Thursday, December 9, 2010

Courting/Dating: What the Fuck is Going On????!!!

This is absolutely ridiculous! Ladies while Obama and Michelle work on getting us out of this recession, we really need to have an intervention with these men and place some serious fines and penalties on the enablers wondering around. Men have really lost touch with the art, etiquette and rules of proper courtship/dating. True Story: As you may or may not know I have been single for a little over a year now. My focus has been on getting to know Nina better, building my empire and raising a teenage son. I have never been one to approach men or women. There have been a few times that I had such a strong attraction and desire to fuck someone and I went for it. It was never anything outside of that physical need and had no opportunity for growth. Most recently there is a guy that knew of me and asked for my contact information through a mutual friend. He sends me a message via Blackberry Messenger. (BBM) In his message he introduces himself, tells me that he is attracted and would like to meet up sometime. I figure what the heck, why not give it a try. Now, I don't know what he expected or how he thought this was going to go. It became quite obvious within a short period of time that he needed a serious courting intervention. Every few days he would send me a message asking me how I am doing and ask when we would hang out. I always responded, "set it up and I will be there." Ladies, if a guy is pursuing you, it is his responsibility to arrange a date. One night he sends me a message and says "I wanna see you." So I give him my usual response. "Set something up." Mind you, this is almost a month of the back and forth texting, no phone calls yet. Then he asks me, "are you home?" I'm thinking, "Yes mother fucker, but what the fuck does that have to do with you?" Then he asks if he could come over and "hangout?" Nigga, are you fucking serious?? (that reminds me, I need to delete him from my BBM and block his number) We haven't spoken on the phone and you haven't even as much as brought me to a coffee house, but you want to come into my sanctuary and "hang out?" Get the FUCK outta here with that foolishness!!! What happened to the phone conversations, meeting for drinks, lunch, dinner or even a movie date? This is a grown ass man with some form of formal education and he doesn't even know how to properly date a woman? Ladies, we have REALLY made these men lazy and let this unbalanced ratio of men to women mess with their head. We are giving it up too easy, making them feel as though we are not worth the effort. This reminds me of the article I did a few months back called "The depreciation of the pussy." Cut this shit out ladies!!! These men continue this because we justify and lead them to belive this behavior is acceptable. I will never forget I was out one night with my girls and this guy was macking so hard, I swore he was on overtime with his bullshit. When he sees that I am about to leave and not paying his ass any attention he says to me. "I would love to just cuddle with you tonight. I just want us to hold each other like teddy bears." What???!!! I had about six cranberry vodkas and two shots of Patron in my system. I just started laughing uncontrollably. I dont know what happened, or when the guy eventually walked away but when I came up for air he was gone. Fucking pitiful! Being single is not a negative thing. It just means that you have standards and wont bend because your worth it. Compromise is something you make in a relationtionship when you've found someone thats willing to do the same. It shouldnt start any sooner than that. Also, I understand the change in technology and where it is taking us as a nation. However, stop making men feel as though a text is an acceptable replacement of communication. It is very impersonal and when you are getting to know someone, this is not a very reliable method. Let it be an addition to the courting not a standalone.

I'm Nina, and I approve this message.......


imose said...

So true u have to know your worth

Knotty Dread said...

that goes both i mean for hetero and homo..hee hee

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