Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Diary of a Female Pimp: Chapter 2 "My First Day at Work"

So here I am, first day on the job. I didn't know what to expect and as I think back on it, I was very nervous. It's one thing to get the party on an poppin when your drinking and having fun, but was I really capable of doing the same thing "on demand?" When I pulled up to the parking lot, I had a nice size roach (small remnants of a blunt) in my ashtray and decided to take a few hits to help with my nerves. When I walked in, who do I see first? My Brazilian boo, Honey. I hadn't had a chance to call her that week but she still seemed so happy to see me. When our eyes met she made a loud yelping sound and jumped on me. Damn! Good thing I had a strong stance or we would have both been on the ground. She started kissing me on my neck and cheeks asking me what I was doing there and if I came to see her. I told her the owner offered me a gig so I figured I would try it out. She walked me to the dressing room and re-introduced me to the girls. Well, let me say this. It was a re-introduction for them but an introduction for me. I was too fucked up that night to remember most of those women. They all seemed to be pleased and immediately took a liking to me. Honey had some girls that she was pretty close with and they didn't speak much English. She started to say something to them in Portuguese and they looked at me smiling. I asked Honey what she told them. She said she told them, how much she likes me and that I make her feel safe. Feel safe? I was thrown by that statement because I don't know what I could have done in my drunken state to make her feel safe. I just nodded and said "no worries, as long as I am here I will make sure you do well and keep you as safe as I possibly can." I had no idea that what I said would be translated the way it was. That was just me being nice and having conversation. In my head at that time, I didn't really have a plan or purpose for Honey. As far as I was concerned, she was a familiar face that would help me get through my jitters and familiarize me with the club. It was a Friday night and the club expected a pretty big turn out. When I went out on the floor it wasn't that busy yet, so Honey and I grabbed a drink and sat at a corner table to talk. She says to me "mommy I want only you to serve me tonight." If a guy is interested in me let me know what he wants to do and I can work something out." Wants to do? Work something out? This bitch be fucking in this club???!!!! Light bulbs went off in my head. I always heard about it but to actually be faced with it, kind of threw me for a loop. Within the next 30 minutes the club started to get busy. I was now nice off my weed, the few drinks I had with Honey and ready to mingle. I figured, why be anything else but "Nina". That's what got me the gig, so lets just have fun and make it a great night. I will never forget my first customer. He was an Italian guy. Tall, brown skin with a gorgeous smile. I walk over to his table and the first thing he says to me is "your new." I respond, "well your evidently not new, so how can I help you?" All of this of course with a flirtatious smile and body language. He laughs, "wow, spicy, sexy and a NY girl. Let me get a shot of Remy and a red bull." I take his order to the bar and quickly bring it back to him. The tab was $16.00. He gave me a $50.00 and said "keep the change." Keep the change??? That was a $32.00 tip???!!! He ask me my name and tells me to keep his glass full for the evening and he only wants me at his table. That night my Italian customer had 5 rounds and each time he tipped me the same amount. I continued to work the floor and made sure Honey and her customers were well taken care of. Apparently, I wasn't the only one looking at Honey that night. An older Spanish gentleman stopped me as I was walking by his table and asked me what she was drinking. He wanted to buy her a bottle of whatever it was and have me send her a message. To this day I don't know what made me respond this way, but I turned to him and said. " Honey is a very private and romantic woman. If you want to impress and get to know her, let me know your budget and I will set up something nice for you." This man looks at me, smiles, and hands me a Black American Express card. This would have been the 3rd time in my life I had seen one of these cards. I knew right away this man was MONEY!!!! The black card is "by invitation only." In order to be invited you must spend a minimum of $250,000 and your annual fee was $2,500. I took the card out of his hand and told him to follow me. I reserved the biggest VIP room we had, ordered 2 bottles of our finest champagne as well as a bottle of what he was drinking. I asked him what he liked to eat and ordered him as well as Honey some food. While he got cozy, I went to Honey and told her to take a quick shower, redo her makeup, change into something new and meet me in VIP room #4 in no more that 30 minutes. She looked at me funny wondering what was going on. I held her face and I said, "didn't you ask me to take care of you and didn't you say I made feel you safe?" She shakes her head in agreement. "Then trust me and lets make this money.".........

To Be Continued......
If you've missed the first two chapters click on the link "Diary of a female Pimp" up top or below to catch up

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