Monday, December 13, 2010

Who You Trying To Run Game On? I Aint No Basic Bitch!!

You can always tell what caliber of woman a man is use to dealing with based on his "game." Fellows don't get offended when I say game because u know its true. I've seen it with my own eyes. Men have a series of scripts (usually very similar,lord knows their not creative enough to have an array of options) they use when approaching women. Depending on how young they started they may have found a few that work for them or they may still be playing the "bread crumbs" in the ocean game. Just throwing it out and waiting with a net for the first sign of life. Ladies pay attention to what I am saying. This is how you can learn from other bitches mistakes and not fall victim to the fuckry. A Leopard never changes its spots, just the location. A man that's used to dealing with basic bitches, technically isn't advanced enough to finagle his way into the life of anything other than a basic bitch. Here's how they get by and slip under the radar. Desperation! The truth hurts ladies, I know but its true. Us BTTR women (Better than the rest) spend so much time working on ourselves. Careers, being independent, being beautiful, being successful. Its a lot of work and the more you better yourself, your standards in others are also lifted. When it comes to finding a good man, its a drought and a motherfucking recession. So you find yourself swatting away the trash everyday all day. That is a job within itself that can be exhausting and depressing. After a few trials and errors, we all go through that "I'm done with men" phase but who are we fooling? The need for companionship is apart of our DNA. So unless you're switching teams, you end up jumping right back into the trenches. Here's the story of my weekend and how me, a BTTR bitch almost got taken by a basic nigga. So I met this guy through a media channel. Both of our names were mentioned on a distribution list and I was intrigued by the logo. I didn't know if he was a she at this point but I sent a quick message giving whoever was behind the logo shout outs for the amazing graphics. Within seconds I get a response and he gives me his blackberry pin. We begin a series of spontaneous conversations around my blog and a little bit of what he does. He introduces himself to me as some "leader" in the music business. I'm never impressed by this because living in S.Florida EVERYBODY is the CEO of some company or has a record label or is affiliated with some music camp. In addition, I have no need or any interest in being in the music industry. I genuinely just enjoyed having conversation with him. He came across very cultured and we had great conversation around different topics. During one of our conversations, he told me he was coming down to Miami for business to do something with some artist. So of course, we made arrangements to link up and meet. As you all know my blog is very explicit and I discuss alot of raunchy topics, so of course every once in awhile our conversations were "adult." Nothing promised, just a lot of smack talk. Now to my BTTR ladies when you are meeting a guy for the first time. What are some things you expect? Me, depending on the location, I expect a nice meal, coffee or maybe just a few drinks. So this guy comes down and as soon as he arrives he links me. "I'm here and I am so excited to see you." I am equally excited to meet him. We have been talking on the phone and via BBM for a few weeks and I enjoyed what I had known thus far. He gives me his hotel address which for me was irrelevant because there is no way I am meeting a man I don't know anything about but what he's told me at a hotel. It was around lunch time so I told him we could meet up at XYZ place for lunch and a few drinks. Ok, ladies here is the punch line, you ready for this? This dude replies out of the blue, and I quote, "I don't have my own money to spend this weekend because I am here on business and they are paying for everything, so I am limited as to what I can do." I had to read his message at least seven times to make sure I wasn't missing something. I responded, "what does your company have to do with you as a man? I'm not looking for your company to pay for our outing. So exactly, what are you saying?" I already knew the answer to my own questions and figured dude out in 10.7 seconds but I needed him to know that he was not dealing with a basic chick. This guy probably thought I was impressed and moved by his stories of being apart of Hollywood and figured this was enough to get my goodies. His story of "not having his own money on this business trip" was what he thought would be enough to buy him sometime. Seriously, its obvious this man deals with little girls. This is the only type of female that would ever fall for a line like that. We don't live in the 1800's!!! You can get your own money form anywhere in the world. A few years ago, I went to Zurich, Switzerland on vacation. Somehow between my car and getting on the plane, I lost my debit and credit cards. I only had $100 cash in my possession. While waiting at the airport, I called my banks and told them what happened. I had my cards next day air waiting for me at the front desk of the hotel. In addition, during that 24 hour wait, my bank arranged for me to pick up some emergency cash at the local Western Union. Get on my level dude, obviously you're broke and/or was trying to run game. Ladies, out of sheer desperation I could have ignored these signs and wasted a perfectly good day on a joke. I didn't respond to his text and just ignored him that day. Sometime late that night he sends me a text stating how "I played him, and no hard feelings." No Hun, what you failed to realize is that I play Chess not Checkers and your game didn't work on me. Needless to say, that was a dead end. I still find it hard to believe that was his "game." I mean you really do not get anymore basic than that.

Lesson: Pay attention to the signs ladies. If it doesn't make sense, question it and present your concern. Sometimes men throw things out as a teaser, so they can categorize you. It is here you need to be very clear as to the caliber of woman you are. It will do one of two things; scare them away, which is great. Or have them realize your a BTTR woman and come correct.

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