Sunday, October 16, 2011

Electric Sex not this song or the drink in my hand but the way you make my body feel when you so tenderly rubbed your fingers down my legs. Despite your nonchalance it did not reflect in your touch. It felt as though every pore in your hands knew its purpose and had all intentions of making me its prisoner of war . Little did you know my body was already in a battle. A battle with neglect, frustrations, insecurities and pain. However, I've been a good girl for way too long so tonight without any shadow of doubt.................I'm going to fuck the shit outta you. I ease up into your touch giving you that non verbal permission to proceed. I don't think you know how nasty I can be. My pussy is pulsating and begins to leak, I feel your fingers inching towards my thighs and I can barely contain myself. The excitement of knowing people may be watching us just enhances the moment even more. I slightly open my legs just enough for you to ease in without drawing too much attention. Your long, smooth fingers slowly enters my pussy. I notice your contentment when you feel my moisture. You look me in my face and mouth to me, "damn this pussy is mad wet." Then you slowly start to drum on my g-spot wall, my knees get weak and I let out a long moan. At this point I could give two shits about who is looking. It felt amazing and even better as I started to rock my hips on your fingers. I feel my pussy juices slowly run down my thighs and I knew this tease could not just stop here. I wanted to fuck you! I AM going to fuck you! I turn around and whisper in your ear "lets go." You take a last swig of your beer and proceed to the exit. I barely know you, what if you are a murderer and have intentions of fucking me, killing me, chopping my body up into small pieces and sprinkling me across the Hudson River. Well I guess that will be my fate tonight because there is no turning back now...I want you, no I take that back.....I NEED you. I get in my car and follow behind you, my pussy ticking along with the odometer with every mile. As we pull up, I park and wait for you to come to my car. You open my door, pull me out my car, violently lay me on my stomach over the hood, brace my right thigh with your knee and enter my pussy with your fingers. This time you went in deeper and made sure to hold my arms behind my back with your left hand to ward off any attempts of my fight. I squirm and moan as you finger fuck me, arching my back so you could go even deeper. As you lean into me I can feel your soft breast and hard nipples on my back. They felt warm and supple, I couldn't wait to get them in my mouth. Then as quickly as you started you stopped. "Lets go," you say to me as you grab my waist and direct me to your apartment. We walk in and you guide me to your bedroom. I am anxious to touch on your body, feel on your breast,kiss on your lips and taste your pussy. You pull down my panties and then take of your shirt exposing your double D breast.. Normally I am not that into breast as ass is my thing but after feeling your nipples on my back downstairs I was curious. We starting pecking heavily as you once again enter my pussy with your fingers. I start to unbuckle your pants and ease my hands onto your pussy....she's petite and plump. A nice combination that I'm sure will be even nicer in my mouth. I want to feel you naked on top of me so that I can inhale your smells and feel that electricity over my entire body. My women are usually half your size but I'm immensly enjoying your curves and fullness. Abruptly, you stop. You grab my chin and tell me you will be right back and to be naked by the time you return. I'm anxious, what are you up to? With no hesitation I remove my clothes and get under the sheets. My pussy is so jumpy that I have to play with her as I wait....You enter the room and I immediately notice a familiar form protruding from your waist along with that oh so familiar gold wrapper in your mouth. Its a strap-on. A very large strap on....and by look in your eyes your intentions are damaging. I am excited and so ready for you to enter. There is nothing like a sexy brown skin woman, with a nice ass and amazing breast laying on top of you and entering your pussy walls with a dick that is guaranteed to stay hard. You rip open the wrapper and slowly start walking towards me. I have the urge to suck "your dick" and that is exactly what I do. I get on my knees in the bed and as you stand in front of me suck it. I give you the kind of blow job Super Head would be proud of, spitting on the dick tip and taking it all in. When you seem to cant take it anymore you ease me back unto the bed and start kissing on my neck. These soft pecks make there way down to my pussy as my legs melt open and you devour my clitoris with expertise and precision. I could tell you were paying attention because as my body gestured to orgasm, in one swift motion you entered my pussy with your penile appendage. I let out a loud scream as I grab onto your back and fix my legs into a fetal position. The feeling was so intense and felt so fucking good.....It got even better as you began to rock your hips and slide your "dick" in and out. Teasing me with just the head, you braced yourself and looked me dead in my face as you stroked the pussy. Im assuming this enhanced the moment for you as you watched my different facial expressions of shear pleasure and a little bit of pain. With my pussy dripping wet and slowly opening up this gave you the permission you needed to fully enter. All 10inches of your "cock" drumming down my pussy walls as I squirm and moan for more. Your strokes are magical and so efficient, you know what the fuck you are doing. As you fuck my pussy you hold my face and turn my head towards the direction of the love seat in your room. You whisper in my ear, "go over there, get on your knees and skin out the pussy for me. I'm gonna tackle that shit from the back." I'm usually quite the rebellious type but tonight it was all about following directions and taking orders. I promptly jumped up and did as I was told, anxiously waiting to be fucked from behind. You start off with a medium pace teasing with the head and without any warning as your teasing my pussy a finger slowly enters my ass. It sends a shock through my entire body and prompts me to arch and open even more. The excitement of knowing I may get some anal sex encourages me to start bouncing back on the "dick." Almost forgetting the length and girth of it I attempt to ease up and pace myself. You vehemently disapprove. Grabbing my arms, pulling on my locs and begin beating my pussy down from the back. You instructed that I "better not run from the "dick," take the "dick" and asked me who's pussy it was. At that point I thought it pretty clear that it was your pussy but if it was reassuring you needed then that is what I did. As you're fucking me and grinding your hips I feel my body building up to squirt....I hadn't warned you an didn't know how you would react but by his time it was too late. My pussy was ready in 5....4....3....2...1......Ahhhhhhhhhh. I felt you jolt but then it seemed as though this gave you the clearance you needed to enter my ass....and that is exactly what you did. The tightness and intensity took both of us to an unimaginable peak as I feel you breathing heavily, you begin to moan and fucking my ass faster with every inhale and exhale until finally I hear you let out a loud sensual sobbing sound.....................You pull out from inside me and drop your body on the bed, exhausted and satisfied......................but....................... I'm not done..................I haven't tasted you yet.........and so begins Round 2.

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