Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Plague of Bum Ass Niggas!!!

Firstly, my apologies for the delay in posting. I have been extremely busy with some other projects, but I just had to make time to discuss some things with you guys. Un-Fucking believable what we have to deal with as single women. The other night I went out with some good friends of mine to this pretty famous strip club in Miami, you may have heard of it. It's called King of Diamonds. Anyway, the friends I went with are married and have done pretty well for themselves. Big daddy is pushing a 7 series and a hummer. Wifey has a pimped out Mercedes Benz truck. So happy for my friends because I remember when they use to share a car. Anyway, money or not, my homie is a gentleman in every sense of the word. Ladies, remember back in the day when we went out, we knew it wasn't even necessary to bring any money because the "gentlemen" would always offer. Its what they did! All we carried was our ID and lip gloss, remember? They didn't aggresivley cat call or howl at us (well except for the Jamaican clubs...lmao) and actually took pride in there attire. They were respectful and really showed appreciation for women. They took pride in being able to do for there women, whether she needed it or not. (my fault, instead of whoring in the early 90's, I shoulda settled down and got married) On this evening, my friends decided to bring an associate of theres' to the club. As we are driving, he makes attempts to have a conversation. Painfully lacking in his social skills. His dumb ass would say shit like, "I know you from the islands cause you got dreads." "So where you been too before." "You must be thirsty cause you tearing that water up." Just dumb shit! I was so annoyed and just ready to reach our destination so that the loud music could drown his ass out. Then out the blue, this mother fucker says to me: "so you buy the first drink and I got the second?" I could NOT believe what just came out of this assholes mouth. I turned to him and said "mother fucker did you just ask me to buy you a drink?!!!!!" I then turned to my homeboy and his wife and asked them if I heard correctly because I could not believe that he was premeditating me buying his ass a drink. ME!!!! I told my friends that they needed to PLEASE tell this nigga who I the fuck I am and I am NOT the one to be coming too with this foolishness. Then this bum nigga had the nerve to say: "oh so what, you a gold digger or something?" That's when I went OFF on his ass!!!! I did everything and said everything but slap him in his face and curse his firstborn. Golddigger??!! No nigga, its called common courtesy. Why the fuck do you think it is ok to ask a WOMAN to buy you a drink???!! Who the fuck does that??!! Clearly, he does and thought it was ok.

Disgusted!! Single Ladies, here are the options we are left with. Bisexual (DL), broke, bum nigga's or married. Now here is where I know some of you may split but "we" (not my ass) are to blame. Clearly, this simple nigga has used this line before and it worked. We become so desperate to be "boo'd up" that we allow for any and all kind of foolishness. Men don't feel as though they have to step there game up because we don't challenge them. My girlfriends and I get labeled "boojie" or "stuck up" because we do not respond to the cat calls or get up out of our seats to walk over to them. Beyonce said" I'm glad I found the good in goodbye." Well I am still looking for the "Gentle" & the "Man" in these clowns.

Firstly, moms/parents that are raising young men. PLEASE, teach them from a young age what a REAL man is. We have to break this cycle and leave SOME hope for the next generation. Show them the important fundamentals of being a gentleman. Secondly, ladies PLEASE understand that having a man doesn't define you and it is not the only cure to completion. Take this "dry spell" and use the time to fortify yourself, get educated and work on you!

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