Monday, November 8, 2010

In the News: Kat Stacks Locked Up!!!

At this point its probably old news, but the infamous celebrity slut bucket Kat Stacks (@ihateKatStacks on twitter) was arrested 2 days ago for some immigration issues. She is originally from Venezuela and apparently she recently filed for citizenship. Well for those of you that don't know, they do the mother load of background checks on your ass when you do that and it looks like some things came up that may end up getting her deported. She was at the airport in Nashville and security was giving her problems. These were her tweets as it was going on:
Check out her last tweets as she is getting arrested:

Her mother (@momma_stacks on twitter) and her management team (@Qworldstar on twitter), have been tweeting on her behalf on occasion letting her "fans" know whats going on with her. Truthfully, I think this bitch was set up. It would have been too dangerous and suspect to kill her ass but they may end up getting her where it hurts most, her "hoeaccount."....LMAO

Like I always say, Karma is a bitch and she is ALWAYS on time!!!

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pretty brown said...

She is so messy...this lobster-headed hoe needs a role model. She has made more enemies than happy endings and isn't that her claim to fame. So sad, I am so sick of Ed Lover and everyone else giving this scabby infested chick air time;-( boo take your ass back to Venezuela hoe.

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