Thursday, June 30, 2011

Amber Rose Has Posted Her Pussy Resume!!!

So I know you have all heard or seen Amber Rose and the spread eagle pics that "allegedly" leaked. First off, bullshit!! Those pictures DID NOT leak. Amber Rose set this whole shit up to keep her ass relevant. The Wiz Khalifa hookup is NOT going to give her career the boost she wants or thought it would. Therefore, a hoe must do what a hoe must do. Keep in mind, a hoe's resume is quite different from yours and mine. Those naked pics being blasted is just like you submitting your resume on She knows the relationship that she is in, is slowly dwindling and not as advantageous for her career as she needs it to be. Therefore, it's time to start drafting. You saw the picture where she had the "deuces sign" over her pussy?? LMAO!!! That was gangsta to me. She is clearly dropping hints!!! I'm definetly not mad at the bitch!! She is a business woman!! A smart business woman knows that in order to be successful you have to be proactive not reactive. Bottom line is the woman likes pussy. She is a lesbian and these men are "jobs." Ms. Rose was blessed with above average beauty and clearly has the sex appeal and confidence to make it work for her. She sees the dumb shit men fall for and do, just to be in her presence and get a little of her goodies. So she's decided (like Kim Kardashiam) to market her pum pum and make that pussy help launch her empire. More than I can say for these simple bitches giving it for free to these bum niggas. Allowing them to stretch they shit out, popping babies every few years and still being broke and not having shit at the end of the day.

S/O to my ladies that understand "we run this mother fucker" and is making it work for them!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To Whom it May Concern: My Pussy is an Equal Opportunity Lender

Ladies let’s talk about some real shit for a minute. Riddle me this bitches.  How many of you think it is a fair trade to be fucking a nigga and not expect anything else from him because he is “handling the pussy right?” Let me be more specific.  Jill is a single mom making ends meet.  She doesn’t really need for anything but assistance is always appreciated. She has been in and out of some pretty fucked up relationships over a period of 10 years and decides to chill out from that scene. Jill meets Jack. Jack is currently in a relationship with a woman that he claims is “rocky and not going well.” By the way, simple bitches that’s a part of the game. As far as Jacks woman is concerned they are doing just fine. Anyway, Jack and Jill are attracted to each other and after some time of innocent flirting decide to have sex. Jill is blown away by Jack’s bedroom skills and decides to make dude her official FB (fuck buddy). She figures, no harm in the situation because she is not looking to settle down with a man and he isn’t available to settle down.  Now, the whole fucking a man that is boo’d up doesn’t bother my conscious one bit especially if I have no attachments or moral obligations to his girl. That has everything to do with him and not a mother fucking thing to do with me. Here is where MY beef comes in. Jill doesn’t have any demands or prerequisites for her pussy because in her own words, he’s handling the pussy right. Well bitch would you be fucking with him if he wasn’t handling the pussy right?  That’s a rhetorical question because clearly the answer is “NO”!  So basically what you’re telling me is that you are ok with accepting the bare minimum for giving up your goods???  I can’t speak for you but I personally have that Mastercard pussy, its priceless.  Therefore any nigga that I fuck with needs to understand that me and my goodies expect world-class, above and beyond treatment since that’s what they are receiving.  In the old days they worked on the bartering system, you give something, you get something and most times they had to be equal in value.  Ladies I’m here to tell you no matter how wack your pussy is, dick will never equal or surpass it’s value.  I posed this question to a few of my girlfriends and one of them said to me I’m satisfied with him handling my pussy I don’t need a man to do anything for me, besides isn’t that prostitution?? After violently laughing in her face I paused and realized that I clearly needed to school this bitch on how the world turns.  Life is a prostitution ring!  The bible itself lets a wife know that her pussy is property of her husband and she is to give it to him willingly.  One of the reasons for this is because the husband is expected to provide for his wife.  Now bitch don’t tell me that’s not prostitution.  Why is that arrangement more socially acceptable???  Because of that little piece of paper called a marriage certificate.  In college when you do classes on interviewing for jobs what is one of the most common things you are told?? “Don’t forget you are selling yourself on the interview.  This is your time to show your potential employer what you have to offer.”  Sound familiar?? Now tell me that’s not prostitution.  You and your girls getting dolled up to go to the club, somebody in your crew will make this statement.  “ I need to make sure the girls are looking right so I can have some niggas buying me drinks tonight!”  Sound familiar?  Now tell me that’s not prostitution.  The sooner you realize that this world is all about the muthafucking WIIFM (what’s in it for me) the quicker you will go from being the doormat to the muthafucking shoes.   Ladies if you fucking a dude that requires you to drive 30-40 minutes to get to his house, it should not be unreasonable for you to EXPECT him to fill your tank.  So what you’re getting good dick, he’s getting good pussy and since the beginning of time we run the muthafucking world.  I’m not interested in hearing how independent you are and how you can do for yourself and how you don’t need a man to do for you.  One I get all of that and kudos to you and two if you are that muthafucking independent why can’t you fuck yourself.  Quite frankly, the money that you make for yourself is exactly that, money for yourself.  The money you get from him will never take away from that it will only add.  In any and all language as long as it’s not a debt, adding is always a good thing.  Your money has absolutely nothing to do with him or your situation.  We are not talking about a man having to support you or pay all of your bills, that doesn’t have to be the case all of the time, but especially in a situation like Jack and Jill and Jack is in a relationship and cannot provide much of anything to Jill outside of dick, in a situation like that Jack is winning.  Jill needs to even the playing field and have him understand that while you appreciate the good dick, you need more.   That more will vary from woman to woman.  That more for some women may mean paying for vacations.  That more for some women may mean paying a car note or putting money in her pocket from time to time.  This may also depend on the frequency of giving out the goodies.  If you are having sex with this man 2-3 times a week, you need to be on his muthafucking pay roll.   Stop feeling sorry for these niggas and never lose sight of who he is, a cheater.  Bottom line, step ya game up.  If you giving up the goodies any way show your pussy some respect, demand more, expect more.  If you’re currently in a situation like this and realize you are fucking up and allowed the nigga to feel like he’s the shit since he’s digging your back out, no worries it’s never too late to re finance.  Advise your lender that circumstances and situations have changed requiring you to revisit the original agreement.  He’ll do one of three things:  see the value in your property and accept the new offer, see the value in your property and have the smarts to counter offer or decide it’s not worth it and cut his losses.  At that point YOU can do one of two things: withdraw your investment or threaten to advise the FDIC (his woman) of his unlawful practices. Beyonce said it best, “We run this mutha!”  So bitches, act like it!!! This is Nina and I approve this message!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vicious Mother Fucking Cycles...SMDH

I was addicted to Wendy’s Baja salad for about a good two months. My routine pretty much stayed the same. Lunch time I would go to the Wendys drive thru by my office, then to the gas station to pick up a Dutch. It wasn’t until about week two of my routine that I actually started to pay attention to the young ladies (I uses this word loosely) behind the register. The girl I dealt with mostly was called “Tata” or at least that is what her name tag said. Upon further research, I found out that her birth name is Tatadelicious. I swear on a puppy this is true!!! I don’t think I could make that shit up if I tried. I mean with a name like that what the hell else did her parents expect her to do with her life. Her options were fast food or strip club. Anyway, Tata was about as ghetto as they came. Her weekly aspirations were to do a little bit of overtime so she can get her check and buy an outfit at the mall for her “clubbin” over the weekend. “Jesus take the wheel!!” Are you serious??!! THAT is what you strive for?? Ok so let me give you some background on Tata. (got the scoop one day when I decided to eat inside instead of do the drive thru) Tata is 24 years old and has five kids by four different men. She is morbidly obese,lives with her grandmother who has glaucoma and can't drive, so she lucked up on Granny's Impala. She has been attempting for the past few years to complete her GED but has been too "busy." She has more tatoos on her body than I could count and struggles to keep her belly from hanging out the bottom of her uniform. A body that so closely resembles "Precious." However, have Tata tell it, she's just "thick." I decide to pretend I am interested and ask her what club she goes to and what draws her to that club. Like a well choreographed song,"Tata" and four or so ladies all chime in at the same time telling me the name of the club. A few of them have had their outfit for Saturday night on layaway all week. They immediately start discussing how fine the men are and how they always leave with "mad numbers." Guys always want to go home and spend time with them. Tata actually met her last two "baby daddy's" at this club. She still cares about the last one and is convinced he gets jealous when he see's her at the club and other guys try and talk to her. I ask Tata how long they were together. She responds, "well we wasnt really together together like that. We met at da club and hooked up in the bathroom, then he came home with me that night, and girl that nigga put in work. I know he wanna be wit me but his wife won't give him a divorce." Wife? "Yeah they separated but he asked me not to tell nobody about his daughter for right now till he get dat bitch off his back. But he be giving me diapers and drop off food for her sometimes." I think to myself, "does he come by before or after she promises him sex?" Or does he know she'll give it to him no matter what,and figures he might as well drop off some diapers." I listen to them speak and appease there ignorance as I enjoy my salad. Disgusted, disappointed and trying SOOOO hard to hold back from telling these simple bitches what I really think about there dumb fucking asses.......Thank goodness for my blog!

First of all, at what point is Tata going to realize that chasing after these dudes and having babies for them is not getting her anywhere? So that's what you do now sloppy bitches? Bring home niggas from the club and fuck them raw dog? So your pussy is immune to AIDS and other STD's? Let me tell you why the niggas are looking at you? It is NOT because you look good, no matter how much you spent on your 3XL outfit from Macy's. It is because your ass STAYS in the club and you've made a name for yourself and your stretched out pussy. Notice the kind of guys stepping to you. There own momma wouldn't claim them! However, your man hungry behind would suck and fuck as long as they buy you a drink and tell you you're pretty. News flash: Babby Daddy isn't checking for Tata. He just cant afford to be put on child support because he has five kids at home with his wife. He's already peeped game that he can fill her head with any kind of foolishness and she'll digest that shit, quicker than those damn slurpies I always see her sucking on. What exactly is Tata doing with her life that she is too "busy" to complete her GED? Not a mother fucking thing!!! Spending her minimum wage to invest in the same fuckry that has her in the situation(s) she is in now. Sadly, her mentality and the mentality of these young sloars out here will never change. Even more depressing is these behaviors will pass on to there children causing a "vicious mother fucking cycle."

PS. Ladies, check the bitches you call your friends. It may be time to upgrade those hoes.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stop Running From the Pussy!

As I am sitting her watching some porn and playing with my pussy, I said to myself: "straight girls are REALLY missing out." I cant even imagine a world of limitations when it comes to sex. I was trying to research so that I could get an updated number. However, last I checked over 73% of the men in prison right now have some link to a women being the root cause. Either they killed a nigga that was fucking his bitch, killed the bitch for fucking another nigga, killed a nigga for disrespecting his girl, killed a bitch for disrespecting him, was fucking with more than one bitch and the scorned bitch snitched on him and his illegal activities, a bitch broke his heart and he killed the bitch and the new nigga shes with, a nigga trying to impress a bitch so he goes and steals shit then gets caught, back pay child support, picking up a hooker bitch and getting punked by an undercover. I mean the list can go on for days....Beyonce knows why she wrote that song:

"Girls, we run this mother fucker!!"
"Our persuasion can build a nation."

Anyway back to the issue at hand.....with all of this being said, my "straight" ladies, your not even a tad curios as to what drives more than 75% of the nation crazy? I mean that's some powerful shit! Here it is if you see a celebrity you flock to him/her because of his/her talents, fame and success. Well I am here to let you know that pussy is in the same category. She is talented, famous and VERY successful. Sex with a woman is amazing! The taste, textures, smells, curves....its ALL good. If its the penetration that you think you will miss, no worries. A woman's G-spot is just a finger length with a slight curve away. There is also the purchased appendage that works quite nicely and you NEVER have to worry about a limp dick....EVER!! Now, I am in no way shape or form dissing my men or saying they don't handle the pussy right. I love fucking men!! When you get one that knows what the fuck he is doing and pays attention, he can have you stuck like chuck on that dick. All I'm saying is don't knock it till you try it. I have heard women say being with a woman has opened them up in ways sexually that a man never was able to do. Don't feel as though sleeping with women makes you gay or requires you to "support the cause." Sex and love have there own buckets. Allowing society to dictate how and what you like (or could possibly like) is wrong in every language.

S/N:If you are going to throw biblical reasons at me, your a mother fucking hypocrite for even reading my blog. GTFOH!!!!

I'm a Labia Licking Lover and proud.........Don't hold back bitches, you missing out.

PS/FYI: Nina is in the market for a new lady toy.......holla

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paraplegic Says: "My Vagina Aint Handicap."!!!!!!???

I have seen it ALL!!!! Take me home Jesus!!!!
She said and I quote: "My Vagina A'int Handicap"
I mean, maybe she is the soundboard for handicap people of the world. Maybe this is something they all wanted to get off there chest.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Booty Calls Need to Know There Place!! STFU!!!

I saw someone the other day that reminded me of a guy I had a thing with some time ago. I couldn’t help but laugh to myself as I remembered a conversion we had when we were at what HE thought was a "turning point" in our relationship. The first words out of his mouth were “Nina I want to wife you up but I think (ready for this one) you know too much for me to be with you. What?  I KNOW too much? First of all, in my mind I’m thinking “bitch nigga you are just my dick and an occasional dinner, so I don’t know who gave you the bright idea that I want you to be my man.” Secondly, what you’re trying to tell me is that because I have proven to be an intelligent bitch, you realize that I am unable to be manipulate and fill up with fuckry, therefore forcing you to have to step your game up and come correct? Is this the conversation that you really want to have right now dude? I never back down from a debate, especially when I can so quickly predict my opponent is a complete idiot. As he starts to back pedal and stutter he argues,” I’m a real funny dude it's little things that I know your strong personality and brains would never let you do. Damn right nigga!!! I decide to poke further and question exactly what the “funny things” are he feels I wouldn’t bend on. He says, “like going out with your home girls, I may want you to stay home and if your not trying to hear that you gonna go out.” Or, ”if I like to keep the TV on till late at night but you prefer to have it off by 9.” Or, “if I want to have you home by a certain time, you gonna give me lip.” I looked at dude and asked, “you want a girl or a puppy?”  Let me put this out there, I know my place as a wife/partner/girlfriend. I take very good care of my mate and ensure I do my due diligence to keep them happy. However, the minute you start to stifle me and making orders like I am back home, 14 years old and answering to my parents we’re going to have problems.  It’s not ok that when you want to fuck me I’m grown, but any other time I’m your puppy. Not only is it that the things you are saying makes absolutely no sense, but it makes you truly look like the bitch ass nigga that you are. What you want is a basic bitch.  Someone you can be about the bullshit with.

He was dead on! I am not the bitch for him.  Ladies,  a man meets you as a flourishing, bundle of bliss, energy, spice, edge, life and ambition. Falls in love with that, then decides at some point to drown you out? Needless to say I brushed that nigga off and ended the conversation as soon as it started.  Then I politely instructed him to, “shut the fuck up and come eat my pussy, you talking too damn much.”  *rolls eyes* Fucking booty calls need to know there place and shut the fuck up. I didn’t ask you for conversation or your damn opinion. What you have to say is a “non-mother fucking factor bitch.” -Evelyn

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Cart or Basket? Which One Do/Can you fill??

I was on twitter earlier today checking out my timeline (follow me @ninaniagraraw) and Mrs. Meeka Claxton from Basketball Wives 3 said "Y do I always get a basket.. Knowing I need a cart!" (follow her @meekaclaxton) I responded " because your trying to have some self control & you figure the basket will assist w/that. " I immediately realized that I need to elaborate on that and address this on my blog. As simple as you may see it, that statement is truly symbolic of many of our lives today. We restrict ourselves to what can fit in "the basket" and not allowing ourselves to "fill a cart." This can be interpreted a few different ways. One can argue, "If I get a cart, it will encourage me to pick up shit I don't need." or "A cart will encourage me to buy things with money I don't have." Let me clarify the angle I am approaching this illustration from. I understand both of the arguments given. I am not speaking of the literal cart or basket, but more so the figurative. Ladies we need to step up our fucking game and start speaking into existence larger blessing that will fill a cart not a basket.

Basket Filler: This is your typical woman that looks unto others for acceptance of herself. She chases after societies perception of what should make her happy. She allows men to fill up her head with promises and makes life altering decisions based on these promises/lies. Biggest flaw of a "basket filler," not learning from her mistakes. Her limitations are self inflicted. She surrounds herself with enablers and "basket fillers" themselves. She's superficial, has a low self esteem and is a doormat for almost everyone in her life. She is her own worst enemy. Never pushing her boundaries and allowing her self to maximize on her true potential. She continues to make decisions that dig deeper and deeper holes in her life. Making it more difficult to ever bounce back. So it is no surprise when given the option to get a cart or a basket, she chooses the basket because that is what she thinks of herself and how she approaches life. Pessimistic with no drive, motivation, desire or foresight to envision anything more for herself, outside of what fits in that small restricting basket.

Cart Filler: This bitch walks in a room and without saying a word her presence screams: " I have arrived mother fuckers! Love me or hate me, I don't give a fuck. I will always and forever continue to do me. Limitations? What limitations? What does that word even mean? Anything you can do I can do better. I know my worth and with or without your acceptance I will succeed in anything and everything. I ask questions. I learn from my mistakes and I am ten steps ahead of you because I pay attention to the mistakes of others as well. I am 100+% on my own, a man/woman in my life is not an enhancement or requirement to my completion." A cart filler continues to challenge themselves and is inspired by growth and development. They are adventurous and will do what it takes to maximize on their potential. They surround themselves with like minded people and DO NOT settle for mediocrity. On a daily basis they speak into existence greatness and are fully aware that their blessings could NEVER fit into a basket.

Harsh but true reality.

Which one are you?

S/O to Meeka from BBW3. Thanks for the topic....Make sure you guys follow her on twitter @meekaclaxton.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Hi My Name is Nina and I'm Obsessed with Ass."

For those of you that don't already know, I am infatuated with asses. I can ass watch for hours, days, weeks & months. I don't know what it is about a woman wit a dunk but it does something to me every time. I love to touch it, hump on it, nibble it, massage it. I have literally busted a nut off of watching a chick with a big ass jiggle and dance for me. The cherry on top of my ass fetish is a bitch with a phat ass AND bowlegged. Lord have mercy I just cant get enough. I don't usually do hood chicks because there mentality aggravates the hell outta me but when it comes to dirty, kinky no limit, no boundaries type of sex, there is nothing like a hood chick with a phat ass that can make it clap. When I first moved to the South I was in heaven with how free and loose these girls were. My fondest memory is of this chick that stripped at a club in Miami called "The Rolex." " Rolex was the KOD of Miami back in the days. This was the spot to go to see some nasty, freaky, ghetto, hoodrat bitches. This young lady (we'll call her Moca) was game for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.  She just did what I asked. One night I brought MOCA back to my condo to hang with my boys. The drink of choice that night for me  was smirnoff beer. I told Moca to play with her pussy while I watched and she gladly obliged. When I was finished with my Smirnoff beer I asked her if she would let me fuck her with the bottle. Guess what? The bitch obliged!!! I will never forget how her pussy juices started to fill the bottle as I penetrated. It was truly a sight. Anyway, its late, I'm horney and thought I would share with my readers some of the pictures I was skimming through while I played with my pussy.........Enjoy, I sure am.

S/O to: Ass, Ass and MORE Ass!!!!  I fucking love this website!!!!

This is a serious Botty!Heavy Botty!Hammer Botty!Lovely Botty!Serious Botty!Bubble Botty!Serious Botty!
Mango Botty!
Healthy Botty!
Serious Booty!Her lower half is not playing!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fat Pussy or Non Fat Pussy...THAT is the Question

Now to be quiet honest, I know my pussy is the shit. It is what it is, I am not a self proclaimed "bomb pussy" claimer. I have referrals that can be provided upon request. However, the reason we are talking about this is because My home girl and I were in our office and on this day I happen to be wearing tights. Usually when we talk this freaky bitch is all in my titties but on this day I noticed hers eyes were fixated on my crotch. I paid it no mind because as I said her "around the clock horniness" is normal. Hence the reason she is my best friend. ( I love you bitch) Hey what can I say, birds of a feather flock together. Anyway, out the blue she says "damn Nina, I didn't know it was that serious." "What do you mean? What's serious?" She responds, "your Vagina!" Bitch that shit could cast its own shadow" I burst out laughing!! Now, as I stated before I know I have some good pussy but never looked into the variation of reasons as to why it is so addicting. I am a VERY sexual being, I enjoy sex more than most, so when I am having it I feel like a kid in a candy store. I can't get enough and can keep going till the shop closes. My pussy juices flow before, after and on triple overtime during sex. What I didn't really consider or look into is the fact my shit is phat as hell! Is it that bitches with phat pussies have better sex? Now that I think of it, the chicks in the porn that really get things popping and have the guys tripping out, tend to have phat pum pum themselves. They also tend to be the squirters and can back it up on a Mandingo of a cock like a pro. You also get more sound effects from a phat pussy. I don't know about you but I LOVE to hear that noise of a juicy pussy getting beat the fuck up. Now after a little bit of research with my Labia Licking Lesbians they said a phat pussy is definitely a plus. Especially during grinding. The pussy just sucks on there clits as the rub against each and gets EXTRA wet.

#pause....Masturbation Break

Oh goodness!!!!!!!! Wow, this topic has me jumping. Anyway, in conclusion as my dear friend JC tells me *in her Beyonce voice* "Who runs the world? Phat pussy bitches!"

I wanna hear from my readers on this one.........What do YOU think??!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kickin' It Wit KB!: You Do You & I'll Do Me

Kickin' It Wit KB!: You Do You & I'll Do Me: " In today’s society there are many different level of a rel..."

Home-Wrecker or Opportunist??!! Here's What Nina Thinks......

Let’s get to business.......

On the toilet this morning reading my Facebook updates and I see a friend of mine put a post about her disgust with Alicia Keys and the fact that she "deposited" herself into the mans marriage. Bullshit!!! Let me explain something to you. Swiss Beats made those vows in the eyes of GOD, his wife and whoever the fuck else; Not Alicia Keys. It is HIS responsibility to ensure he keeps his promise. The argument then became, "well it’s not right that the woman doesn’t respect the mans relationship and continues to pursue in the extramarital affair. Society’s problem once again is accountability!! Everyone continues to rag on Alicia Keys, dogging her for "taking the womans man." You hear her name in the tabloids more than Swiss and he was the mother fucker that was married not Alicia. In life no matter what you may stand for or believe in it is YOUR responsibility to fight for it. There will always be people that may not believe or support your cause but that does not give you reason to not uphold your values. If a woman makes the decision or promise to GOD that she will not partake in sexual intercourse before marriage; but finds a guy that sweeps her off her feet and she gives it up to him. Whose fault is that? Are we going to browbeat the guy and ask him “why did you make her have sex with you? She made a promise to GOD and here it is you just had to slip your dick in her pussy? How ridiculous does that sound???!!! Just as ridiculous as calling Alicia Keys a home wrecker! Alicia did not steal anybodies man! Obviously, the nigga was up for grabs and my girl had the highest bid. It is also very important to keep in mind that we do not know what was going on in that mans marriage. Or what kind of problems they were having. Additionally, we do not know what kind of conversations Swiss was having with Alicia. He could have led that woman to believe his marriage was ending way before she even came in the picture. Point blank, HE was under contract not Alicia, so get off my girls back! I know my ladies that are married may feel differently and I get that because it hits you closer to home than most. Fair warning: Check ya self b4 you wreck ya self! Did anyone stop to consider what Swiss Beats ex-wife may have been doing in her marriage that was not in her matrimonial contract?

I think this will be my next topic………..

How A Bitch Is Feeling Right Now!!!!! Good 2b BAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKK!!!!


Bitches, niggas, whores, sluts, ladies, gents, playas and the haters, did you mother fucking miss me???!!!! OMG, I missed you guys terribly!!!! I see that you haven't forgotten about me. Appreciate all the emails, text messages and letters. I have the best and most loyal fans ever!!!! Nina had to handle some business. Now that things are a little more leveled I can get back to doing what I enjoy...writing about My Life: Raw, Real & All the Way Live!!!! Alot has went down over these past few months and I cant wait to share. Also, I will continue my journal entries of " Diary of a Female Pimp." How have you guys been doing? Any new shit going on with you? Make sure you hit me up with any special requests or "Ask Nina" questions, you know I am ALWAYS here for you mother fuckers.