Friday, December 9, 2011

Poetic Justice: Shut the Fuck Up, My Pussy is Talking....

The older I get is the more it becomes clear
what I want in a relationship looks to be more further than near
I cant understand why to many its so complex
All I ask from my bitch is ambition and great sex
I cant help that my drive is above average to most
Or that the shit I do in bed to many may seem gross
My pussy, heart and mind all work in conjunction
If I'm not getting pleased daily, none of the above can function
Any doubts you can handle I suggest you reconsider your advances
Because unfourtunetly for you my patience wears thin to second chances
I'm making this short and sweet so theres no confusion to my message
Handle this pussy right and with me you'll find the best is............

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pussy Sort Out

As I sit here holding this spliff all I can think about is the good fuck weh yuh give me last night....
You see I will admit I always thought you were a pun intended since now knowing you can handle this PUSSY

I find myself getting aroused as I lay back and watch you confidently strut around completly naked. My fondness of your body goes so much deeper than the surface but I must admit it is quite pleasant to look at. The round, fullness of your breast laying firmly on your chest; your soft cocoa brown skin and dynamite hour glass figure. You are sexy and if I could say that in seven different languages I would. Nonchalantly, you lay next to me half naked as if this shouldn't drive me even more crazy. I can smell your freshly showered skin. As I rub my hands down your back, laying them to rest on your ass, I look into your eyes. Admiring the soft, tender, seductive look they so often give off. Eyelashes long and sultry, giving promises of pleasure with every bat. I want you just as badly as you want me. Holding out tonight is not an option or part of the multiple choice. It's time, and I hope you're ready. I can feel you watching me as I start to slowly rub my naked body on your skin. The touching of our bodies is euphoric, promoting more than normal secretions from the entrance way of my vagina. You climb on top of me, kissing my neck and tenderly sucking on my breast. Then with no warning you pick me up, lay me on my stomach and slightly arch my back. I feel a rush as you begin nibbling me. With precision and poise, you start from the top of my body and work your way down. Teasing and spanking me simultaneously. I know you can see the juices dripping out of my pussy from the view you had back there. I wanted you to enter so badly but I wasn't going to beg.....yet. When you reach the nape of my ass your nibbles turn into soft kisses. Spreading my cheeks slightly, I feel your firm but gentle tongue approach my anus. You ate that mother fucker like a damn search and rescue!!! Toes curling, bed scratching, body twisting, screams getting louder.....(my apologies Nicole). I began to lose control......feeling the onset of my black snake moan syndrome approaching. You volley between your fingers and tongue as you play in my ass. When I am at the brink of insanity, completely at the mercy of your directions with not an ounce of fight in me enter my pussy. I let out a loud moan as my body caves into your hands. The moisture of my walls quickly saturate your fingers, leaving small drops of pussy juice residue to begin building up in the palm of your hands. I can hear the congestion of moisture as you go in and out. That slushy sound you hear when in a VERY wet place. Quickly picking up on your rhythm, I begin to bounce back. Who's pussy is it you ask? I respond, "its yours daddy, handle it." This turns you on....nasty little bitch likes to be called "daddy." I feel you exploring every inch of my insides as you look at me intently. Your mission is to OWN this pussy and I can see that in your eyes. But despite me being impressed thus far.......its going to take alot more than that "daddy." After 45 minutes of non stop cumming and probing of my pussy, you lean into my back and say, "wah me get the strap?" I quiver with excitement....."of course I do. The best part is watching you put it on......I lay on my side while I watch your naked body configure this apparatus. Making sure you get a could snug fit and the batteries on the vibrating part is well juiced. I'm given several options of condom selections for the evening...."fire and ice", "ribbed", "extra-ribbed", or "pleasure for her." I choose pleasure for her and as you roll it on, I pull myself to the side of the bed and begin "sucking your dick." Your body motions in agreement. I'm ready! I pull back from the strap and lay down on my back, legs wide open, waiting for you to enter. When you do, the fuck you give me mimics a Beres Hammond, Buju Banton, Bob Marley, Movado and Vybze Kartel concert all in one. Orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. I love when you tell me how good the pussy feels and how much you love it. Such motivation to skin it out and give it to you even more. It has now been well over an hour and we are both still going strong. Stopping only momentarily to kiss and give kudos for the outstanding job we were both doing. After an amazing full session of pure, hardcore fucking you pop out of the pussy and lay next to me. Breathing heavily, we look at each other content and amazed with what just happened. Watching your breast glisten in sweat from the light on the television turns me on, suddenly having me wanting more. You read my mind, because at that moment you jumped up and proceeded to beat down my pussy walls with even more vengeance than you did before. An unbelievable fuck that last the entire night. With a Permanent black marker in your left hand and a tattoo needle in your right, you wrote your name in cursive ALL over the pussy..........

Defeated with the white flag raised, I had no choice but to bow out........I shall give props where props is due........Yuh handle di tings......Pussy Sort out!!!