Thursday, November 11, 2010

Poetic Justice: He Beat Me, It's My Fault.....Right???!!

You've been beating my ass for 7 long years
My darling husband I don't think I have any more tears
I promised that I would be loyal, supportive and true
but it seems like that was never good enough for you
You always threaten that if I leave there will be a repercussion
but I didn't know getting milk for the baby would cause me a concussion
your insecurities have spilled over, what happened to my four leaf clover
We were once Bonnie and Clyde, I was so pleased to be your bride
Now I'm sitting here in my own pool of blood caused by your fist and a broom
I'm petrified and in so much pain but I hear my baby girl crying in the next room
What did I do this time to get you pissed? Oh yeah, how could I forget I asked you for a kiss.
Silly of me to forget rule 29, when the game is on never approach you from behind
I was trying to make up for upsetting you last night
What did I do again? Oh yeah I was reading and forgot to turn off the light
I'm feeling kind of dizzy, must be the blood loss
but if I pass out, there will be cops and this we avoid at all cost
Oh goodness I hear you calling, what did I do wrong
Let me hurry and stand up I need my man to see I'm strong
Wait, what's that in his hand my eyes swollen so its hard to see
It looks kind of metallic, did my man buy something special for me?
Oh no, please don't tell me that's what I think it could be
I'm your wife, your lover, the mother of your child
This can not be happening, my mind is going wild
I'm looking at this nigga about to pull this trigger
my vows flash before me, is this how it will end
Till death do us part, I love you with all my heart
I close my eyes and yell a loud roar
As I open them I see him fall to the floor
You see I made a decision that my life's worth much more
I knew that 45 would come in handy behind the door

R.I.P.....Mother Fucker

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