Thursday, October 28, 2010

Poetic Justice: Don't Release My Inner Beast

I hate when your so inconsistent
especially since you started off so persistent
Patience is a opportunity I have, this I understand
but your asking of me such an impossible demand
I'm not a mind reader, I don t fuck with Ms.Cleo
If you have something to say there's only one way for me to know
I've been told I'm the bitch that would make a nigga kill
Or put me to sleep permanently with a arsenic laced pill
I've given you the anecdote to counteract the venom I may spit
told you my life plans and gave you scenarios of where you could fit
So help me understand what the fuck has gone wrong
I need to know the truth because this show must go on
While I may like you please know that my heart is mad strong
I can easily change the melodie and sing the "deuces" love song
Like baseball you should know after three strikes your out
but I'm working on my patience so I'm a shut my fucking mouth
Mercy on you that you met me at this age
cause the niggas in my past are still filled with mad rage
I was a beast in the streets didn't care about a soul
I can only admit now that I was completely outta control
Rest assured however that person is not dead but just dormant
Release my inner beast and these streets I will torment
So please don't be the catalyst for my potential inner prey
Just be a good boy and do as I say

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