Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Diary of a Female Pimp: Chapter 3 "Mr.Black Card"

When I walked in the dressing room Honey was naked from head to toe and wiping her pussy with baby wipes. As soon as she saw me she ran over and gave me one of the warmest hugs that to date can't be beat. I was very curious to hear what happened and she was just as eager to tell. Apparently, "Mr.Black Card" has some very interesting fetishes. She said the first thing he wanted to do was lay her on her back and stick his tongue in her ass, while she pinched on his nipples and slapped on his face hard. During the 3 hours they were in the room, "Mr. Black Card" paged me and asked if I could have someone purchase a strap on for him. He asked for nothing less than 9 inches and wanted it to be thick. I thought maybe he had problems getting hard and wanted to use it on her or have another girl join them and watch them fuck each other. My brain was rattling with the possibilities, but I don't think I was ready for what Honey was about to tell me. This guy enjoys being fucked in the ass by women while he jerks his own dick! Honey said it was the most fun she had during her entire career as a dancer. She said after a good hour on and off of her fucking him, he then bent her over and began sucking on her pussy from the back and playing with her clit.  Then he took his fingers and entered into her pussy resting them on her G-spot. Honey said she kept getting this strong sensation to pee and was petrified. When she couldn't hold back anymore she warned him of her fears and he begged her to please pee in his mouth. I was floored! If he had not paged me personally and asked that I purchase a dildo with such specific instructions on its length and width, I might have thought Honey was bullshitting. By this time a few of her Brazilian friends had started to trickle into the dressing room and listening to her story. Honey started to talk to them in Portuguese and every once in awhile they would glance at me.That night Honey made $4800 from "Mr.Black Card." As she tallied up her money for the evening, she walks over to me, her eyes filling up with tears and she says to me in her broken English. "Nina, I knew you would bring me luck and take care of me from I first meet you. I am so happy you come here." She then opens my hand and puts a wad of $20's in it. "Nina takes care of Honey; Honey takes care of Nina." At that moment the intercom goes off in the dressing room and the manager asks that I come to the front office. I kiss Honey on the cheeks and thank her. When I go to the front, the manager hands me an envelope and says its from my 3 hour champagne room customer. I open it and immediately see 5 crisp $100 bills. Along with the money is a note. "Miss Nina, I appreciate everything you have done for me this evening and would be interested in doing business with you further. Please give me a call." Is this really happening? What does this mean? I take the number, put it in my back pocket then add the $500 to the money Honey gave me. I go to the dressing room to say my final goodbyes and head to my car. Once in my car I pull out the money from Honey and begin to count. She gave me $1000 that night. All together I made $2800. What rested on my mind was that more than half of my money came from setting up the arrangements with Honey and "Mr. Black Card." As I sat there thinking about the night, I reached for the note with his number and read it to myself again. "Doing business with me further?" Hmmmmmm...........I wonder what "Mr.Black Card" has in mind?

To Be Continued......

If you've missed the first three chapters click on the link "Diary of a female Pimp" up top or below to catch up

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