Sunday, December 26, 2010

My First REAL Orgasm.....

One of my readers said to me that she doesn't know if she's ever really had an orgasm. She said that when she listens to her  girlfriends talk about sex and the feelings they get, she doesn't ever remember experiencing that. Well baby doll I am here to tell you that you not ever having an orgasm is a strong possibility. I have been fucking since I was 15/16 and I experienced my first orgasm when I was 25. What's even crazier is this orgasm was brought on during one of my masturbatorial sessions. Yes bitch, BY MYSELF.  When I lived in New York I had my black book filled of every type of dick/sex I could think of. If I wanted my pussy pounded with no kissing just hardcore fucking, I had my options on pages 10-13. If I wanted a sex marathon with a nice fat cock, I had my options on pages 3-5. If I wanted a sexy exotic bitch to sit on my face and let me fuck her in the ass, I had my options on pages 23-27. I make mention of this so you can understand why I started so late in the game with masturbation. I had niggas and bitches willing and ABLE to fuck  me any day of the week, hour or moment. It wasn't until I made my move to the South that I realized, I needed some kind of release to make up for the absence of the kind of sex I was use to. These men were/are horrible. I wasn't attracted to them. Coming from New York my men were clean, stylish and had an unbelievable swagger to them. I moved down during the era of Slip n Slide Records getting really big. Everybody was trying to be mini Trick Daddy's (rap artist) with the gold grills, unkempt hair, lack of vocabulary, they were just all wrong. I racked up crazy frequent flier miles going back home to see my family and decent dick. Then when I found some decent dick, I would out fuck them every time. It became VERY frustrating. So, I needed a vice and one of my gay boys told me about this toy call "The Bunny." We named him "Peter" also called Petey" (Shout out to my boo Steven, those were the good old days bitch.) Steven was a typical gay boy that would not touch a pussy NO MATTER WHAT!! My boo would gag at the thought. I think he just liked that Petey was a cock but had no intentions of putting it in my pussy. Well, Petey felt really good in my pussy and stimulated well but truthfully I was lost as to how to really make it work for me. I couldn't get into the whole fucking my own pussy, because sex for me is more mental. When a man penetrates me its not just the dick that gets me, its the entire process. His smell, his body, his grunts, hearing his balls slap on my pussy, the sound of it going in and out. All of these things contribute to making me wet and enjoying the sexual experience. On one of my trips to the sex store I started conversation with a young woman in the toy section. She was purchasing a "pocket rocket." I asked her what it was like and how could something so small do the job. She did an amazing job at selling me that damn thing because I left outta there with two. When I went home, it was raining and the woman I was dating at the time was at work. I decided this would be a great opportunity to try this little mother fucker out. I took a shower, oiled my body and laid down on my leather couch. I put in a porn flick and started to rub on my clit. As usual, I would get really hard and my pussy would drip but that's as far as I would normally get. This time was OHHHHHH so different. As I started to get wet, I put the little vibrator on my clit at low. I remember my body starting to get warm and I felt this relaxing/tight sensation creep into my back. I then changed it to medium and this feeling became even more intense. I started to breath heavier and the feeling in my back crept up to my neck and down to my toes. When I turned the vibrator to high, I blacked out. The last thing I remember was screaming, shaking and then falling off the couch. When I came too, there was a HUGE puddle on the couch and on the floor. My thighs were soaking wet and I had a instant feeling of calm just take over my body. I fell asleep right there and didn't wake up for 6 hours. My girl came by and found me naked on my living room floor knocked the FUCK out.
There you have it, my first REAL orgasm. So don't be shocked if you're man hasn't done it for you yet. I've learned that this talent comes with age and experience when it comes to men. It requires, patience and a mans ability to learn and understand your body. Doesn't mean his sex is bad, just may mean he hasn't taken you to that level. These young dudes fuck like bunnies and are all about busting a nut. Sometimes that's cool, because I enjoy a wild, room wrecking fuck session from time to time. However, to really enjoy an orgasm during sex, that man has to know what he's doing and be truly focused on pleasing you. So, to my darling reader. Go and purchase yourself a nice vibrator and have some fun tonight. Trust me, you will know when it happens. Oh.......and don't forget to send me some pictures...*wink*

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