Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Home-Wrecker or Opportunist??!! Here's What Nina Thinks......

Let’s get to business.......

On the toilet this morning reading my Facebook updates and I see a friend of mine put a post about her disgust with Alicia Keys and the fact that she "deposited" herself into the mans marriage. Bullshit!!! Let me explain something to you. Swiss Beats made those vows in the eyes of GOD, his wife and whoever the fuck else; Not Alicia Keys. It is HIS responsibility to ensure he keeps his promise. The argument then became, "well it’s not right that the woman doesn’t respect the mans relationship and continues to pursue in the extramarital affair. Society’s problem once again is accountability!! Everyone continues to rag on Alicia Keys, dogging her for "taking the womans man." You hear her name in the tabloids more than Swiss and he was the mother fucker that was married not Alicia. In life no matter what you may stand for or believe in it is YOUR responsibility to fight for it. There will always be people that may not believe or support your cause but that does not give you reason to not uphold your values. If a woman makes the decision or promise to GOD that she will not partake in sexual intercourse before marriage; but finds a guy that sweeps her off her feet and she gives it up to him. Whose fault is that? Are we going to browbeat the guy and ask him “why did you make her have sex with you? She made a promise to GOD and here it is you just had to slip your dick in her pussy? How ridiculous does that sound???!!! Just as ridiculous as calling Alicia Keys a home wrecker! Alicia did not steal anybodies man! Obviously, the nigga was up for grabs and my girl had the highest bid. It is also very important to keep in mind that we do not know what was going on in that mans marriage. Or what kind of problems they were having. Additionally, we do not know what kind of conversations Swiss was having with Alicia. He could have led that woman to believe his marriage was ending way before she even came in the picture. Point blank, HE was under contract not Alicia, so get off my girls back! I know my ladies that are married may feel differently and I get that because it hits you closer to home than most. Fair warning: Check ya self b4 you wreck ya self! Did anyone stop to consider what Swiss Beats ex-wife may have been doing in her marriage that was not in her matrimonial contract?

I think this will be my next topic………..

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