Thursday, July 7, 2011

You Lay with Dogs, You'll Rise with Fleas.....#RealTalk

I have quite often been labeled as the bitch that thinks her shit doesn’t stink. It’s not that I don’t think my shit stinks, it's just that I KNOW it smells better than yours. I really don’t see what the problem is in being selective with the people you have in your circle. I am all about progression and have a very strict set of values and beliefs that I live by. Why would I want to be unevenly yoked? Better yet, why would I want to deal with the hassle. We are naturally adaptive creatures. Whatever environment you find yourself in for a long period of time, you will be inclined to adjust or accommodate others to alleviate some of the foreign. If an English speaking American were to migrate to another country, we expect within a period of time they pick up or at least understand the language. Simple, broke and ignorant bitches roll with simple, broke and ignorant bitches. Niggas that ain't about shit, roll with niggas that ain't about shit. Its just how the cookie crumbles. Or as they say "birds of a feather flock together. I was listening/observing a conversation one day on a train ride to Manhattan. These ladies were probably around 18-21. Four out of the five were very vocal and extra. They were discussing the faults (basically being haters) of some groups of girls they knew, being petty and unnecessarily malicious. Let me preface by giving you a visual...The girls were all on the heavy side and not very attractive. All were fashion misfits in there attempts to wear clothing not of the appropriate size. With the exception of one, there street slang/slur was heavy and very much "bonquisha-ish/shanainai-ish." They were loud and obnoxious in appearance and volume. As they spewed there hate and spoke openly of there sexual escapades with "this bitch" man and "that bitch" man, I couldn't help but notice the one young lady that just didn't seem to quite fit in. When all but that one young lady got off at the next stop, almost like a light switch I noticed the change in her body language and demeanor. I already knew what time it was and quickly figured out exactly what this chick was about. I'm a people person (when I wanna be) and I love studying, learning and understanding human behaviors. I introduced myself to the young lady, told her I was in graduate school finishing up my Masters in Psychology and wanted to know if she would be ok with me asking her a few questions, for a paper I was writing. I was able to get in a good 20 minutes before I had to get off at my stop, but it was exactly as I predicted. Samantha (her name) had moved to Brooklyn from Connecticut. She grew up in a humble middle class neighborhood and graduated Valedictorian of her high school class. This bitch is smart as shit! (no common sense though) She desperately wanted to fit in and the only crowd that had some kind of "cool" factor and would allow her in, were the girls I saw. She agreed that alot of the things they talk about or focus on she didn't quite understand and finds that she has to "dumb down" alot in order for them to get her. However, in her eyes it is so much better than being alone. Also, being overweight doesn't help with her insecurities and makes it hard for her to feel comfortable around people. Sam was quickly on a path of self-destruction fucking with these girls. I didn't have an opportunity to really "get in" and school her Nina style but I did leave her with this: "Create your own following, listen to your instincts and do better because you are better."

Take a look at the top 5 mother fuckers that you roll with. Ten chances to one, you are doing just about as good or as bad as they are. I never understand why we get upset when someone that grew up in the ghetto decides to distance themselves from that environment when they get older. You'll often hear "oh fuck dat nigga Chris man, he done forgot where he came from. Dat nigga dont even rep his hood." Excuse me, but what exactly would Chris be "reppin" might I ask? The fact that he escaped having multiple baby mothers, selling drugs, not getting an education, jail, low income housing, death? News Flash: I'm Good! I do better because I am better. If I want to help the less fortunate or "rep" anything, it will be the children. I have NO sympathy for a grown ass man or woman that uses every stereotype or obstacles as an excuse to be a mother fucking loser. I will not waste time, energy or money throwing venom at people or associating myself with those that do. I do better because I am better.

This simple bitch on twitter the other day said to me "oh you ain't shit bitch I got way more followers than you do." I advised this ignorant piece of shoe shit that unlike her, twitter nor anyone of these social networks DO NOT define me. I define me! What this sloar and many others do not understand is that life is not about a popularity contest. Surrounding yourself with a entourage of random mother fuckers doesn't make you the shit. As a people we are so afraid of our own damn reflections. This fear is clearly crippling and prevents us from facing and defeating center inner demons that we all have. Ultimately stifling personal, professional, emotional and spiritual growth.

Lesson for Today:
  • Align yourself with people that are doing bigger and better shit than you are.
  • Don't be afraid to give a nigga/bitch the "pink slip"

  • Do better, because you are better

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