Thursday, July 21, 2011

The First Time I "Rubbed One Out" Holy Shit!!!

I and two of my close friends went on a last minute trip to the Bahamas for a few days and it ended up being an extremely monumental time in my life. I am one of those women that NEEDS to cum at least once a day. If I don’t play with my pussy and bust a good one, I get cranky and very irritable. When I am traveling, I pack my vibrator first and if I for any reason forget it, my ass is buying another one upon landing. I had truly perfected the art of masturbation or so I thought. On this trip, for whatever reason I forgot to pack my vibrator. It dawned on me as soon as I reached the airport and I had no time to run back and get it or find a local store. (BTW, are there any airports that have a sex store?) I was very nervous about this because as I racked my brain I could not remember seeing a sex store anywhere on the island we were heading too. When we landed and were checking in, I asked the lady at the front desk if there was anywhere I could find a sex store to purchase a vibrator. Now I know Bahamas is a strict Christian country but these bitches are just as freaky if not freakier, so the embarrassed/disgusted look on the concierge lady face was a front and at that point I didn’t give a flying fuck. I wanted my vibrator!!! As I suspected, they had nothing on the island. (Bahamas has over 700+ islands and many of them are very small and exclusive) I was pissed!! At that moment, I felt my clit swelling up. Little bitch!! She was just being spiteful and I knew it. My girls couldn’t understand why the charades around getting my toy. Wendy says to me, "bitch just get in the shower and rub one out." "Rub one out???" I was confused. What did she mean "rub one out?" Shonae then says. "Girl, you mean to tell me you've never made yourself cum with your fingers?" I was perplexed. Why hadn't I ever done that? ME?!??!! Miss Nina Niagra???!!! WTF???!!! They began to laugh at me because up to that point, I was the bitch to beat when it came to any kind of sexual escapades. I was officially on a mission. I needed to master the art of making my pussy cum w/out a vibrator. The first night there, while in the shower, I made an attempt. It was a no go...My pussy was like a spoiled rich kid, visiting Wal-Mart for the first time; confused, in denial and wanted no parts of it. By the time I was done trying to get the pussy flowing, I exhausted all the hot water. My bitches were so mad at me...lmao!! I wanted to so bad to ask them what techniques they use but my pride wouldn’t let me. That weekend I did everything possible to keep my mind off of not being able to cum. It seems as though my attempts only frustrated me more, so I stopped and just opted for spooning Wendy and hunching on her bare naked ass.

When we got back home that Sunday night, the first thing I did was grab my toy and get to work. However, I was so backed up from the weekend, even after 4 sessions I still wanted more. At that point my pussy just wanted a good pounding and some serious vaginal wall damage. I scrolled through my phone and called old faithful. He's a really handsome guy but much shorter than me so I could never really get into him. I would always talk shit about being vertically challenged. Well apparently Mr. ShortieByNature had a point to prove. One night after smoking, my pussy began leaking like the drainage in an oil change. We hadn’t had sex before but at that moment I would have fucked a doorknob. After a few minutes of foreplay, I pulled my panties to the side, positioned myself on the arm side of his couch, cocked my leg up, arched my back and stuck my fingers in my wet, dripping pulsating pussy. As he watched me play with it, I watched his mandingo double then triple in size. He grabbed for that XXL Magnum, slipped his head in and teased me. That shit drove me crazy and begging for more. Then he says "let me show you how us short niggas get down." Ladies, have mercy on my soul!!!!!! When I tell you this nigga had me on planet WhereDaFuck!!! Pussy dripping RIGHT NOW as I relive the moment. I swear to god I didn’t pee straight for a week after that.

So once I kind of got that out my system, I was back on track with my usual routine. I was determined to make myself cum with my fingers. The Saturday after my fuck session, I decided to make it a special night and really get into the mood for this. I bought some wine, dimmed my lights, logged into my favorite porn site and turned the volume up so I could hear ALL the sex sounds. I knew that in order to make this happen I had to pay attention to my body and allow all of my senses to be heightened. I started watching some porn and allowed my pussy to get good and wet before I touched it. I made sure my fingers were nicely lubricated and started to slowly make soft circular movements around my clit. Within a short period of time, I felt my clit start to expand and get really sensitive. I was really starting to feel this shit and it was getting my entire body excited. I started to slowly rock my hips and pretend I had a bitch/nigga licking me from the back. My body temperature started to rise and I felt that tingling in my back that I usually get when I am about to cum. Oh shit, this was really about to go down and it was feeling even BETTER than my toy!!! I rocked harder and harder, then I applied more pressure on my clit. All of a sudden my body quivers, I lose feeling in my legs, my back gets tight and then as I let out a loud scream, my pussy squirts an unbelievable amount of liquid and I pass the fuck out. Holy Shit!!!! That feeling was amazing!!!

So to my homegirls Shonae & Wendy…….Bitches, I did it!!!!! #thatsall

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