Thursday, December 23, 2010

I Kissed A Girl & I Liked It......

One of my readers sent me an email telling me how curious she is to have sex with a woman. She said she is scared and doesn't know where to start. Poor baby. Her email was so cute and innocent, I was almost tempted to catch a flight and go fuck her little brains out myself. Especially after she sent me a pic. She was a sexy mocha skin woman from the Dominican Republic. This chica had an ass for days. Her breast were not big but what I like to call a perfect mouthful. Ebony (that's what we'll call her) migrated from her country with her sisters when she was 17 years old. She went to college for interior decorating and has been very busy in her career for well over 10 years. Ebony said that her company sent her to Puerto Rico a few years ago for 3 months to work on the lobby design for a hotel they were building. There were six women that went on the trip and one of the ladies was a known lesbian. At the time Ebony was dating an architect that sometimes contracted with her company. They were dating for well over five years and he was only her 2nd sexual partner. Ebony really didn't have anyone to compare her partner to, so she assumed everything was normal. During her time in PR, her and Camille (the lesbian coworker) became very close. Most evenings they would have dinner and drinks at the hotel restaurant and talk about everything under the rainbow. Ebony said one night the restaurant closed for dining due to renovations, so her and Camille ordered their meal and drinks to go. They opted to dine in Ebony's room since she had the larger and best view of the two. Ebony said she's not sure what led to the advance but at some point during the night Camille leaned over and began to kiss her. This heavy petting continued on for at least 15 or 20 minutes. As Camille started to unbutton Ebony's pants and started kissing on her navel, they heard a knock at the door. Startled and tipsy they hurried to pull themselves together. When Ebony opened the door to her surprise it was her boyfriend. He was contracted on the same project for the last month of her stay in PR. The two ladies didn't get another opportunity to finish what they started. This was over four years ago and Ebony said that there is not a day that has gone by and she hasn't thought about the experience and how it made her feel. She is now recently single after breaking off the engagement with Mr. Architect and has been chasing that feeling she had in PR since. I was truly honored that she was so willing to open up to me and trust me to give her advice on something so near and dear to her heart. So Ebony, here is what you do: First off you need to place yourself in the mature gay scene. I emphasize the word mature because alot of young girls are out there experimenting and using the "lesbian label" as a style/fad. 75% of the time they do not know what they are doing and it would be a waste of time. For your first experience you really want someone that has perfected the art of pussy pleasing. Go online and google your local gay club. Make sure you call ahead and check, age requirements, type of music and location. 25 and older would be best but minimum 21. As much as you may enjoy hip hop music, if that's all they play don't go. You will be surrounded by ugly, ruff, trick daddy, obese, stank, broke looking bitches. Just  horrid, ghetto and unattractive. Sorry, but to my lesbian followers, don't front you know I'm speaking the truth. A great place to meet an attractive woman are usually gay clubs/bars that have a good mix of music. From Salsa to R&B to soft rock and even a little hip hop.Since you're in the S.Florida area, I recommend a little spot I use to go called "New Moon"
Don't be discouraged if you don't meet someone after the first visit. It may take a few times. Just be yourself, have a good time and enjoy the atmosphere. What's nice about lesbian clubs and the reason why alot of straight women go, is there isn't any pressure and you don't spend the entire night beating off the advances. Don't be afraid of eye contact especially if you see a woman that you are attracted to. Eye contact is an informal invitation for them to approach you. Don't be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone as well. Just because she licks pussy doesn't make her alien. She's still a woman and most importantly human. Once you meet someone, the process will be natural. Make sure you are honest and let her know your experience level. Lying is useless. If she is a full blown lesbian, she will know from the first kiss that you're a newbie. That's pretty much it Ebony. Now my dear, if you need me to walk you through the steps to take in the bedroom, it would be my pleasure. Just shoot me an email and I will walk you and the rest of my readers through, step by step.

Good luck and take pictures...*wink*

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