that would not touch a pussy NO MATTER WHAT!! My boo would gag at the thought. I think he just liked that Petey was a cock but had no intentions of putting it in my pussy. Well, Petey felt really good in my pussy and stimulated well but truthfully I was lost as to how to really make it work for me. I couldn't get into the whole fucking my own pussy, because sex for me is more mental. When a man penetrates me its not just the dick that gets me, its the entire process. His smell, his body, his grunts, hearing his balls slap on my pussy, the sound of it going in and out. All of these things contribute to making me wet and enjoying the sexual experience. On one of my trips to the sex store I started conversation with a young woman in the toy section. She was purchasing a "pocket rocket." I asked her what it was like and how could something so small do the job. She did an amazing job at selling me that damn thing because I left outta there with two. When I went home, it was raining and the woman I was dating at the time was at work. I decided this would be a great opportunity to try this little mother fucker out. I took a shower, oiled my body and laid down on my leather couch. I put in a porn flick and started to rub on my clit. As usual, I would get really hard and my pussy would drip but that's as far as I would normally get. This time was OHHHHHH so different. As I started to get wet, I put the little vibrator on my clit at low. I remember my body starting to get warm and I felt this relaxing/tight sensation creep into my back. I then changed it to medium and this feeling became even more intense. I started to breath heavier and the feeling in my back crept up to my neck and down to my toes. When I turned the vibrator to high, I blacked out. The last thing I remember was screaming, shaking and then falling off the couch. When I came too, there was a HUGE puddle on the couch and on the floor. My thighs were soaking wet and I had a instant feeling of calm just take over my body. I fell asleep right there and didn't wake up for 6 hours. My girl came by and found me naked on my living room floor knocked the FUCK out.
There you have it, my first REAL orgasm. So don't be shocked if you're man hasn't done it for you yet. I've learned that this talent comes with age and experience when it comes to men. It requires, patience and a mans ability to learn and understand your body. Doesn't mean his sex is bad, just may mean he hasn't taken you to that level. These young dudes fuck like bunnies and are all about busting a nut. Sometimes that's cool, because I enjoy a wild, room wrecking fuck session from time to time. However, to really enjoy an orgasm during sex, that man has to know what he's doing and be truly focused on pleasing you. So, to my darling reader. Go and purchase yourself a nice vibrator and have some fun tonight. Trust me, you will know when it happens. Oh.......and don't forget to send me some pictures...*wink*

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas.....

Merry Christmas to all of my fans and followers. I am hoping today is filled with joy, laughter and great memories. I love you guys and don't forget the TRUE reason for the season.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Kissed A Girl & I Liked It......

One of my readers sent me an email telling me how curious she is to have sex with a woman. She said she is scared and doesn't know where to start. Poor baby. Her email was so cute and innocent, I was almost tempted to catch a flight and go fuck her little brains out myself. Especially after she sent me a pic. She was a sexy mocha skin woman from the Dominican Republic. This chica had an ass for days. Her breast were not big but what I like to call a perfect mouthful. Ebony (that's what we'll call her) migrated from her country with her sisters when she was 17 years old. She went to college for interior decorating and has been very busy in her career for well over 10 years. Ebony said that her company sent her to Puerto Rico a few years ago for 3 months to work on the lobby design for a hotel they were building. There were six women that went on the trip and one of the ladies was a known lesbian. At the time Ebony was dating an architect that sometimes contracted with her company. They were dating for well over five years and he was only her 2nd sexual partner. Ebony really didn't have anyone to compare her partner to, so she assumed everything was normal. During her time in PR, her and Camille (the lesbian coworker) became very close. Most evenings they would have dinner and drinks at the hotel restaurant and talk about everything under the rainbow. Ebony said one night the restaurant closed for dining due to renovations, so her and Camille ordered their meal and drinks to go. They opted to dine in Ebony's room since she had the larger and best view of the two. Ebony said she's not sure what led to the advance but at some point during the night Camille leaned over and began to kiss her. This heavy petting continued on for at least 15 or 20 minutes. As Camille started to unbutton Ebony's pants and started kissing on her navel, they heard a knock at the door. Startled and tipsy they hurried to pull themselves together. When Ebony opened the door to her surprise it was her boyfriend. He was contracted on the same project for the last month of her stay in PR. The two ladies didn't get another opportunity to finish what they started. This was over four years ago and Ebony said that there is not a day that has gone by and she hasn't thought about the experience and how it made her feel. She is now recently single after breaking off the engagement with Mr. Architect and has been chasing that feeling she had in PR since. I was truly honored that she was so willing to open up to me and trust me to give her advice on something so near and dear to her heart. So Ebony, here is what you do: First off you need to place yourself in the mature gay scene. I emphasize the word mature because alot of young girls are out there experimenting and using the "lesbian label" as a style/fad. 75% of the time they do not know what they are doing and it would be a waste of time. For your first experience you really want someone that has perfected the art of pussy pleasing. Go online and google your local gay club. Make sure you call ahead and check, age requirements, type of music and location. 25 and older would be best but minimum 21. As much as you may enjoy hip hop music, if that's all they play don't go. You will be surrounded by ugly, ruff, trick daddy, obese, stank, broke looking bitches. Just  horrid, ghetto and unattractive. Sorry, but to my lesbian followers, don't front you know I'm speaking the truth. A great place to meet an attractive woman are usually gay clubs/bars that have a good mix of music. From Salsa to R&B to soft rock and even a little hip hop.Since you're in the S.Florida area, I recommend a little spot I use to go called "New Moon"
Don't be discouraged if you don't meet someone after the first visit. It may take a few times. Just be yourself, have a good time and enjoy the atmosphere. What's nice about lesbian clubs and the reason why alot of straight women go, is there isn't any pressure and you don't spend the entire night beating off the advances. Don't be afraid of eye contact especially if you see a woman that you are attracted to. Eye contact is an informal invitation for them to approach you. Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone as well. Just because she licks pussy doesn't make her alien. She's still a woman and most importantly human. Once you meet someone, the process will be natural. Make sure you are honest and let her know your experience level. Lying is useless. If she is a full blown lesbian, she will know from the first kiss that you're a newbie. That's pretty much it Ebony. Now my dear, if you need me to walk you through the steps to take in the bedroom, it would be my pleasure. Just shoot me an email and I will walk you and the rest of my readers through, step by step.

Good luck and take pictures...*wink*

In The News:Condolences to Carmelo Anthony & Family

Carmelo Anthony, 26, has left the Denver Nuggets to be with his family following the death of his sister, Michelle Anthony, and will not rejoin the team until after Christmas.  Michelle Anthony passed on Tuesday due to a pre-existing condition in Baltimore. She leaves behind four children.

LaLa (Carmelo's wife) tweets her appreciation this morning for the support from his fans.......

Losing a loved one is always hard, but losing them around the holiday season makes it 10x worse.......Condolences and prayers to the family.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Diary of a Female Pimp: Chapter 3 "Mr.Black Card"

When I walked in the dressing room Honey was naked from head to toe and wiping her pussy with baby wipes. As soon as she saw me she ran over and gave me one of the warmest hugs that to date can't be beat. I was very curious to hear what happened and she was just as eager to tell. Apparently, "Mr.Black Card" has some very interesting fetishes. She said the first thing he wanted to do was lay her on her back and stick his tongue in her ass, while she pinched on his nipples and slapped on his face hard. During the 3 hours they were in the room, "Mr. Black Card" paged me and asked if I could have someone purchase a strap on for him. He asked for nothing less than 9 inches and wanted it to be thick. I thought maybe he had problems getting hard and wanted to use it on her or have another girl join them and watch them fuck each other. My brain was rattling with the possibilities, but I don't think I was ready for what Honey was about to tell me. This guy enjoys being fucked in the ass by women while he jerks his own dick! Honey said it was the most fun she had during her entire career as a dancer. She said after a good hour on and off of her fucking him, he then bent her over and began sucking on her pussy from the back and playing with her clit.  Then he took his fingers and entered into her pussy resting them on her G-spot. Honey said she kept getting this strong sensation to pee and was petrified. When she couldn't hold back anymore she warned him of her fears and he begged her to please pee in his mouth. I was floored! If he had not paged me personally and asked that I purchase a dildo with such specific instructions on its length and width, I might have thought Honey was bullshitting. By this time a few of her Brazilian friends had started to trickle into the dressing room and listening to her story. Honey started to talk to them in Portuguese and every once in awhile they would glance at me.That night Honey made $4800 from "Mr.Black Card." As she tallied up her money for the evening, she walks over to me, her eyes filling up with tears and she says to me in her broken English. "Nina, I knew you would bring me luck and take care of me from I first meet you. I am so happy you come here." She then opens my hand and puts a wad of $20's in it. "Nina takes care of Honey; Honey takes care of Nina." At that moment the intercom goes off in the dressing room and the manager asks that I come to the front office. I kiss Honey on the cheeks and thank her. When I go to the front, the manager hands me an envelope and says its from my 3 hour champagne room customer. I open it and immediately see 5 crisp $100 bills. Along with the money is a note. "Miss Nina, I appreciate everything you have done for me this evening and would be interested in doing business with you further. Please give me a call." Is this really happening? What does this mean? I take the number, put it in my back pocket then add the $500 to the money Honey gave me. I go to the dressing room to say my final goodbyes and head to my car. Once in my car I pull out the money from Honey and begin to count. She gave me $1000 that night. All together I made $2800. What rested on my mind was that more than half of my money came from setting up the arrangements with Honey and "Mr. Black Card." As I sat there thinking about the night, I reached for the note with his number and read it to myself again. "Doing business with me further?" Hmmmmmm...........I wonder what "Mr.Black Card" has in mind?

To Be Continued......

If you've missed the first three chapters click on the link "Diary of a female Pimp" up top or below to catch up

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nina's Video Reviews: Kerri Hilson & Her Pussy Poppin Video

Ok, I get it the bitch really took this shit to the edge. So, whats the problem with that again? I'm confused as to the reason behind the hype and people giving her a hard time. Truly loved her interview with Perez Hilton and she says quite confidently. "I am a freak. There are some nights I don't want to make love, I just want him to fuck me." My sentiments exactly!! Why is it when a woman chooses to be open, honest and blunt about her sexual needs, desires and preferences, shes given all kinds of negative labels. Secondly, I get the raunchy video but she is not the only R&B Diva that has pushed the envelope. I wonder what the media is going to do when the "big girls" (Precious and her crew) start freely expressing there sexual needs and desires. Armageddon!!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Scorpio & Sagittarius WARNING: A Match Made at Hells Carnival.

Ok, I really think 2010 was so not the year for me in reference to relationships. Both friendly and intimate. Every "potential" that I have met has been a Scorpio. I am grateful for one thing, and that is there amazing ability to sexually please. However, outside of the bedroom I want to kill them. I am a Sagittarius to the core, minus a few things. My astrological advisor warns me everyday to stay away from Scorpios if at all possible. She says that our relationships very rarely have any form of longevity and holds a very low success rate. In all fairness, these men find me I don't go looking for them. It takes certain strong qualities to get my attention and it seems the Scorpions know how to intrigue me. Problem is, they can never keep me. Or they do just the right things to chase me away. Truly water and fire signs with obvious results. The first Scorpion is an oldie but goodie. We have known each other for almost a decade and have never been anything other than fuck buddies. He's a very smart guy, career driven and super attractive. The first day we met we had sex. He was not afraid of the pussy and I loved it. Sex was intense and raunchy. He wasted no time and dove in like a pro. His cock was a nice length and he had the stamina of a Latin soccer player. Amazing, mind blowing, marathon length sex. The weirdest thing would happen though when we were done; I just wanted to leave, or I wanted him to leave. No hard feelings, I just didn't have any desire to have him around if we weren't engaging in sex. I don't know if the feelings were mutual or he was just rolling with the program, but its been this way for a decade. Another Scorpio that stuck out was a man that I damn near married. I was really into this one and we had a decent connection going on. This situation ended up being a long distance relationship. (something I wouldn't recommend to an enemy) Sex life when active, was off the chain! We would literally lock ourselves in a room and have sex the entire day, for a few days at a time. One day we counted 17 condoms in the garbage! #allinadayswork. Our relationship began to deteriorate once we no longer had an active sexual life due to the distance. An average 4 day trip to see each other would cost a minimum of $700. We were forced to find other things about each other that we could use to hold on to the relationship and keep the fire going. Clearly, there was nothing more he could offer me worth hanging on to if he couldnt fuck me on the regula. When I reminisce on that relationship, in hindsight I should have known it wouldn't last. It was based on an intense sexual connection with two very competitive and strong minded people. One thing I've noticed with Scorpios is that they can dish it but they cant take it. They will hold you to that hurt feeling for life. Ive never been one to wear my emotions on my sleeve. I prefer to feel out a situation and see how much the other person has emotionally invested. If I don't get the vibe I am looking for I very rarely will put my neck out. I don't usually leave or completely back off, I just keep things light and remain non-chalant until I get the signals I need to reassure I wont have to deal with rejection. Yeah I said it!! I'm woman enough to admit it. I hate that feeling. It's physically painful, draining and steals time. Needless to say, here I am with 2011 around the corner and I can honestly say Scorpions have truly been a waste for this Sagittarius.

Here's to a better 2011......*cheers* What are your Scorpio and Sagittarius stories??

Scorpio Man and Sagittarius Woman
Not an excellent match - to say the least! The love match of a Sagittarius woman and a Scorpio man is not likely to lead to much romance, as both the individuals are very different from one another. The constant fighting and arguing will prevent the formation of a meaningful relationship. Her playfulness and his fervor do not make a good combination at all. She prefers to go out, meet new people and be the center of attention. He needs to be at his own place, in his comfortable chair, with a small group of close people. And the differences just go on.
Scorpio Woman and Sagittarius Man
The zodiac match of a Scorpio woman and a Sagittarius man does not have very good chances of success. The dissimilarities are too many and too serious. She needs security, closeness and utmost devotion. He is only able to give her simple love and romance, not necessarily with all those qualities. His recklessness will go completely against her stability. She will want a serious relationship and he will want one that is open and does not make him feel possessed. Other than lost of cooperation, there is no way to make this relationship work.

With scores ranging from 1-5, here is where we rate:
Compatibility 1
Sexual chemistry 3
Communication 1

Monday, December 13, 2010

Who You Trying To Run Game On? I Aint No Basic Bitch!!

You can always tell what caliber of woman a man is use to dealing with based on his "game." Fellows don't get offended when I say game because u know its true. I've seen it with my own eyes. Men have a series of scripts (usually very similar,lord knows their not creative enough to have an array of options) they use when approaching women. Depending on how young they started they may have found a few that work for them or they may still be playing the "bread crumbs" in the ocean game. Just throwing it out and waiting with a net for the first sign of life. Ladies pay attention to what I am saying. This is how you can learn from other bitches mistakes and not fall victim to the fuckry. A Leopard never changes its spots, just the location. A man that's used to dealing with basic bitches, technically isn't advanced enough to finagle his way into the life of anything other than a basic bitch. Here's how they get by and slip under the radar. Desperation! The truth hurts ladies, I know but its true. Us BTTR women (Better than the rest) spend so much time working on ourselves. Careers, being independent, being beautiful, being successful. Its a lot of work and the more you better yourself, your standards in others are also lifted. When it comes to finding a good man, its a drought and a motherfucking recession. So you find yourself swatting away the trash everyday all day. That is a job within itself that can be exhausting and depressing. After a few trials and errors, we all go through that "I'm done with men" phase but who are we fooling? The need for companionship is apart of our DNA. So unless you're switching teams, you end up jumping right back into the trenches. Here's the story of my weekend and how me, a BTTR bitch almost got taken by a basic nigga. So I met this guy through a media channel. Both of our names were mentioned on a distribution list and I was intrigued by the logo. I didn't know if he was a she at this point but I sent a quick message giving whoever was behind the logo shout outs for the amazing graphics. Within seconds I get a response and he gives me his blackberry pin. We begin a series of spontaneous conversations around my blog and a little bit of what he does. He introduces himself to me as some "leader" in the music business. I'm never impressed by this because living in S.Florida EVERYBODY is the CEO of some company or has a record label or is affiliated with some music camp. In addition, I have no need or any interest in being in the music industry. I genuinely just enjoyed having conversation with him. He came across very cultured and we had great conversation around different topics. During one of our conversations, he told me he was coming down to Miami for business to do something with some artist. So of course, we made arrangements to link up and meet. As you all know my blog is very explicit and I discuss alot of raunchy topics, so of course every once in awhile our conversations were "adult." Nothing promised, just a lot of smack talk. Now to my BTTR ladies when you are meeting a guy for the first time. What are some things you expect? Me, depending on the location, I expect a nice meal, coffee or maybe just a few drinks. So this guy comes down and as soon as he arrives he links me. "I'm here and I am so excited to see you." I am equally excited to meet him. We have been talking on the phone and via BBM for a few weeks and I enjoyed what I had known thus far. He gives me his hotel address which for me was irrelevant because there is no way I am meeting a man I don't know anything about but what he's told me at a hotel. It was around lunch time so I told him we could meet up at XYZ place for lunch and a few drinks. Ok, ladies here is the punch line, you ready for this? This dude replies out of the blue, and I quote, "I don't have my own money to spend this weekend because I am here on business and they are paying for everything, so I am limited as to what I can do." I had to read his message at least seven times to make sure I wasn't missing something. I responded, "what does your company have to do with you as a man? I'm not looking for your company to pay for our outing. So exactly, what are you saying?" I already knew the answer to my own questions and figured dude out in 10.7 seconds but I needed him to know that he was not dealing with a basic chick. This guy probably thought I was impressed and moved by his stories of being apart of Hollywood and figured this was enough to get my goodies. His story of "not having his own money on this business trip" was what he thought would be enough to buy him sometime. Seriously, its obvious this man deals with little girls. This is the only type of female that would ever fall for a line like that. We don't live in the 1800's!!! You can get your own money form anywhere in the world. A few years ago, I went to Zurich, Switzerland on vacation. Somehow between my car and getting on the plane, I lost my debit and credit cards. I only had $100 cash in my possession. While waiting at the airport, I called my banks and told them what happened. I had my cards next day air waiting for me at the front desk of the hotel. In addition, during that 24 hour wait, my bank arranged for me to pick up some emergency cash at the local Western Union. Get on my level dude, obviously you're broke and/or was trying to run game. Ladies, out of sheer desperation I could have ignored these signs and wasted a perfectly good day on a joke. I didn't respond to his text and just ignored him that day. Sometime late that night he sends me a text stating how "I played him, and no hard feelings." No Hun, what you failed to realize is that I play Chess not Checkers and your game didn't work on me. Needless to say, that was a dead end. I still find it hard to believe that was his "game." I mean you really do not get anymore basic than that.

Lesson: Pay attention to the signs ladies. If it doesn't make sense, question it and present your concern. Sometimes men throw things out as a teaser, so they can categorize you. It is here you need to be very clear as to the caliber of woman you are. It will do one of two things; scare them away, which is great. Or have them realize your a BTTR woman and come correct.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Courting/Dating: What the Fuck is Going On????!!!

This is absolutely ridiculous! Ladies while Obama and Michelle work on getting us out of this recession, we really need to have an intervention with these men and place some serious fines and penalties on the enablers wondering around. Men have really lost touch with the art, etiquette and rules of proper courtship/dating. True Story: As you may or may not know I have been single for a little over a year now. My focus has been on getting to know Nina better, building my empire and raising a teenage son. I have never been one to approach men or women. There have been a few times that I had such a strong attraction and desire to fuck someone and I went for it. It was never anything outside of that physical need and had no opportunity for growth. Most recently there is a guy that knew of me and asked for my contact information through a mutual friend. He sends me a message via Blackberry Messenger. (BBM) In his message he introduces himself, tells me that he is attracted and would like to meet up sometime. I figure what the heck, why not give it a try. Now, I don't know what he expected or how he thought this was going to go. It became quite obvious within a short period of time that he needed a serious courting intervention. Every few days he would send me a message asking me how I am doing and ask when we would hang out. I always responded, "set it up and I will be there." Ladies, if a guy is pursuing you, it is his responsibility to arrange a date. One night he sends me a message and says "I wanna see you." So I give him my usual response. "Set something up." Mind you, this is almost a month of the back and forth texting, no phone calls yet. Then he asks me, "are you home?" I'm thinking, "Yes mother fucker, but what the fuck does that have to do with you?" Then he asks if he could come over and "hangout?" Nigga, are you fucking serious?? (that reminds me, I need to delete him from my BBM and block his number) We haven't spoken on the phone and you haven't even as much as brought me to a coffee house, but you want to come into my sanctuary and "hang out?" Get the FUCK outta here with that foolishness!!! What happened to the phone conversations, meeting for drinks, lunch, dinner or even a movie date? This is a grown ass man with some form of formal education and he doesn't even know how to properly date a woman? Ladies, we have REALLY made these men lazy and let this unbalanced ratio of men to women mess with their head. We are giving it up too easy, making them feel as though we are not worth the effort. This reminds me of the article I did a few months back called "The depreciation of the pussy." Cut this shit out ladies!!! These men continue this because we justify and lead them to belive this behavior is acceptable. I will never forget I was out one night with my girls and this guy was macking so hard, I swore he was on overtime with his bullshit. When he sees that I am about to leave and not paying his ass any attention he says to me. "I would love to just cuddle with you tonight. I just want us to hold each other like teddy bears." What???!!! I had about six cranberry vodkas and two shots of Patron in my system. I just started laughing uncontrollably. I dont know what happened, or when the guy eventually walked away but when I came up for air he was gone. Fucking pitiful! Being single is not a negative thing. It just means that you have standards and wont bend because your worth it. Compromise is something you make in a relationtionship when you've found someone thats willing to do the same. It shouldnt start any sooner than that. Also, I understand the change in technology and where it is taking us as a nation. However, stop making men feel as though a text is an acceptable replacement of communication. It is very impersonal and when you are getting to know someone, this is not a very reliable method. Let it be an addition to the courting not a standalone.

I'm Nina, and I approve this message.......

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"I Can't Have Sex": The Truth Behind Sexual Disorders

I just finished watching a show on MTV called True Life: I can't have sex. It looked into the lives of three women that could not have sexual intercourse with their partners, due to the excruciating pain. One of the girls said that sex to her "feels like sandpaper or like someone running a Brillo pad in her vagina and then pouring alcohol." Can you imagine? That amazing gift called a penis can bring someone so much discomfort and anguish? The three conditions these women had were (1) Vaginismus: an involuntary spasm of the muscles surrounding the vagina. These spasms actually close the vagina. (2)Vestibulitis: a condition which causes redness, inflammation and pain of the vestibular glands. It prevents them from working properly or at all. The vestibular glands are in control of providing the moisture and proper lubrication for intercourse. (3) Pelvic Floor Disorder: The pelvic floor is a network of muscles, ligaments, and tissues that act like a hammock to support the organs. This disorder weakens the muscles, the ligaments or tissues are stretched or damaged and the pelvic organs drop down and protrude into the vagina. I was in complete shock as I watched these women in agony from being inserted by a diaphragm that mimicked the width and length of a tampon. Here is my theory: One of our defense mechanisms as humans is called repression. Repression is the unconscious hiding of uncomfortable thoughts. This is very common in men and women that have been sexually abused at a young age.  I think these women may have been victims and don't even know it. Their bodies had to shut down in order for them to mentally endure the abuse they experienced. Subconsciously, when their mind is aware that the act of sex is approaching, it reverts to a state that it has been used to from a very young age. True Story: I was invited a few summers ago to the wedding of a woman I had known briefly. As with most of my friends, she found my rawness refreshing and we became close very quickly. Emma, (her fictitious name to respect privacy) was getting married at 27 years old and she was a "virgin." I used to always poke fun at her because like unicorns, I didn't think virgins really existed after the age of 18. The morning after her wedding night she called me crying. Emma said the sex was so painful she had to make her husband stop and she felt herself getting angry and afraid at the same time. I understood the possibility of pain because she was a "virgin" but the other emotions threw me off. I told her it would get better with practice and gave her some tips. This went on for over a month and Emma even picked up smoking, something she said she hadn't done since her late teens. At this point I knew something was terribly wrong and recommended that she see a therapist. During one of her sessions Emma went under hypnosis and it was here she realized what was going on with her. Emma was sexually abused by her stepbrother and her stepfather from the age of nine till seventeen.  She never told anyone for fear that she would get in trouble. Her stepfather was an older, wealthy man that took very  good care of her mother and other family members. Apparently, this man would threaten to stop taking care of her mom and convinced her she would be to blame if she told anyone. This is the reason I put "virgin" in quotes when referring to Emma. What my poor friend didn't  know was that she was not a virgin and hadn't been since she was nine years old. Emma repressed the memory of her abuse so much that it took hypnosis to reveal this demon. After some time of therapy independently and with her spouse, they were able to eventually enjoy a healthy sexual relationship.  I truly give kudos to the men in these relationships. These were young people at their sexual prime. Being in a relationship with someone you are attracted to but can't have sex with them because it inflicts pain, is admirable. How much of this can one person take? All of the women stated they felt "less than" and unable to have complete and healthy relationships. I have said this before and will say it again, sex is mental. Like Emma, all of these women with the exception of one were able to overcome these disorders with continual psychotherapy and sexual exercises. The one woman that did not get better during the airing of the show, found out she actually had a fracture in her pelvic area and had a 6 plus month healing time frame after the needed surgery. There is a possibility that after she healed, everything may have gone back to normal. Ladies, sex is not suppose to hurt. I hope this article empowers you to have your self checked, officially diagnosed and begin the healing process.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me & All My Fellow Sagittarians!!!!

Another year older, yes this is all true
Don't be late, we have a date for me to put this pussy on you
Make sure you take a nap,I need you to be resting
You promised to break my back and this commitment I will be testing
For your sake I hope that you pass with flying colors
If you fail to deliver,please know that I'll be telling others
Happy Birthday to me, lets begin the celebration
This grown ass pussy is ready for some penis penetration

Happy Birthday to me and all my fellow freaky Sagittarians
Always imitated but never duplicated!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poetic Justice: Know Who You're Stepping Too

As I look at this bitch
I feel my trigger finger itch
She thinks she knows who shes dancing with
but like MTV diaries she has no idea
I pride myself on not burying more chicks
Disillusioned in thinking their grown cause they riding on dicks
Pussy doesn't make you a woman, in my eyes your still a runt
be mindful of what you say or who you confront

*************DEEP BREATH****************

Let me ease up of this temper and take a hit off this blunt
I'm trying really hard to not have this metal embrace your cunt
You see I have a past that not many are aware of
please believe I'm the bitch you should be afraid of
motherhood has changed me for the best
less lives I've opted to not put to rest
but like a dog that smells blood after a long break
hes quickly reminded of how easy it is to take
like the canine I sit her watching you bleed
slowly quenching my deepest and darkest need
I'm the demon in your dream
In your life story I'm the theme
currently working on the epic conclusion
Warning shots in the air
Listen closely my dear
cause I'm only gonna say this once
Get the fuck out my face
before I permanently erase
the existence of your natural being

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Diary of a Female Pimp: Chapter 2 "My First Day at Work"

So here I am, first day on the job. I didn't know what to expect and as I think back on it, I was very nervous. It's one thing to get the party on an poppin when your drinking and having fun, but was I really capable of doing the same thing "on demand?" When I pulled up to the parking lot, I had a nice size roach (small remnants of a blunt) in my ashtray and decided to take a few hits to help with my nerves. When I walked in, who do I see first? My Brazilian boo, Honey. I hadn't had a chance to call her that week but she still seemed so happy to see me. When our eyes met she made a loud yelping sound and jumped on me. Damn! Good thing I had a strong stance or we would have both been on the ground. She started kissing me on my neck and cheeks asking me what I was doing there and if I came to see her. I told her the owner offered me a gig so I figured I would try it out. She walked me to the dressing room and re-introduced me to the girls. Well, let me say this. It was a re-introduction for them but an introduction for me. I was too fucked up that night to remember most of those women. They all seemed to be pleased and immediately took a liking to me. Honey had some girls that she was pretty close with and they didn't speak much English. She started to say something to them in Portuguese and they looked at me smiling. I asked Honey what she told them. She said she told them, how much she likes me and that I make her feel safe. Feel safe? I was thrown by that statement because I don't know what I could have done in my drunken state to make her feel safe. I just nodded and said "no worries, as long as I am here I will make sure you do well and keep you as safe as I possibly can." I had no idea that what I said would be translated the way it was. That was just me being nice and having conversation. In my head at that time, I didn't really have a plan or purpose for Honey. As far as I was concerned, she was a familiar face that would help me get through my jitters and familiarize me with the club. It was a Friday night and the club expected a pretty big turn out. When I went out on the floor it wasn't that busy yet, so Honey and I grabbed a drink and sat at a corner table to talk. She says to me "mommy I want only you to serve me tonight." If a guy is interested in me let me know what he wants to do and I can work something out." Wants to do? Work something out? This bitch be fucking in this club???!!!! Light bulbs went off in my head. I always heard about it but to actually be faced with it, kind of threw me for a loop. Within the next 30 minutes the club started to get busy. I was now nice off my weed, the few drinks I had with Honey and ready to mingle. I figured, why be anything else but "Nina". That's what got me the gig, so lets just have fun and make it a great night. I will never forget my first customer. He was an Italian guy. Tall, brown skin with a gorgeous smile. I walk over to his table and the first thing he says to me is "your new." I respond, "well your evidently not new, so how can I help you?" All of this of course with a flirtatious smile and body language. He laughs, "wow, spicy, sexy and a NY girl. Let me get a shot of Remy and a red bull." I take his order to the bar and quickly bring it back to him. The tab was $16.00. He gave me a $50.00 and said "keep the change." Keep the change??? That was a $32.00 tip???!!! He ask me my name and tells me to keep his glass full for the evening and he only wants me at his table. That night my Italian customer had 5 rounds and each time he tipped me the same amount. I continued to work the floor and made sure Honey and her customers were well taken care of. Apparently, I wasn't the only one looking at Honey that night. An older Spanish gentleman stopped me as I was walking by his table and asked me what she was drinking. He wanted to buy her a bottle of whatever it was and have me send her a message. To this day I don't know what made me respond this way, but I turned to him and said. " Honey is a very private and romantic woman. If you want to impress and get to know her, let me know your budget and I will set up something nice for you." This man looks at me, smiles, and hands me a Black American Express card. This would have been the 3rd time in my life I had seen one of these cards. I knew right away this man was MONEY!!!! The black card is "by invitation only." In order to be invited you must spend a minimum of $250,000 and your annual fee was $2,500. I took the card out of his hand and told him to follow me. I reserved the biggest VIP room we had, ordered 2 bottles of our finest champagne as well as a bottle of what he was drinking. I asked him what he liked to eat and ordered him as well as Honey some food. While he got cozy, I went to Honey and told her to take a quick shower, redo her makeup, change into something new and meet me in VIP room #4 in no more that 30 minutes. She looked at me funny wondering what was going on. I held her face and I said, "didn't you ask me to take care of you and didn't you say I made feel you safe?" She shakes her head in agreement. "Then trust me and lets make this money.".........

To Be Continued......
If you've missed the first two chapters click on the link "Diary of a female Pimp" up top or below to catch up

Friday, November 26, 2010

Poetic Justice: My Mission Is To Please....

As I release my inner beast and feast on your Anaconda dick
my mouth begins to salivate and my clit begins to tick
You see I have been waiting for you to appear in this room
so I can show you just how well I know that Ciara "Ridin" tune
I bought something nice that'll have me looking like a hoar
I'm hoping when were done Victoria wont be a secret anymore
Its been a long week and I have some knots in my back
I was hoping you could plow this pussy and possibly help me with that
Make sure you shave your pubics with special attention to your balls
I plan on juggling them in my mouth right before you enter my pussy walls
I'm a spread, bend, open and arch
Put that cum in my mouth cause I'm feeling slightly parched
I hope you're thirsty too because I don't believe in starvation
with this pussy on your face I plan on doing a full rotation
Wait don't move yet I need you to eat this ass
I want the scent of my juices on your lips to last
I told you this would be the best pussy you've had in your life
Now leave my money on the dresser and please go home to your wife

In the News: Check out Lil Kim – Black Friday (FULL SONG)

It's the edited version, which I hate because I love to hear her Raw & Uncut...but here's a taste.

Ding, ding, ding...Its about to be on an POPPIN!!!

Lil Kim – Black Friday (FULL SONG)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Tight Pussy or Dry Pussy???!!! That is the Question.....

Bitch please!! Get over yourself. I had to address this topic after having a conversation with this young lady that thinks the reason its hard for men to get in her pussy is because it is "so tight." No bitch it's probably because your a lesbian, not into the dude or not a sexual person. People, let us not forget that this is the same part of your body that spits out a small human being. A vagina is made to stretch, there is very few men with a dick "too big" to fit in your pussy. I have said it before and I will say it again, sex is 99% mental. When you are sexually excited, two special glands at the entrance of the vagina, called Bartholin's Glands, produce extra secretions. The moisture from these glands is more slimy than the moisture from the cervix, because its purpose is to provide good lubrication while you are having sex. As with most things in your body it has to be triggered. If you find yourself not getting moist, it may simply mean you are not aroused. This can stem from a variation of reasons. Inadequate foreplay, feelings of guilt, fear, relationship problems, not being attracted to the person, exhaustion etc....The list is endless but is all controlled by your mind. How important sex is to you as well as how important sex with that person is to you is a huge contributing factor. Also, remember that men generally get aroused sooner than women, so your man may be attempting to get in your pussy before you are ready. I will give you this, during menopause a women's oestrogen tends to be lower. Oestrogen is responsible for the plumpness of the lining of the vagina, for the elasticity of the tissues round the vagina and for the production of the moisture from the cervix. However, as women we produce an over abundance of juices so if you're really into your partner this decrease in oestrogen level should not impact you sex drastically, if at all. Guys if midway during sex your girls pussy goes dry, check yourself. Your girl has mentally checked out of this fuck session and you've no longer made it a "we" sex, instead its now a "me" sex. This is where really getting to know your woman's body comes in extremely handy. Personally, I think lube for a woman's pussy is a very selfish product. Lube is basically ignoring a woman's body speaking out. Dry pussy is a woman's body telling you, "I'm not impressed lets try something else." Why would you want to ignore that? Sex should be a mutual enjoyment! Why should the time span of a sexual session be determined by when a man cums? What if I want to keep fucking? My man should be able to read my body language and know that I have a few more rounds left in me. If he feels himself getting ready to cum, he should slow his pace or do what needs to be done to hold back on that nut. Ladies, if dry pussy is a common occurrence for you I ask you check your sexuality and your mate. One of the two is not a match. Unfortunately, we live in a society that places so much importance on getting to know other people before really getting to know yourself. Its impossible to conclude on your likes based on someone else. Get to know your bodies ladies! Masturbate, attend sex classes, find out what things turn you on. Most relationships start to come apart at the seams once that sexual chemistry and sexual desire for your mate is lost. That is the reality, so don't fight it. Embrace it, and actively work towards a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. So, to that young lady that swears her pussy is just so damn tight and that's why her man can't get in.......#getthefuckouttahere

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Come & Find My G-Spot

In talking to some guys this week, I posed this question. Do you know where your woman's G-Spot is? Surprisingly, more than half gave me the wrong answer and a quarter of them didn't answer. As a sexually active woman, I can say that this "erogenous zone" is SOOOO underrated. The medical term for the "G-Spot" is The Gräfenberg Spot. It is the bean shaped area of the vagina that when stimulated can lead to high levels of sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and female ejaculation (aka squirting). Whats so great about the "G-Spot is that you don't have far to go to reach it. It is typically one to three inches up the front of the vagina. It is EXTREMELY sensitive and a part of the female prostate. Take a look at the diagram below, it will demonstrate the proper way to approach the "G-Spot":
You slide the index & middle finger in slowly, palms up. You won't need to go in too far but not too shallow either & when u reach her spot her body will let you know. It will feel like a little pocket that bulges out & you will want to hook it with your fingers as if you are trying to pull it out towards you. Be very gentle and pay attention to her body reaction. It will be best to change up the tempo a bit depending on how she reacts, sometimes faster sometimes slower. Subtle and soft vibrations, as if your drumming on an egg. My favorite variation includes using your thumb to stimulate the clit while working the G-spot. *deep sigh* This one gets me EVERY time! Guys if you love to see your ladies squirt, this is a great way to help that. (not all women are squirters, so don't be upset if your women doesn't) Once you find the spot, it may feel a little something like this:
Guys, if you are successful in this plight, I can assure you this will take your sex to another level. Do you kind of understand a little better why lesbians have so much fun?
Speaking of Lesbians shout out to my favorite one @bball3r on twitter...thanks for allowing me to "interview" you ;-)
Guys, good luck and to my ladies, your welcome.

Monday, November 22, 2010

In the News: Oh No She Didn't!! Kim Zolciak Pregnant!!!!

This one is for my faithful Atlanta Housewives watchers. I know you saw the Bravo after show special last night when Kim said and I quote..."why do people keeping saying I'm pregnant, do I look fat?" Then all of a sudden at 9:30 this morning she blasts this tweet:
Lying ass Kim...And her "Google Me" song was HORRIBLE!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Diary of a Female Pimp: Chapter 1 "The Morning After"

The morning after a night of hard partying is always a bitch. I woke up in a house that wasn't familiar, with people I didn't recognize and my ass hurt. I had the headache of a lifetime. I didn't question the ass pain too much because I was in a house full of women, but then again.....never mind. I searched around for my phone and immediately called my girls. I hear a phone in a neighboring room and soon realize that my girls were all safe and sound with me. A few minutes later I see a gorgeous looking woman come into the bedroom with a tray of food. It was "Honey", my Brazilian boo. Apparently, I stayed at the club until after hours and continued drinking with the owner and his cronies. They put us in a limo and we ended up in this big ass house in Davie, FL. I didn't realize how big this house was until about a good hour and a half of sobering up. This mother fucker had a West wing and an East wing in that bitch. He had a full size Olympic pool in what I think was his backyard. The shit was about as big as the parking lot of Sawgrass Mills Mall. (look it up) I later found out this was one of the many homes of the owner that he called the "party house." A fucking 3.7 million dollar house is your "party house?" His "guest house" was a 4 bedroom 3.5 bathroom on its own acre of land. This was just a completely different type of living. My Brazilian boo "Honey" told me that I threw up on myself and was a complete mess. This wonderful woman stripped me completely naked, ran me a tub of bubble bath water and washed every part of my body. I was wondering why I smelled so damn good after a night of sweating so hard. I will never forget, she made me scrambled eggs with cheese, some toast and a cup of coffee. By this time my girls had woken up and we started reminiscing about our evening.(at least what we remembered) One of the lady's in the house came to us and said our ride was outside to take us back to our cars. Honey was so sad to see me go, I was starting to believe she might actually really like me. I gave her my number and told her to call me so we could hang out sometime. As I was walking to the limo my phone went off, it was a text. It was Honey with her broken English and she said, "I am so happy I you meet and I promise you will see me soon beleza preta." Damn, Nina!! What the fuck happened last night???!!! When we entered the limo the driver pulled down the barrier window and told me I have a call coming through on line one, make sure you answer. I answered the phone and it was the owner I spoke with last night. He wanted to make sure I didn't forget what we spoke about and asked that I come to the club to start working that Friday. Oh shit!! This mother fucker was serious!!! He asked that I wear black leather pants and he would provide my shirt. During the ride home I had to slowly start to wrap my head around what I just agreed to. I know that the liquor had alot to do with my decision but I have never been the one to back out from a commitment or easy money. This man was saying I could potentially bring home $1000.00 cash a night. I figured, if he was bullshitting me that would be my easy out. Then I could go back to my normal scheduled program as I knew it.

The shit was official, I could now add "cocktail waitress" to my resume.....What I didn't know is that I would soon be adding another title to my resume..........

Did you miss the intro? Click on the "Diary of a Female Pimp" tab up top to get caught  up

In the News: Messy Mya's Murder & His Eerie Final Tweets

Some of you may be familiar with Anthony Barre aka "Messy Mya" He was an up and coming YouTube sensation out of New Orleans. Mainly known for his "hoodlike" trash talking and "roasting." Apparently, while attending the baby shower for his girlfriend he was gun downed and killed in the middle of the street last Sunday. What's sad is that people gathered around him, started taking pictures of his lifeless body and streaming them to twitter. Admittedly,I was surprised when they said he had a girlfriend because when you see his videos on YouTube he has some very strong feminine traits. Who am I to judge.#movingon
I had to do some digging, so I went to his twitter page and two post stood out to me. The first post was the one he put up the day of his murder:
However, what stood out to me the most was the post he put up the night before his murder when he questioned what we think about right before we die. This post gave me CHILLS!!!! Is this what goes through our mind during the last 24 hours of our life on earth???!!!!
Here is the video of his funeral service:
Here is one of his latest YouTube videos:

My condolences to his family........

Friday, November 19, 2010

Diary of a Female Pimp: My Introduction into the Industry

I am in complete disbelief that of all the things I have shared with my readers I neglected to share with them the brief fours years of my life that I....well I like to call it "managed pussy." It's best I begin by telling you how I fell into this "profession." Crazy as I think about it but it really gave me some insight on the "power of persuasion." I moved to the south with a decent bucket of money to invest in some real estate. It was booming down there at that time and quickly became a mad rush to get what you could and as much as you could. Real Estate agents and mortgage brokers were making tons of money and just dominating the business world. Everyone was going back to school to get their real estate license and getting loans to open there own office. It was madness, and many people hit gold mines with properties they were able to purchase. At one point after the real estate agents began making so much money, they started doing showings on properties they purchased exclusively. Needless to say I ate good during this time. I didn't intend on moving to the South.  When I came down, after a few weeks, I decided to not go back. Miami was the shit! Being so close to the Caribbean afforded me the luxury of island hopping and traveling all over the world. One evening a few girlfriends of mine and I decided to take a trip to a local strip club. Now for those of you that know me personally, or my readers that have been following me faithfully, shouldn't be surprised when I say one thing I do very well is work a crowd. If I am having a good time I want everybody in my circle to enjoy themselves as well. One of my business partners said it best: "Nina you bring a ray of sunshine wherever you go." That night I shut that mother fucking club down! We had all the girls at our table giving us FREE dances and buying US drinks. Dancers would just walk over to our table get completely naked, do everything and anything on demand. This was all without us spending a dime. I remember there was a young girl there from Brazil that walked over to me when we first sat down. The baddest bitch I had seen all month. She leans over whispers in my ear and says, "I want to dance for you." I really had no intentions of getting a dance and didnt want her to waste time with me when she could be making money. As I began to decline her offer she grabs my hands and says "for free mommy, I just want to feel your body." Feel my body??? I was confused. She was gorgeous and had the prettiest skin I've ever seen. With no hesitation she began to remove her top, straddled me and started kissing on my neck. Her name was "Honey." She kept whisperiing in my ear how much I made her horney, how she loved how my hands felt on her body and then begged me to slip my fingers in her pussy so she could cum. Of course I obliged......;-)
 We had all the customers and high rollers hanging out with us. Buying bottles and bottles of champagne, getting private rooms, VIP's were coming over to our table wondering "who the fuck is this bitch?" They made it rain at our table like it was going outta style. It seems as though people were calling their friends because within a few hours that club was PACKED and this was a Tuesday evening. I remember seeing Deon Sanders brother in there that night and he sent over a stack of 1's as tall as a Heineken bottle just to make sure we were able to keep the bitches around us happy. We had female customers going on stage, getting naked and being eaten out by some of the dancers. We had blow jobs going down free willy in the back. That night it was " Club Nina." Towards the end of the evening as the DJ started to wind things down the Manager came over to my table and said the owner is there and wanted to speak with me. I was fucked up outta my mind but pulled myself together and walked into a back room to talk to this guy. He said to me that in the x amount of years he's had this club he has never seen a customer get it crunk the way I did. That night they made more money than any Tuesday since the club had opened, even when they have featured guests. He then asked me if I was looking for a job and if I would be interested in working for the club. I thought he wanted me to strip, but cleared it up and said he wanted me to work as a cocktail waitress. He wanted me to continue to work the audience the way I did that night. I wasn't looking for a job and definitely didn't see being a damn cocktail waitress at a strip club in my future. I guess he saw in my face that I wasn't impressed and felt the need to up the stakes. He took my hand, put $1000.00 cash in them and said "you make your own hours, you'll have unlimited access to the bar whenever you are here whether you are working or not and if you can get the crowd crunk like this, I can guarantee you will see what I put in your hands and even more in tips every night. I was sold!

That night was my first and official introduction into the sex industry........

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Masturbation: Can it ever be too much??!!!

One of my readers asked me a question the other day and I thought I would address with you guys. He says to me "Nina, do you think it is possible to masturbate too much?" Honestly, there is not a straight yes or no answer to that question. Masturbation is like dining at a restaurant that you know has really good food, but has sub par service and lacks an ambiance. You wouldn't take a date with you to this restaurant, it's just your own little spot where you get your shit and leave. Sometimes, if you know a person really well and have done all the right things already to impress them; you may take them with you to this restaurant just so they can get a quick sample of how good the food is. I have been told masturbation helps to curve a hyperactive sexual appetite. I have also been told that it is a catalyst for a hyperactive sexual appetite. I think in situations where important things are being neglected is when you have to really question the impact its having on your life. If you are in a relationship and you find yourself running to the bathroom or desperately seeking some privacy so that you can masturbate, that could be a problem. I would highly recommend you evaluate your relationship and decide if that is where you want to be. Why would you rather beat your meat or finger your clit than be with your mate? An increase in masturbation could mean problems in a relationship that you are neglecting to face and attend to. The problem may not necessarily be your mate either. It could be YOU! It could mean that you have adopted lazy sexual and selfish behaviors. It's like using a calculator every time you have to add or multiply small numbers. Eventually, you become so dependent on it that you find difficulty in solving small problems. Masturbation is essentially a "quickie." Another thing to consider is you are training your body to reach a sexually gratifyng peak within minutes, sometimes seconds. That is indeed a formula for disaster. I want to make sure you don't think I am condemning masturbation or feel as though it is in any way shape or form a bad idea. Quite the contrary! Masturbation was something that helped me really get to know my body and familiarize myself with what I like and what I don't like. It helped/helps me to better train and guide my sexual partners. It can also be fun if every once in a while you share the experience together. Watch how your partner breaths when they are close to climax. Watch where there hands go on there body as they are about to climax. I had no clue that a guy I was seeing gets so aroused when his nipples are being pinched, until I watched him jerk off. It was such a turn on to see him and observe how his body reacts. I asked him, " why didn't you tell me you like that?" He responded that he didn't feel very masculine talking about it and sometimes he doesn't even know he's doing it. He gets lost in the moment and that's where his body craves sensation. Our sex life became so much more amazing because we now had extra insight on each other and he felt more sexually comfortable around me. The worst kind of sex, is what I call "insecure or weird feeling" sex. If your not comfortable with your body or have a willingness to learn about your partner sexually, it's just going to be off. My big girls, stop trying to fuck with your t- shirt or bra's on. First, he knows your a big girl and that's probably why he chose you. Second, it's a sure sign of insecurities and that is not sexy. Embrace your body and all it has to offer. That t-shirt and bra isn't hiding a damn thing. Wild out and get your freak on!!! If he seems "disgusted" by your size then fuck him. At least you know you busted a good nut and also know this nigger is for the birds so DEUCES. My ladies with the stretch marks, get over it. If the man your fucking with is THAT shallow, you definitely do not want him in your life. Especially, if the stretch marks are from HIS kids. Confidence goes a long way, love yourself and you'll find that there is someone out there than can and will appreciate ALL OF YOU.

In closing, masturbation can actually be a great tool to enhance a sexual relationship. Just be mindful of its frequency and don't be afraid to share the experience with your partner. If you are single, be VERY careful. It can promote sexual laziness. How often is too often? Only you can decide that. I would say take the number of times you have sex when you are in a relationship(not the early stages, after the new boo steam has died down a bit) divide that by four and use that number. As you move further into your single life you may want to decrease that number some more. Ladies, don't be afraid of one night night stands. My motto is people come in your life for a reason and a season. That mother fuckers "reason or season" may be to scratch an itch you can't reach. Don't deny him/her of his/her duties or deny yourself the nut.....I'm just saying.

What? What did you say? Oh, you want tips on having a GREAT, pussy and cock juice squirting masturbatorial session? No problem...stay tuned.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Interviews: Mister Untouchable and HIS First Time.....

Once again I have the esteemed pleasure of meeting some of the most interesting people. They are always open and ready to tell me about some of their sexual escapades. The young man who sent me his story is no exception to the rule. As a matter of fact he has so many stories to share that we had to break it up in parts. (dirty little slut) This young man goes into detail on his first gay experiences and gives us ladies some pretty good tips on how to suck a mans dick till his toes curl. My straight male readers, you may wanna sit this one out. (or not) Nina family I introduce to you, Mr. Untouchable:

This is to that nasty,raw and uncensored Nina Niagra who asked me to write her my experiences as a gay male. It started off with the step by step process to satisfy any man orally, but then I thought to myself that would not be enough. I just don't want to write words as if this were a school project. The same way Nina takes her blog seriously is the same way I'm going to share a few stories. They may not be appropriate for everyone so please if you are close minded or can't relate to the stories then do me a favor and SUCK IT. Funny enough, sucking it is how this whole experience started for me. I would say that this one event turned me into the person I am today, but not the everyday person just the sexual predator that we know we can be.

16, this is how old I was when I started to explore the world of sexuality. Now most young men at 16 don't worry about sneaking around because deep down they want someone to catch them so they can be seen as the new king. I'M GAY; so the entire getting to know someone, flirting, and feeling comfortable was not an option for me. I remember always having the urge to be close to a man, touch and feel and still feel human. They say you learn from those close to you and I did have a good mentor. Even though she never took it far enough with dudes like having sex, I did learn that words were very important and a weapon to get what you wanted. I used to call the local chat line, place a greeting and hope that someone would be interested in getting to know me. Deep down I wanted to just have sex until I began to hear the horror stories of first time sex for gay males. I did what any young man of my virginal status would do, started off with oral sex, and trust me this was not an easy task. I remember finding this dude who told me he wanted to meet me at the mall. So, I used to have this lie made up for my parents about me going to look for jobs. Of course I was a pro at not telling the truth to get my way but anyways they dropped me off and I'm here waiting for this guy. I waited 20 minutes and I meet him on the top floor of the mall just nervous. He of course wanted sex and with this being my first time I didn't know. We talked for 2 hours and then I went home thinking that he would never want to speak to me again. 2 weeks later he told me to meet him at his college. This is very funny to me because thinking back I have always been the younger one. "I'M IN LOVE WITH A MAN NEARLY TWICE MY AGE, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT ITS A THING FROM MY YOUTHFUL DAYS." This song describes me to a T; Back to the story. I had never sucked dick, before, didn't know what was suppose to be done or anything, so I let him take the lead. We went to the music room that only had a keyboard, piano and space for 2. He unzipped and I tried to stall as much as I could. Eventually, I began to suck him and he did the same. As I was going along he told me what to do, what to use and what not to use. It was an embarrassing moment I will admit,but it was one of the best. From that point I became the teacher and wanted to give that wow moment in anything sexual that I did. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I EVER PLACED THESE SEXY LIPS ON ANY MAN.
A few months had past and I knew I was ready to take it to the next level with a guy. I didn't want a relationship or anything because most people talked about being in a relationship in school and to me it just meant another headache. I knew I just wanted sex so sex is what I found. The first time I had sex I skipped school. I ate nothing for 2 days prior to make sure that I didn't make a mess or embarrass myself for my first time having sex. We will call him "Perry". Perry was 22, dreads, smoked weed, funny, educated and the nicest dick I had ever seen. I started off with sucking his dick so good. THIS IS A LESSON AND I WANT ALL MEN AND WOMEN TO LEARN: YOU HAVE TO BE IN CONTROL WHEN SUCKING DICK BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T THEN NEITHER ONE OF YOU WILL ENJOY IT. I STARTED SUCKING ON THE HEAD SLOWLY NOT TO FAST AND NOT TO ROUGH, THEN I STARTED TO SUCK A LITTLE HARD BUT START GOING DOWN FURTHER AND FURTHER. BEST PART IS WHEN THE MAN YOU ARE WITH BEGINS TO LET GO AND YOU START TO PACE YOURSELF WITH A RHYTHM THAT IS UNIQUE TO THAT MANS BODY. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SHOW HIM THAT YOU ARE THE PRO JUST USE NO HANDS. TEETH ARE NOT ALWAYS A BAD THING BECAUSE AS YOU DEEP THROAT JUST STOP EVERY FEW INCHES AND JUST GENTLY BITE DOWN. I GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL SEE YOUR MAN ENTER A LEVEL OF CLIMAX HE HAS NEVER ENTERED BEFORE. YOU KNOW YOU DID A GOOD JOB WHEN YOU SEE HIS TOES CURL UP LIKE A LITTLE BITCH AND ALSO WHEN HE CLIMAXES IN YOUR MOUTH AND YOU CONTINUE TO SUCK HIS DICK. HE HAS NO POWER AND THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE. So back to the story we go. After 30 minutes of head we got ready. I remember this as if I was experiencing this all over. All I could see is this large 10 inch dick in my face and knowing that it will soon be inside my body I just froze. I had to give myself a quick 10 second pep talk to do what I know I had to do. I remember he put on the condom, got the lube and all I can think of was the horror stories I had heard. As he pushed, I felt a release that my body had been calling and yearning for. "I WAS FREE AND IN CONTROL" because when I knew he was inside of me, the stripper in me came out. I started to just back it up and I wrapped my legs and locked them in while in the doggy style position, got low and arched my back. It's crazy to say but its like my body knew what to do. Afterwards he asked me if I was really a virgin. Initially I was offended, but I got over it quick because I learned from that moment I could use sex as a measure of getting what I needed.

To Be Continued.........