Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dear Sir, Please come and handle this pussy. Regards, Nina

Dear Sir,

I've been noticing you for some time now and I think I am ready for the next step. Waiting patiently on you to make the next move doesn't seem to work with my schedule. You see I am a NY girl by heart and we like things yesterday. Plus, I have had ample time to put together exactly what I plan on doing with you. Congratulations on the transformation your body has made. Oh, what you think I didn't notice. Baby I don't miss a fucking thing. I felt you before I saw you. Does that make sense? Let me explain. When you are so sexually in tune with oneself and have a clear understanding of the chemistry in others, your body is able to quickly identify a match before your eyes even have a chance to cosign. I knew this was the case with you because the night we met, I was high. My eyes were glazed over and I was enjoying the vibe of the music. I remember the feeling when you walked by me, not knowing it was you at the time. Your smell, your swag, your accent, your confidence. It all sent a strong current through my body and rested softly on the tip of my clit. I felt the urge to kiss your lips, especially the bottom one as you periodically massaged it with your tongue. You're such a tease, you knew what you were doing and I liked it. So now its been a few months, our paths rarely cross but when they do I KNOW you can feel the tension. It vibrates, veraciously through my spine and for a moment takes my breath away. I know I am not the only one that feels this energy. So what are you waiting on? Is it that you're shy? Have I not given enough signs to confirm in your mind that I want you just as badly as you want me? Are you intimidated? Has my legacy preceded me?

I dreamt of you last night. It was explicit and just as riveting an experience I would expect us to have in real life. Mutual friends of ours threw a party at the banquet hall of a gorgeous hotel on the beach. It was a themed party, requiring everyone to wear all white with red undergarments. I wore a white corset with a red lace brassiere and a fitted white linen pencil skirt with red lace and silk thongs. I wrapped my locs up in a sexy high bun, accentuating my bare neck and shoulders. You had on white linen pants with red silk boxers that so perfectly framed your manhood. It excited me when you walked in the room. From the looks of things there would be no deprivation upon insertion. When our eyes met and made four, my nipples immediately tightened and became extremely sensitive. With ever turn and every breath they grew more and more aroused, sharing the stimulation with the rest of my body. My body temperature increases and the moisture between my legs began to overflow, leaving the pockets of my vulva and slowly creeping down my thighs. I became visibly flustered and excused myself to the ladies room. What was happening to me? Had anyone noticed? Did you notice? I wanted you so badly at that moment and the juices flowing from my pussy could only be cured by the deep long strokes of you inside of me. This was crazy! How could I be losing control like this over a man I barely know. I proceeded into one of the stalls and decided the only remedy for the moment would be to have a brief masturbatorial session. I had to get back out before my length of time away became obvious. I braced my ass on the rim of the toilet tank then lifted my left leg, placing my heels on the seat of the toilet. As I slid my panties to the side I could hear the moisture build up from my pussy juices and it only excited me even more. I closed my eyes, imagining that my fingers were your tongue and released my body into the slow movements of my hips. It felt so good, but I wanted more. I wanted you. As I feel my body reaching climax, I hear my subconscious reminding me not to make too much noise. I was cumming and it was intense. Oh shit!!!!!! Damn!!! That felt sooooo good and provided the release I needed......for now. I grabbed a few napkins and cleaned up the mess I made, washed my hands and walked back to the party. My first stop was to the bar. I needed a drink and a joint would be kinda nice right about now as well. As I approach the bar, I see you coming towards me in my peripheral view. You lightly place your hands on my waist and greet me with a hug. I don't think you had any idea what your touch triggered but I did my best to keep my composure. I ordered a Malibu martini and you ordered a glass of red wine. As I attempt to open my purse and pay you politely push my hands towards my lap and tell me, "I got this." The banquet hall had a gorgeous patio that led you right onto the beach. You asked if I would take a walk with you and I obliged. The mood was so perfect and you smelled so good. When we reached the deck and sat down, I looked across and noticed you were aroused. I couldn't help it nor could I hold back anymore, so I leaned over and softly touched it. This was your official invitation to have me as you please and I was very happy to know you accepted. As I touch on you, you lean over and begin applying soft, tender kisses on my neck. You hold onto my waist and begin gently stroking my breasts. We hear voices getting closer and abruptly stop. Only a temporary pause because at this point we both know this must continue. You grab my hand and guide me towards the lobby of the hotel where you approach the concierge. "I need a room please for the evening, preferably something with a balcony and facing the water." Classy, I can only imagine what you have planned for me on that balcony. The attendant provides you with the key and we proceed to the elevator. As soon as the doors close you press 23, hold my head in your hands and begin kissing me passionately. I can feel your cock growing through your linen pants and as I place my hands on it my body shudders. The elevator rings and then opens. We walk briskly through the corridors, looking at each other with passion and intent. Room 2369, how perfect. We enter the room and immediately begin. I gave myself to you completely and you welcomed it with expertise and perfection. As your tongue rested on my vagina and began gently teasing, my body went into a state of shock. I couldn't move. Within seconds you completely disarmed me and threw any and all intentions of me taking control out the window. I moaned and moaned until it turned into short bouts of sobbing. Oh my goodness, what were you doing to me. I begged for 20 minutes or more for you to fuck me but you wouldn't listen and this drove me crazy. I cant say I kept count of the amount of times I came but when you saw fit within seconds you went from pleasuring me with your tongue to entering my drenched pussy walls with your mandingo cock. I shuddered and for a moment could do nothing but let out a long hard moan. It was an inexplicable feeling that had officially unleashed the beast. You being in charge at this point was no longer an option. I began to thrust my hips back towards you, clenching my thighs tightly around your waist. I hear you moan and feel your cock enlarge in agreement to my motions. Once on top, I knew or at least I thought the moment would be short lived. Not many men have been able to control themselves after a cowgirl ride from Nina, but you did. It seems to have fueled your craving for more because you then pulled me off you, placed me on my stomach, arched up my ass and entered with a vengeance. My moans turned into screams that encouraged you to go faster and harder. As you continue to violently plow my pussy from the back and giving me multiple orgasms, I feel your fingers slowly going in and out of my ass. This excites me even more, not many men know the art of anal sex and so far so good. You go from your thumb to two fingers, then to three. I'm ready and so open, my pussy is like a faucet and my ass is ready for you to enter. You slowly push in the head and then a little bit more and then a little bit more and then a little bit more. I feel you begin to slowly rock in and out and with every stroke I feel the intensity in my spine. An anal orgasm is like no other and when you find someone that knows what they are doing, it's Christmas. I can tell you are approaching climax because you start to breath harder and heavier. This is my que, I arch my back, spread my legs a little bit more to get a good balance and begin bouncing back on your cock. I want us to cum together so I pace myself, paying attention to your body movements. I think its time, I feel the rush of fluids going through the veins in your penis and creeping its way to the tip. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..........Ahhhhhhhhhhh. You're loud and I love that, it makes my orgasm even more intense. We collapse on the bed and fall into a deep comatose sleep.

The next morning I wake up to the smell of breakfast. I hear you in the bathroom. What was on that plate looked delicious and I was starving but, what was in the shower seemed much more appetizing.......Round 2???!!!

But of course;-)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Plague of Bum Ass Niggas!!!

Firstly, my apologies for the delay in posting. I have been extremely busy with some other projects, but I just had to make time to discuss some things with you guys. Un-Fucking believable what we have to deal with as single women. The other night I went out with some good friends of mine to this pretty famous strip club in Miami, you may have heard of it. It's called King of Diamonds. Anyway, the friends I went with are married and have done pretty well for themselves. Big daddy is pushing a 7 series and a hummer. Wifey has a pimped out Mercedes Benz truck. So happy for my friends because I remember when they use to share a car. Anyway, money or not, my homie is a gentleman in every sense of the word. Ladies, remember back in the day when we went out, we knew it wasn't even necessary to bring any money because the "gentlemen" would always offer. Its what they did! All we carried was our ID and lip gloss, remember? They didn't aggresivley cat call or howl at us (well except for the Jamaican clubs...lmao) and actually took pride in there attire. They were respectful and really showed appreciation for women. They took pride in being able to do for there women, whether she needed it or not. (my fault, instead of whoring in the early 90's, I shoulda settled down and got married) On this evening, my friends decided to bring an associate of theres' to the club. As we are driving, he makes attempts to have a conversation. Painfully lacking in his social skills. His dumb ass would say shit like, "I know you from the islands cause you got dreads." "So where you been too before." "You must be thirsty cause you tearing that water up." Just dumb shit! I was so annoyed and just ready to reach our destination so that the loud music could drown his ass out. Then out the blue, this mother fucker says to me: "so you buy the first drink and I got the second?" I could NOT believe what just came out of this assholes mouth. I turned to him and said "mother fucker did you just ask me to buy you a drink?!!!!!" I then turned to my homeboy and his wife and asked them if I heard correctly because I could not believe that he was premeditating me buying his ass a drink. ME!!!! I told my friends that they needed to PLEASE tell this nigga who I the fuck I am and I am NOT the one to be coming too with this foolishness. Then this bum nigga had the nerve to say: "oh so what, you a gold digger or something?" That's when I went OFF on his ass!!!! I did everything and said everything but slap him in his face and curse his firstborn. Golddigger??!! No nigga, its called common courtesy. Why the fuck do you think it is ok to ask a WOMAN to buy you a drink???!! Who the fuck does that??!! Clearly, he does and thought it was ok.

Disgusted!! Single Ladies, here are the options we are left with. Bisexual (DL), broke, bum nigga's or married. Now here is where I know some of you may split but "we" (not my ass) are to blame. Clearly, this simple nigga has used this line before and it worked. We become so desperate to be "boo'd up" that we allow for any and all kind of foolishness. Men don't feel as though they have to step there game up because we don't challenge them. My girlfriends and I get labeled "boojie" or "stuck up" because we do not respond to the cat calls or get up out of our seats to walk over to them. Beyonce said" I'm glad I found the good in goodbye." Well I am still looking for the "Gentle" & the "Man" in these clowns.

Firstly, moms/parents that are raising young men. PLEASE, teach them from a young age what a REAL man is. We have to break this cycle and leave SOME hope for the next generation. Show them the important fundamentals of being a gentleman. Secondly, ladies PLEASE understand that having a man doesn't define you and it is not the only cure to completion. Take this "dry spell" and use the time to fortify yourself, get educated and work on you!