Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Come & Find My G-Spot

In talking to some guys this week, I posed this question. Do you know where your woman's G-Spot is? Surprisingly, more than half gave me the wrong answer and a quarter of them didn't answer. As a sexually active woman, I can say that this "erogenous zone" is SOOOO underrated. The medical term for the "G-Spot" is The Gräfenberg Spot. It is the bean shaped area of the vagina that when stimulated can lead to high levels of sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and female ejaculation (aka squirting). Whats so great about the "G-Spot is that you don't have far to go to reach it. It is typically one to three inches up the front of the vagina. It is EXTREMELY sensitive and a part of the female prostate. Take a look at the diagram below, it will demonstrate the proper way to approach the "G-Spot":
You slide the index & middle finger in slowly, palms up. You won't need to go in too far but not too shallow either & when u reach her spot her body will let you know. It will feel like a little pocket that bulges out & you will want to hook it with your fingers as if you are trying to pull it out towards you. Be very gentle and pay attention to her body reaction. It will be best to change up the tempo a bit depending on how she reacts, sometimes faster sometimes slower. Subtle and soft vibrations, as if your drumming on an egg. My favorite variation includes using your thumb to stimulate the clit while working the G-spot. *deep sigh* This one gets me EVERY time! Guys if you love to see your ladies squirt, this is a great way to help that. (not all women are squirters, so don't be upset if your women doesn't) Once you find the spot, it may feel a little something like this:
Guys, if you are successful in this plight, I can assure you this will take your sex to another level. Do you kind of understand a little better why lesbians have so much fun?
Speaking of Lesbians shout out to my favorite one @bball3r on twitter...thanks for allowing me to "interview" you ;-)
Guys, good luck and to my ladies, your welcome.

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