Friday, November 19, 2010

Diary of a Female Pimp: My Introduction into the Industry

I am in complete disbelief that of all the things I have shared with my readers I neglected to share with them the brief fours years of my life that I....well I like to call it "managed pussy." It's best I begin by telling you how I fell into this "profession." Crazy as I think about it but it really gave me some insight on the "power of persuasion." I moved to the south with a decent bucket of money to invest in some real estate. It was booming down there at that time and quickly became a mad rush to get what you could and as much as you could. Real Estate agents and mortgage brokers were making tons of money and just dominating the business world. Everyone was going back to school to get their real estate license and getting loans to open there own office. It was madness, and many people hit gold mines with properties they were able to purchase. At one point after the real estate agents began making so much money, they started doing showings on properties they purchased exclusively. Needless to say I ate good during this time. I didn't intend on moving to the South.  When I came down, after a few weeks, I decided to not go back. Miami was the shit! Being so close to the Caribbean afforded me the luxury of island hopping and traveling all over the world. One evening a few girlfriends of mine and I decided to take a trip to a local strip club. Now for those of you that know me personally, or my readers that have been following me faithfully, shouldn't be surprised when I say one thing I do very well is work a crowd. If I am having a good time I want everybody in my circle to enjoy themselves as well. One of my business partners said it best: "Nina you bring a ray of sunshine wherever you go." That night I shut that mother fucking club down! We had all the girls at our table giving us FREE dances and buying US drinks. Dancers would just walk over to our table get completely naked, do everything and anything on demand. This was all without us spending a dime. I remember there was a young girl there from Brazil that walked over to me when we first sat down. The baddest bitch I had seen all month. She leans over whispers in my ear and says, "I want to dance for you." I really had no intentions of getting a dance and didnt want her to waste time with me when she could be making money. As I began to decline her offer she grabs my hands and says "for free mommy, I just want to feel your body." Feel my body??? I was confused. She was gorgeous and had the prettiest skin I've ever seen. With no hesitation she began to remove her top, straddled me and started kissing on my neck. Her name was "Honey." She kept whisperiing in my ear how much I made her horney, how she loved how my hands felt on her body and then begged me to slip my fingers in her pussy so she could cum. Of course I obliged......;-)
 We had all the customers and high rollers hanging out with us. Buying bottles and bottles of champagne, getting private rooms, VIP's were coming over to our table wondering "who the fuck is this bitch?" They made it rain at our table like it was going outta style. It seems as though people were calling their friends because within a few hours that club was PACKED and this was a Tuesday evening. I remember seeing Deon Sanders brother in there that night and he sent over a stack of 1's as tall as a Heineken bottle just to make sure we were able to keep the bitches around us happy. We had female customers going on stage, getting naked and being eaten out by some of the dancers. We had blow jobs going down free willy in the back. That night it was " Club Nina." Towards the end of the evening as the DJ started to wind things down the Manager came over to my table and said the owner is there and wanted to speak with me. I was fucked up outta my mind but pulled myself together and walked into a back room to talk to this guy. He said to me that in the x amount of years he's had this club he has never seen a customer get it crunk the way I did. That night they made more money than any Tuesday since the club had opened, even when they have featured guests. He then asked me if I was looking for a job and if I would be interested in working for the club. I thought he wanted me to strip, but cleared it up and said he wanted me to work as a cocktail waitress. He wanted me to continue to work the audience the way I did that night. I wasn't looking for a job and definitely didn't see being a damn cocktail waitress at a strip club in my future. I guess he saw in my face that I wasn't impressed and felt the need to up the stakes. He took my hand, put $1000.00 cash in them and said "you make your own hours, you'll have unlimited access to the bar whenever you are here whether you are working or not and if you can get the crowd crunk like this, I can guarantee you will see what I put in your hands and even more in tips every night. I was sold!

That night was my first and official introduction into the sex industry........

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