Sunday, December 5, 2010

Poetic Justice: Know Who You're Stepping Too

As I look at this bitch
I feel my trigger finger itch
She thinks she knows who shes dancing with
but like MTV diaries she has no idea
I pride myself on not burying more chicks
Disillusioned in thinking their grown cause they riding on dicks
Pussy doesn't make you a woman, in my eyes your still a runt
be mindful of what you say or who you confront

*************DEEP BREATH****************

Let me ease up of this temper and take a hit off this blunt
I'm trying really hard to not have this metal embrace your cunt
You see I have a past that not many are aware of
please believe I'm the bitch you should be afraid of
motherhood has changed me for the best
less lives I've opted to not put to rest
but like a dog that smells blood after a long break
hes quickly reminded of how easy it is to take
like the canine I sit her watching you bleed
slowly quenching my deepest and darkest need
I'm the demon in your dream
In your life story I'm the theme
currently working on the epic conclusion
Warning shots in the air
Listen closely my dear
cause I'm only gonna say this once
Get the fuck out my face
before I permanently erase
the existence of your natural being

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