Friday, January 21, 2011

Diary of a Female Pimp: Chapter 5 "At The Ritz Carlton With My Bitches. Our 1st Gig!"

The guest would be arriving at The Ritz Carlton Suite in 2 days. "Mr.Black Card" was very pleased with my menu of demands in preparation for them and had already provided me with the down payment to have things set up. The guest of course had very expensive taste and along with providing entertainment, I decided to keep my "business" well rounded by providing a fully catered evening as well. Food, drinks and "party favors." I rented a separate 3 bedroom, ocean front suite for the night and made arrangements with the Ritz kitchen for the catering. According to "Mr.Black Card", Cocaine and Marijuana were the "party favors" of choice. They take hits the entire night and it was very important that they did not run out. (shout out to my boy for holding me down that night and being available on demand. *u know who u are*) My main attractions were Honey, Alize, Karen, Barbie & Phoenix. I decided to throw in an extra girl to ensure that there would always be someone on the small stage I had set up in the living room area. They had to be stimulated from the time they walked in until the end of the night. I also borrowed 3 of the cocktail waitresses from the club that I had grown fond of and trusted, to be the servers and bartenders. My shit was looking pretty tight! Finally, the morning of the party had arrived. I called all of my girls to make sure everybody was on the same page and would be on time. It was important that I briefed them on the rules for the evening as well as giving them a bio of the clients. What they liked to do; Who was the breast man; Which one liked anal; Which one was into feet; Who drank what; Which client I had them in mind for, etc... I had also purchased some uniforms for my waitresses. French maid outfits and they were ULTRA sexy. The gentleman would be waiting to hear from me around 5:30pm advising them of the room number and the party was to kick off around 7:00pm. I checked into the room around 4:00pm and all of my girls were with me by 5:00pm. I will never forget how gorgeous the view was from that room. The water was tranquil and the breeze filled the room with the aroma from the beach. I was getting a little bit nervous and replaying in my head how I would handle worst case scenario. What if we got busted? What if more than the arranged amount of men showed up and tried to rape myself and my girls? What was I thinking? Why didn't I bring protection or hire a bodyguard? I don't know how, with all of this preparation to make this evening so perfect I could forget the most important thing. I quickly scrambled through my phonebook to see who I could call. These girls trusted me and there was no way I could let them down with something as important as this. I stepped outside on the balcony to get some privacy, I didn't want them to know how panicked I was. The first phone call I made was to one of my fuck buddies that was a promoter in Miami. I knew he wouldn't be too far because he had a party that night. I told him that a few girlfriends of mine were hanging in the area, I didn't know some of the guys and wanted him to keep his phone close just in case anything popped off. He always walked with a licensed gun so after hanging up from him I felt a little bit better. I went back in side and began the inspection of my girls. I don't know why I felt I needed to do this. I figured, if these guys are going to be all up in every possible crevice on these girls, I need to make sure there is nothing there to disgust them. I had everyone strip naked and lay on the bed. I will admit that I was getting my own bit of satisfaction from having these gorgeous women naked and spread eagle on the bed. Especially Honey! She was such a flirt when it came to me and made sure I took my time in examing her body. She looked at me intently as she took my fingers and placed them between her pussy lips. It was so wet and smelled so sweet. I was tempted to taste but had to quickly remind myself of her proffession. I was never one for playing Russian Roulette. I checked around there breast, under there arms, behind there ears, made sure there pussies were cleanly waxed. I had asked that they get full body waxes a few days before to ensure they were as clean as a whistle. No chewing gum, NEVER discuss money, no cursing during conversations only when engaging in sex and manage your liquor intake. We created codes between the girls and the waitresses so they would know when to go light on the drinks for them or if they were feeling uncomfortable. We had substitute batches of cocaine that was actually powder. This was so the girls could use that instead of the cocaine or when they reached there limit. It was 6:50pm and the clients would be here in 10 minutes. The food was ready, my bartender was ready, the party favors were on deck, the cocktail waitresses were ready and the music was right. I poured each of my girls a glass of champagne and lined my bitches up in the front.(I got that idea from the Bunny Ranch show on HBO) At 7:00pm on the eye, I hear a knock at the door. My heart drops to my stomach. This is it, there is no turning back now. It's do or die at this point. I place my hand on the doorknob, turn to my girls, give them a wink and say:

"Lets make this fucking money."

To be continued........

If you've missed the first 5 chapters and want to catch up, click on the "Diary of a Female Pimp" link up top or on the bottom of this post.

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