Friday, September 10, 2010

Motivation to Grind: This Bitch is like no other....

I consider myself to be a very unique individual. Not many people can say they've met a Nina before me and not many can comfortably admit to ever meeting a Nina after me. However, I must say there has been one artist in particular, that I have admired for many years and comes pretty damn close to summing me up. It was extremely exciting to see her on 106&Park today promoting her new album "My Way." Eve does a duet on one of her tracks and that shit is FIRE. Let me give a brief history lesson to my readers who do not know who Lady Saw is. Lady Saw is a Jamaican reggae singer, known as "the Queen of Dancehall". She is the first female DJ to win a Grammy Award and to be certified as a triple-platinum artist. She is also the first woman to headline dancehall shows outside her native Jamaica.  She dominated the airways in the early nighties screaming sexual empowerment. LadySaw kept it "real and raw." Her lyrical content makes sense and sends a message loud and clear to any and all. Some of my favorite tunes from her are "Chat to me back." In this song she is telling the next bitch and anyone else that wants to hear,  men are the least of her problems. She is not into the headache and hassle that these little girls tolerate from these men. She leaves the drama for the simple minded hoes. "I got your man," is so gangsta. Not only does she tell the bitch she has her man. She also lets her know there isn't shit she can do about it. Then schools the woman on how her pussy is slack and she needs to ease up from calling him because he is not coming back. "Loser," she tells the ladies don't waste time on anybody bringing less than 100. Show them the "L" sign. Let them know if they don't come correct, better men are out there. Total woman empowerment!! I love this bitch!! "Sycamore Tree,"  it was here she made it very clear she was not going to suck any dick under the sycamore tree. She was a woman of pride and have more self respect than that. She also was not going to allow him to have gossip to bring back to his friends. A man would not be allowed to turn her into a freak, that is a transition she wanted to make on her own accord. "Ninja Bike," Ahhhhhhhhh Nina's anthem!!! She challenged any and all men that felt they could handle her. My girl said  "you say your a Stallion well I am a champion." "If your small don't bother try because I don't work with small dick guys." "It's Raining," everybody knows that when its raining there are two things most people enjoy doing, sleeping and fucking. Well my girl made a song about the latter. One more song to reminisce, "Stab up me meat," an explicit description of what she wants done to her pussy. She sends out an APB for the men that know how to handle their business. I could chat all night about my girl. I have been a fan since her first album in 1994. Let us be honest, she is not the prettiest bitch on two feet but delivers a consistent dosage of music and entertainment that is raw, real and all the way live. I know she needs no help with promoting her new album, but I would be remiss if I didn't encourage my readers to check her out.

I have one request, once you purchase the album, email me your juicy story on which song you fucked to. Don't laugh, its going to happen. That bitch motivates you to get your back dug out or to do some serious digging. Mark my word!

Till next time, Nina signing off.

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