Friday, November 26, 2010

Poetic Justice: My Mission Is To Please....

As I release my inner beast and feast on your Anaconda dick
my mouth begins to salivate and my clit begins to tick
You see I have been waiting for you to appear in this room
so I can show you just how well I know that Ciara "Ridin" tune
I bought something nice that'll have me looking like a hoar
I'm hoping when were done Victoria wont be a secret anymore
Its been a long week and I have some knots in my back
I was hoping you could plow this pussy and possibly help me with that
Make sure you shave your pubics with special attention to your balls
I plan on juggling them in my mouth right before you enter my pussy walls
I'm a spread, bend, open and arch
Put that cum in my mouth cause I'm feeling slightly parched
I hope you're thirsty too because I don't believe in starvation
with this pussy on your face I plan on doing a full rotation
Wait don't move yet I need you to eat this ass
I want the scent of my juices on your lips to last
I told you this would be the best pussy you've had in your life
Now leave my money on the dresser and please go home to your wife

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