Monday, January 17, 2011

Kicking It With KB: Does Size Really Matter???

For centuries, we have asked this question, and for years we have gotten mixed answers. And the saga continues…. Many women say that if your dick is not bigger than 9 inches, they won’t fuck with you. I found out recently that the days of women wanting a “Mandingo” 12 inch dick may in fact be over. At least that’s what I gathered by the words that I have heard in the last few weeks. The average dick is 7 inches long. I don’t know a woman that will say that’s enough for them. I have found that women will be happy with 8-9.5 inches of dick and 3-5 inches in girth. Even though there are women that can take those monster ass dicks, most niggas don’t have them. So I have been told. Being that some men are concerned about how big their dicks are, ladies you have to be honest with these men. If he dosen't stack up for you please tell him. I laugh every time I talk to a lady friend and she talks about a nigga who swore he was packing and he didn’t have shit. Most of the women I know would rather have an average length, but extra thick dick because it hits all walls of the pussy. Knowing how to use the dick is more important than the size, because if you know how to hit a womans g- spot, she wont care how big your dick is.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to ask a nigga to show his dick. We are proud of them and will show them to just about any woman that wants to see it. We will send emails, picture msgs, and even pull it out for you to see in person. Even if you're not going to fuck him, ask him and 100% of the time he will show and tell. But ladies, understand if you get the live tour we expect to get a nut some kind of way. Jack his dick for him, suck it, or fuck it. Whichever you wanna do. We will not be mad at all. If you want to see a nigga dick get as big as possible, just grab it and stroke it a bit. You will feel it flex in your hand allowing you to take the time to inspect the dick, check for blemishes, sores or anything else. Treat it like you're shoe shopping. Hold it up next to your outfit and see how it looks on your skin. Look at it from all angles. Every man thinks he has the biggest and best dick in the world. As soon as ya’ll realize every man ain’t built like Justin Slayer and Jack Napeir, you will getthe good quality dick that will fill that pussy just right.

I have a few things to say about this post, stay tuned. -Nina

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