Saturday, November 13, 2010

Interviews: Mister Untouchable and HIS First Time.....

Once again I have the esteemed pleasure of meeting some of the most interesting people. They are always open and ready to tell me about some of their sexual escapades. The young man who sent me his story is no exception to the rule. As a matter of fact he has so many stories to share that we had to break it up in parts. (dirty little slut) This young man goes into detail on his first gay experiences and gives us ladies some pretty good tips on how to suck a mans dick till his toes curl. My straight male readers, you may wanna sit this one out. (or not) Nina family I introduce to you, Mr. Untouchable:

This is to that nasty,raw and uncensored Nina Niagra who asked me to write her my experiences as a gay male. It started off with the step by step process to satisfy any man orally, but then I thought to myself that would not be enough. I just don't want to write words as if this were a school project. The same way Nina takes her blog seriously is the same way I'm going to share a few stories. They may not be appropriate for everyone so please if you are close minded or can't relate to the stories then do me a favor and SUCK IT. Funny enough, sucking it is how this whole experience started for me. I would say that this one event turned me into the person I am today, but not the everyday person just the sexual predator that we know we can be.

16, this is how old I was when I started to explore the world of sexuality. Now most young men at 16 don't worry about sneaking around because deep down they want someone to catch them so they can be seen as the new king. I'M GAY; so the entire getting to know someone, flirting, and feeling comfortable was not an option for me. I remember always having the urge to be close to a man, touch and feel and still feel human. They say you learn from those close to you and I did have a good mentor. Even though she never took it far enough with dudes like having sex, I did learn that words were very important and a weapon to get what you wanted. I used to call the local chat line, place a greeting and hope that someone would be interested in getting to know me. Deep down I wanted to just have sex until I began to hear the horror stories of first time sex for gay males. I did what any young man of my virginal status would do, started off with oral sex, and trust me this was not an easy task. I remember finding this dude who told me he wanted to meet me at the mall. So, I used to have this lie made up for my parents about me going to look for jobs. Of course I was a pro at not telling the truth to get my way but anyways they dropped me off and I'm here waiting for this guy. I waited 20 minutes and I meet him on the top floor of the mall just nervous. He of course wanted sex and with this being my first time I didn't know. We talked for 2 hours and then I went home thinking that he would never want to speak to me again. 2 weeks later he told me to meet him at his college. This is very funny to me because thinking back I have always been the younger one. "I'M IN LOVE WITH A MAN NEARLY TWICE MY AGE, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS BUT ITS A THING FROM MY YOUTHFUL DAYS." This song describes me to a T; Back to the story. I had never sucked dick, before, didn't know what was suppose to be done or anything, so I let him take the lead. We went to the music room that only had a keyboard, piano and space for 2. He unzipped and I tried to stall as much as I could. Eventually, I began to suck him and he did the same. As I was going along he told me what to do, what to use and what not to use. It was an embarrassing moment I will admit,but it was one of the best. From that point I became the teacher and wanted to give that wow moment in anything sexual that I did. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I EVER PLACED THESE SEXY LIPS ON ANY MAN.
A few months had past and I knew I was ready to take it to the next level with a guy. I didn't want a relationship or anything because most people talked about being in a relationship in school and to me it just meant another headache. I knew I just wanted sex so sex is what I found. The first time I had sex I skipped school. I ate nothing for 2 days prior to make sure that I didn't make a mess or embarrass myself for my first time having sex. We will call him "Perry". Perry was 22, dreads, smoked weed, funny, educated and the nicest dick I had ever seen. I started off with sucking his dick so good. THIS IS A LESSON AND I WANT ALL MEN AND WOMEN TO LEARN: YOU HAVE TO BE IN CONTROL WHEN SUCKING DICK BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T THEN NEITHER ONE OF YOU WILL ENJOY IT. I STARTED SUCKING ON THE HEAD SLOWLY NOT TO FAST AND NOT TO ROUGH, THEN I STARTED TO SUCK A LITTLE HARD BUT START GOING DOWN FURTHER AND FURTHER. BEST PART IS WHEN THE MAN YOU ARE WITH BEGINS TO LET GO AND YOU START TO PACE YOURSELF WITH A RHYTHM THAT IS UNIQUE TO THAT MANS BODY. IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SHOW HIM THAT YOU ARE THE PRO JUST USE NO HANDS. TEETH ARE NOT ALWAYS A BAD THING BECAUSE AS YOU DEEP THROAT JUST STOP EVERY FEW INCHES AND JUST GENTLY BITE DOWN. I GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL SEE YOUR MAN ENTER A LEVEL OF CLIMAX HE HAS NEVER ENTERED BEFORE. YOU KNOW YOU DID A GOOD JOB WHEN YOU SEE HIS TOES CURL UP LIKE A LITTLE BITCH AND ALSO WHEN HE CLIMAXES IN YOUR MOUTH AND YOU CONTINUE TO SUCK HIS DICK. HE HAS NO POWER AND THAT IS HOW IT SHOULD BE. So back to the story we go. After 30 minutes of head we got ready. I remember this as if I was experiencing this all over. All I could see is this large 10 inch dick in my face and knowing that it will soon be inside my body I just froze. I had to give myself a quick 10 second pep talk to do what I know I had to do. I remember he put on the condom, got the lube and all I can think of was the horror stories I had heard. As he pushed, I felt a release that my body had been calling and yearning for. "I WAS FREE AND IN CONTROL" because when I knew he was inside of me, the stripper in me came out. I started to just back it up and I wrapped my legs and locked them in while in the doggy style position, got low and arched my back. It's crazy to say but its like my body knew what to do. Afterwards he asked me if I was really a virgin. Initially I was offended, but I got over it quick because I learned from that moment I could use sex as a measure of getting what I needed.

To Be Continued.........

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