Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Masturbation: Can it ever be too much??!!!

One of my readers asked me a question the other day and I thought I would address with you guys. He says to me "Nina, do you think it is possible to masturbate too much?" Honestly, there is not a straight yes or no answer to that question. Masturbation is like dining at a restaurant that you know has really good food, but has sub par service and lacks an ambiance. You wouldn't take a date with you to this restaurant, it's just your own little spot where you get your shit and leave. Sometimes, if you know a person really well and have done all the right things already to impress them; you may take them with you to this restaurant just so they can get a quick sample of how good the food is. I have been told masturbation helps to curve a hyperactive sexual appetite. I have also been told that it is a catalyst for a hyperactive sexual appetite. I think in situations where important things are being neglected is when you have to really question the impact its having on your life. If you are in a relationship and you find yourself running to the bathroom or desperately seeking some privacy so that you can masturbate, that could be a problem. I would highly recommend you evaluate your relationship and decide if that is where you want to be. Why would you rather beat your meat or finger your clit than be with your mate? An increase in masturbation could mean problems in a relationship that you are neglecting to face and attend to. The problem may not necessarily be your mate either. It could be YOU! It could mean that you have adopted lazy sexual and selfish behaviors. It's like using a calculator every time you have to add or multiply small numbers. Eventually, you become so dependent on it that you find difficulty in solving small problems. Masturbation is essentially a "quickie." Another thing to consider is you are training your body to reach a sexually gratifyng peak within minutes, sometimes seconds. That is indeed a formula for disaster. I want to make sure you don't think I am condemning masturbation or feel as though it is in any way shape or form a bad idea. Quite the contrary! Masturbation was something that helped me really get to know my body and familiarize myself with what I like and what I don't like. It helped/helps me to better train and guide my sexual partners. It can also be fun if every once in a while you share the experience together. Watch how your partner breaths when they are close to climax. Watch where there hands go on there body as they are about to climax. I had no clue that a guy I was seeing gets so aroused when his nipples are being pinched, until I watched him jerk off. It was such a turn on to see him and observe how his body reacts. I asked him, " why didn't you tell me you like that?" He responded that he didn't feel very masculine talking about it and sometimes he doesn't even know he's doing it. He gets lost in the moment and that's where his body craves sensation. Our sex life became so much more amazing because we now had extra insight on each other and he felt more sexually comfortable around me. The worst kind of sex, is what I call "insecure or weird feeling" sex. If your not comfortable with your body or have a willingness to learn about your partner sexually, it's just going to be off. My big girls, stop trying to fuck with your t- shirt or bra's on. First, he knows your a big girl and that's probably why he chose you. Second, it's a sure sign of insecurities and that is not sexy. Embrace your body and all it has to offer. That t-shirt and bra isn't hiding a damn thing. Wild out and get your freak on!!! If he seems "disgusted" by your size then fuck him. At least you know you busted a good nut and also know this nigger is for the birds so DEUCES. My ladies with the stretch marks, get over it. If the man your fucking with is THAT shallow, you definitely do not want him in your life. Especially, if the stretch marks are from HIS kids. Confidence goes a long way, love yourself and you'll find that there is someone out there than can and will appreciate ALL OF YOU.

In closing, masturbation can actually be a great tool to enhance a sexual relationship. Just be mindful of its frequency and don't be afraid to share the experience with your partner. If you are single, be VERY careful. It can promote sexual laziness. How often is too often? Only you can decide that. I would say take the number of times you have sex when you are in a relationship(not the early stages, after the new boo steam has died down a bit) divide that by four and use that number. As you move further into your single life you may want to decrease that number some more. Ladies, don't be afraid of one night night stands. My motto is people come in your life for a reason and a season. That mother fuckers "reason or season" may be to scratch an itch you can't reach. Don't deny him/her of his/her duties or deny yourself the nut.....I'm just saying.

What? What did you say? Oh, you want tips on having a GREAT, pussy and cock juice squirting masturbatorial session? No problem...stay tuned.

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Well said Nina.I like when women are open and willing to share intimate moments like masturbating with their patners.it is very interesting

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