Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Nina's Bucket List: 2 Guys 1 Girl...Or did I do that already???!!!

I've always had the desire to have sex with two men at the same time. So much so that it has been very high on my bucket list.......................Ahhhhhhhhhh Shit!!! Who the hell am I fooling? Let me stop lying to my loyal readers and keep it real as I said I would. I've already done that shit and it was the FUCKING BOMB. Its a nymphos dream!!! The shit was so good, I think I could have handled another dick if  one was readily available. Having that constant pounding of your pussy, ass and throat is the most amazing experience ever. Especially, when your high. No break from the dick!! It was so great to know that for the first time ever, I may have an opportunity to not out fuck someone. If they were to get tired, they could take breaks. Just tag teaming the pussy!! I'm sure you're dying to know how it went down.  As I think back on it, I can say now "damn Nina, you are such a slut." I dated this guy when I was 18 years old. We dated for a little over a  year and there was not a day we didn't have sex at least twice. We only took breaks during my period and was back to schedule as soon as it was over. This sexual chemistry remained  intense throughout the relationship and even years later. He had a very close friend that would hang around us and come by to visit during our relationship quite often. I was always attracted to him and wanted to juice the hell outta his dick, but would never cross that line.  When my boyfriend and I broke up we still had sex even years after.  (fast forward 10 years) During this time I had started my transition to the South and began visiting frequently. On one of my trips down, my ex made mention that he needs to come with me because his boy moved down there as well. I was of course really curious to see how he was doing, so I asked my ex for his info. On my next visit down, I contacted him and made arrangements to go out that Saturday evening. The minute I layed eyes on him, I already knew it was going down. I also knew this man was about to handle his shit.. We went to a Jamaican club, smoke, drank and got fucked up. When we went back to his house, it was "Murder she wrote" on the pussy. Holy Shit, this man put it down for the crown!! We had sex a few times that night and a few times the next morning.When I left the following day we lost touch for a few years after that. Finally,I moved south. Some time after my ex came down to visit the friend and we all went out to a club that evening. As usual we drank, smoke and got fucked up. I was so horny that as soon as we got to the car I started sucking my ex's dick as he played in my pussy. I'm sure this must have aroused his friend a great deal because the head I gave would have this nigga cussing and moaning all types of shit. When we got to the house my ex started fingering my pussy on the couch and playing on my left breast. A few moments later his friend comes from out of nowhere , starts playing on my right breast and kisses me on my lips. It;s at this point I realize, "holy shit! I'm about to fuck both of my top 10 cocks  at the same time??!!!!" We move to the bedroom on a bed that I remember being on some years earlier.  The only thing I will say that prevented the experience from being 10 times better is that both men didn't eat my pussy.(fucking rasta) BUT....what they both did very well was FUCK the shit out of my pussy. Pure beat down on that bitch and I LOVED it!! The session lasted about three hours, both men cumming at least 3 times. I had dick EVERYWHERE!!!! Of course as I'm sure you remember, there is a very purposeful meaning behind the reason they call me Niagra. That bed was SATURATED!!!! I had to laugh at the facial expressions when within 15 minutes I was ready to go again. My ex said I was "fucking trippin" and that I need to be seen by a professional. He said he thinks my pussy is immortal and I need to save some of my shit so that it can be discovered by future archaeologists. LFMAO......what can I say, I'm just Nina baby...*wink*

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